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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Provisional Key- LDCE for promotion of Lower Grade Officials to the cadre of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants for the Year 2013

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Provisional key-LDCE for promotion of to the cadre of Inspector Posts (66.66%) departmental quota for the year 2013

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Supreme Court drastically reduces political pressure on bureaucrats

The Supreme Court on Thursday drastically reduced political pressure on top bureaucrats by ruling that they must get an assured minimum tenure in posting. 

"Fixed tenure of bureaucrats will promote professionalism, efficiency and good governance," the SC bench observed. "Much of the deterioration in the functioning of bureaucracy is due to political interference," the SC said. 

The SC also directed the Centre and state governments to pass an order within three months on giving fixed tenure to civil servants. 

The apex court also empowered top bureaucrats to record in writing the oral instruction of political bosses on files so as not to be hounded later on for a particular decision. 

The SC said that such recording of political instructions by bureaucrats will also help in promoting transparency and will allow general public to access correct information. 

The SC ruling by a bench headed by justice K S Radhakrishnan came on a PIL by former cabinet secretary T S R Subramanian.

Source:-The Economic Times

Declaration of Bhubaneswar and Imphal airports as international airports

The Union Cabinet today gave its approval for declaring the Bhubaneswar and Imphal airports as international airports to fulfill the long pending demand of people as well as the State Governments of Odisha and Manipur.

Declaration of these airports as international airports will offer improved connectivity, wider choice of services at competitive cost to the air travelers resulting in boosting international tourism and economic development of the region and the country.


Biju Patnaik Airport or Bhubaneswar Airport belongs to Airport Authority of India and is suitable for operation of Code 'D' aircraft of type B-767-400. The airport is also equipped with facilities for night operations, runway 14/32 of dimension 2743m X 45m, apron to park six aircrafts and navigational aids. A new domestic terminal building with all modern amenities for handling 400 arriving and 400 departing passengers has been constructed and inaugurated in March 2013. The modification/renovation of the existing domestic terminal building into international terminal building with an area of 6264 sqm. suitable for handling international operations has been completed. Six check-in-counters, custom counters and immigration counters are being provided and the requisite facilities of customs, immigration, health services and animal and plant quarantine at the airport have also completed.

Imphal Airport belongs to Airports Authority of India and is suitable for 'C' type (A-320/321) of aircrafts operations in all weather conditions. Major facilities including night operations, runway of dimension 2746m X 45m, Apron to park 3 nos. A-320 and 1 No. ATR-72 at a time, terminal building having an area of 6592 sqm. modified to integrated terminal building, navigational aids, nineteen check-in-counters, custom counters, immigration and sufficient space for health services and animal and plant quarantine are being provided at the airport.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Frame email policy for officials within a month: Delhi High Court to governmen

The Centre was today asked by the Delhi High Court to finalise within a month its email policy for government employees in consonance with the Public Records Act so that official data is not transferred to a server outside India. 

The court also asked the government to issue notification regarding electronic signature which is required for sending a complaint through email to Facebook, on a plea alleging that the social network website is adopting the cumbersome procedure for users to send a complaint to its grievance officer

A bench of justices B D Ahmed and Vibhu Bakhru recorded the submission of Centre'sstanding counsel Sumit Pushkarna that process for framing the email policy for government employees is on and it has sought opinion from various ministries on it which would take two months time. 

"... We hope that the said policy will put in place in four weeks," the bench said. 

The court was hearing a PIL filed by former BJP leader N Govindacharya contending that for official purposes, the officers use Gmail accounts whose servers are outside India and transfer of country's official data is violative of the Public Records Act. 

The petition also sought a direction to ensure safety of the data of 50 million Indian users which was transferred "to the US and is being used for commercial gains in violation of the right to privacy."

Source:-The Economic Times

Transfer and Posting in PS Group-B Cadre in Sambalpur Region

In pursuance to C.O Memo No.ST/2-4(2)/2013 dated 21.10.2013 and  CO Memo. No. ST/2-4 (3)/2013 the following Transfer and Posting in PS Group-B Cadre has been ordered vide RO, Sambalpur Memo No-ST/RO/150- 5/2011(Ch.I) dated the 30th October 2013.

Sl. No
Present Place of Posting
Posted on Transfer 
Shri A.K.Panda
Assam Circle
Supdt.RMS K-Division, Jharsuguda
Vice Shri B.N.Purohit transferred.
Shri Daitari Rana
Asst. Director(Staff), RO, Sambalpur
Dy. Manager, Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar.
Vice Sh.M.D.Sethi promoted to JTS cadre on ad hoc basis
Shri Biswanath Purohit
Supdt. RMS K-Division, Jharsuguda
Asst. Director (Staff), R.O., Sambalpur
Vice Shri Daitari Rana transferred

Minutes of the four-monthly meeting with Chief PMG held on 03/10/2013

Issued vide C.O. No.WL/UNF-3/CPMG(Assn)/2013 dated 28-10-2013.


Official Side                          Staff Side (IP/ASP)

Shri Tilak De, Chief PMG, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar
Shri Pitabasa Jena, Circle Secretary,AIAIASP-cum, ASP(TO), CO, Bhubaneswar
Shri P.K. Singh, DPS(HQ), Circle Office, Bhubaneswar

Shri A.K. Singh, DPS(BD), Circle Office, Bhubaneswar
Sk. Md Noman, President, AIAIASP-cum- ASPOs(OD), Bhadrak Division
Shri Sukhbir Singh, DA(P), Cuttack

Shri G.C. Sahu, AD(WL), Circle Office, Bhubaneswar

New Items

Item No. 1-10/2013:- Request for adherence of Time-schedule for preparation / completion of APARs of IPs/ASPs. 
Brief:- This has a reference to old agenda No.4-5/2012. The time-schedule for preparation / completion of APARs has been prescribed in Dept. of Per. & Trg. OM dated 23-7-2009. But, in many instances the Reporting Officers and Reviewing Officers are not strictly adhering to the time line to complete the APARs. This Association would like to bring your kind notice the following instances where the APARs for the year 2011-12 have not been completed and disclosed so far to the officer reported upon.

Name of IP / ASP in respect of whom the APARs for the year 2011-12 have not been completed and disclosed. 
Almost All IPs & ASPs
Almost All IPs & ASPs
Bhubaneswar HQ
IPs/ASPs for whom the DPS (BD/Technology) is the reviewing Authority. 

The Association has also brought to the notice of CPMG vide this Association letter No. AIAIPASP/Corr-1/16/2013 dated 15-7-2013.

This Association urges for kind intervention of the CPMG in the matter and to put a system in place for monitoring on adherence of Time-schedule for preparation / completion / disclosure of APARs.

Reply:-  Directorate guidelines in timely completion of all offcials including IPs/ASPs have been circulated to all the Divisional Heads / PMsG from time to time. The instruction will be reiterated for timely implementation of the same. Reporting/Reviewing Officers for the period 2011-12 will be reminded for submission of duly completed APARs of IPs/ASPs for the period 2011-12.


Item No. 2-10-2013:- Provision of proper infrastructure, basic amenities and proper sanitation for functioning of Sub-Divisional Offices.

Brief:- This is with reference to old agenda No.6-5/2012. In the reply this association was asked to specify Sub-Divisions where replacement of chair / almirah etc. is urgently required. A list of Sub-Divisions where replacement of furniture and almirah are urgently required has already been provided vide Association Letter No.AIAIPASP/Corr-1/15/2013 dated 8/7/2013.

This Association requests for consideration and necessary action in the matter.

Reply:-  AD(MM) will please put up the file on the nature of action taken on the letter of the Association which was given by AD(WL) during July, 2013.


Item No. 3-10-2013:- Request for immediate sanction of pending TA Bills of IPs/ASPs pending at the Divisional level and to allow the motor cycle mileage /Auto fare / Food bills.   
Brief:-  There are some Divisions where the TA bills of IPs and ASPs are lying pending for months together. For example in case of Sundergarh Division TA bills of IPs and ASPs are lying pending since October-2012. In case of Puri Division after intervention of DPS(HQ) pending TA Bills were sanctioned only in the month of August-2013. There are many Divisions who are restricting the motor cycle mileage to 250 - 500 km in a month. It is to mention that most of the IPs/ASPs are now using Motor Cycle on tour to adjust the time for completing varieties of duties in their Sub-Division. Now the cost of one litre Petrol has gone up to 75/-. Therefore, by the above restriction the IPs/ASPs are losing financially recurrently.

On the other hand Sub Divisional Heads are at present facing difficulties in getting their food bills reimbursed as per the revised TA Rules due to the fact that in rural areas bills for meals taken in Hotels/ Restaurants/ Dhabas are not provided by them resulting in non-admission of TA claims.    

This Association, therefore, urges to review the restriction of Motor Cycle mileage, if any, and to issue suitable instruction to the Divisional Heads for sanction of pending TA Bills of IPs /ASPs.

Regarding food bill, this Association requests to allow a certificate in respect of expenditure incurred on account of food bills to be furnished by the touring officer in the prescribed format where receipts cannot be obtained. 

Reply:-  Divisional Heads will follow the rules while clearing TA Bills of IPs/ASPs in their Division. SSPOs, Puri, RO Berhampur, RO Sambalpur will be asked to look into the problems being faced by IPs/ASPs working under their jurisdiction.


Old Items

Item No. 3-04/2013:- Request for civil and Electrical maintenance work of Kendrapada, Kujanga  and Cuttack East Sub-Divisional Offices.  
Brief:- Kendrapara and Kujanga Sub-Divisional Offices are now functioning in Department Staff Quarters provided to house the offices in the respective Post Office Campuses.

It is to mention that both the above mentioned quarters need repairing and maintenance of civil and electrical work and in particular grading of roof to prevent water leakage, repairing of toilet and water connection is a bare necessity.

The accommodation provided to function the Cuttack-East Sub-Divisional Office in Cuttack GPO Building need following renovations.

·         Provision of windows for proper ventilation.
·         Replacement of glass door with a wooden door for security point of view.
·         Flooring and White washing.

The Association, therefore, requests the Circle Administration to take urgent necessary action for civil and Electrical maintenance work of Kendrapada, Kujanga and Cuttack-East Sub-Divisional Offices.

Reply:-  Estimate for maintenance of right side quarters at Kendrapara HO (including Sub Divisional Office) has already been called for estimates received for repairing and maintenance of Kujang and Cuttack East Sub-Divisional Offices are under process for approval.  


Item No. 4-04/2013:- Request for provision of accommodation for Digapahandi Sub Divisional Office by the Department. 

Brief: Digapahandi Sub-Divisional Office is functioning in a rented building for which only Rs.200/- is being paid by the Department and rest amount i.e. Rs.800/- is being paid by the IP.

As per Directorate Letter No.28-6/88/Bldg dated 29-4-2005 communicated vide C.O Letter No.Bldg/5-4/2002-Pt-I dated 5-5-2005 and 13-12-2007, accommodation for Sub Divisional Heads should be provided by the Department in all cases.   

This Association has taken up this issue with the PMG, Berhampur since March-2012 and as replied by PMG, Berhampur space is to be provided by the Digapahandi Tehsil Colony SO by providing separate entrance to the Sub-Divisional Head. But, no action seems to have taken in this regard.

This Association, therefore, requests for early action to provide accommodation for Digapahandi Sub-Divisional Office by the Department and stoppage of payment of Rs.800/- by the concerned IP.

This Association also urges for refund of the amount already paid by the IPs for the purpose. 

Reply:-  Digapahandi Sub- Divisional Office has been shifted to Digapahandi Tesil Colony Post Office since July, 2013. The Association has requested to the Administration for refund of Rs.800/- per month paid by the incumbent since long. RO, Berhampur may be asked to examine the matter and take an early decision.


Item No. 5-04/2013:-Request for release of 10 percent of the PLI incentive deducted at the time of sanction of incentive for procurement of Proposal. 

Brief:  As per the guidelines contained in Directorate of PLI Letter No.35-15/78-LI(Pt) dated 07-01-2008, 90% of the PLI incentive is being released on acceptance of a PLI proposal. Remaining 10% of the PLI incentive amount is to be released on verification of receipts of first six PLI premiums as envisaged in the Directorate No.19-1/98-LI dated 14.06.2000.  But this procedure is not being followed.

This Association, therefore, urges for release of remaining 10 percent of the PLI incentive in favour of the field officers after necessary verification which has been deducted at the time of sanction of incentive for procurement of Proposal.

Reply:-  All the Divisions have been instructed vide CO letter No.L1/1/12/2010 dated 11-04-2013, 06-05-2013 and 25-07-2013 by e-mail to sanction all pending 10% incentive only on verification of premium receipts of first six months. Regarding payment of 10% of the incentives which was deducted during the period incentives were sanctioned by CO will be examined and orders may be passed accordingly.  


Item No. 4-01/2013         :- Request for Provision of Laptops to the remaining Inspectorial Staff in the Circle.
Brief: The Inspectorial Staff, particularly those working in Sub-Divisions have already been provided with Laptops. In addition to Inspectorial Staff those working Sub-Divisions a few other Inspectorial Staff   who are working in CO / RO have also been provided with Laptops. As such a majority of the Inspectorial Staff have already been provided with Laptops. A few numbers of Inspectorial Staff, particularly those are working as Office Supervisor/ASP (HQ) and ASP(OD), have been left out. With the increasing Computerization and networking of all Post Offices, Mail Offices, Administrative and other Offices of India Post, .   

The Association, therefore, requests the Circle Administration to provide Laptops to the remaining Inspectorial staff in the Circle keeping in view the India Post Technology Project 2012 which aims Computerization and networking of all Post Offices, Mail Offices, Administrative and other Offices.

Reply:-The PMG Sambalpur and Berhampur Region have been addresses for procurement of the required number of Laptops for the ASPs(OD) having outdoor duty under their control from the available fund from the financial year 2013-14 observing usual formalities. The Divisional Heads of Postal/RMS Divisions of Head Quarter Region has been asked vide this office letter No.TO/7-29/2012 dated 22/8/2013 to procure and supply Laptops with genuine OS, MS-Office and Antivirus to Asst. Supdt. of Posts (OD) in their Division observing usual formalities. Fund has been allotted to the Divisions for the purpose.


Item No. 5-5/2012:-       Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI – Request for providing separate establishment and payment of incentive substituting honorarium

Brief:     The PLI/ RPLI work has now been decentralized to the Divisions except Surrender and Death claims. This has increased enormous work pressure on the Divisional Office, particularly, the IPs and ASPs working in the Divisional Office. At present Inspectorial Staff are burdened with variety of duties in addition to what has been enumerated in Chapter-III of Postal Manual Volume-VIII.

The honorarium paid to the Inspectorial Staff attending to the scrutiny of new proposals is Rs 2/-per proposal subject to a ceiling of Rs 4000/- p.a. The ceiling of Rs 4000/- p.a. honorarium was fixed by the Department of Personnel & Training, which includes, the honorarium paid for conducting departmental inquiries as IO or PO and also other allied additional works.

The quantum of honorarium paid for scrutiny of PLI/ RPLI proposals is not commensurate with the quantum of work performed and the ceiling on honorarium is a major setback for the Inspectorial Staff working in Divisional Offices.

The Association requests the Chief Postmaster General to consider the followings:-

i.)   Provision of separate establishment at Divisional level for carrying out works related to PLI /RPLI consequent upon decentralization of the same.

ii.)  To explore the feasibility of diversion of the work related to verification of policies, sanctioning claims and under writing of PLI/RPLI from the duty of the Inspectorial Staff and to manage this extra nature of work by some other arrangement.

iii.)To take up  at appropriate level for provision of incentive, without any ceiling, for scrutiny of PLI/ RPLI proposals at Divisional Office by replacing the existing system of payment of honorarium for this work with a ceiling limit of Rs 4000/- p.a.

Reply:        -
·         Separate establishment will be at HO for after sales services after India Post-2012 Project.
·         DO Letter No.LI/1-12/2010 dated 23-04-2013 and followed by reminder dated 25-07-2013 has been sent to PLI Directorate from pad of CPMG for revision in the honorarium rates rates and reply from PLI Directorate is still awaited.
·         The PLI Directorate has already taken steps to supply computer/printer etc to all Hos on or after 05-08-2013

Action: DDM(PLI)
(Item Closed)

Minutes of Bi-Monthly Meeting with the DPS(HQ) held on 27-09-2013

Issued vide CO No.WL/30-4/Assn/2013 dated 22-10-2013


Administrative Side

Staff Side
Shri Pawan Ku. Singh
DPS(HQ), Circle Office,
Shri Pitabasa Jena, Circle Secretary, AIAIASP -cum- Manager(Project Arrow), O/o the CPMG, Bhubaneswar
Shri G.C. Sahu,
Asst. Director (WL)
Circle Office,
Shri Bibhudatta Behera, Treasurer, AIAIASP-cum-IP(PG), Bhubaneswar

New Items

Item No. 1-9/2013:- Request for maintaining uniformity on adherence of procedures while making ad-hoc arrangement in PS Group-B Cadre and ASP Cadre.  
Brief: At present ad hoc promotion to PS Group-B Cadre and ASP Cadre is being done on the basis of seniority-cum-fitness after proper screening of the records of the officers from feeder cadre.
This Association requests to consider all the candidates who have declined earlier or who were found unsuitable earlier at the time of preparing fresh panel for ad-hoc promotion to new vacancies. Validity of a panel may be restricted to six months or till preparation of a fresh panel, whichever is earlier. Calling for willingness may be dispensed with and the offer for appointment may be made from the select panel as per the seniority for the new vacancies.

Reply:-       Suggestion of the Association is agreed to accept the time period for which the panel will remain. The decision on the same will be taken on the basis of Directorate guidelines in the matter.

Action: AD(Staff)

Item No. 2-9/2013:- Request for finalization of the shifting proposal of the Office of the 1) ASP, Central Sub-Division, Bhadrak,  2) IP, Bhadrak West Sub Division and 3) IP, Bhadrak East Sub-Division from the existing rented building to a new rented building. 

Brief: It is learnt that SPOs, Bhadrak Division has submitted a proposal for shifting the Office of the 1) ASP, Central Sub-Division, Bhadrak,  2) IP, Bhadrak West Sub Division and 3) IP, Bhadrak East Sub-Division from the existing rented building to a new rented building vide his office letter No.D-63 dated 20-6-2013. The Land Lord/ Land Lady of the existing rented building has issued a notice to vacate his /her house and now pressing hard. The rent of the proposed new building i.e. 4900/- is less than the existing building i.e. 5000/-.     
Therefore, this Association requests for early finalization of the shifting proposal submitted by the SPOs, Bhadrak Division.

Reply:-       This will be resolved within 30th October, 2013.

Action: AD(Building)

Note:-Matter has already been finalized and approved for shifting.

Item No. 3-9/2013:- Release of 10 percent of the PLI incentive deducted at the time of sanction of incentive for procurement of Proposal.

Brief:-  Considering the request of this Association through Agenda No.5-04/2013 in four monthly meeting of CPMG, instruction has been issued vide C.O. Letter No.L1/1-12/2010 dated 11-04-2013 to all concerned for releasing the 10% of the incentive which was not paid earlier on verification of first six deposits. But there is no clarity regarding releasing the 10% of the incentive which was not paid for which 90% of the incentive was sanctioned by PLI Section of Circle Office. 
Therefore, this Association requests for issuance of an instruction clarifying the position viz. who will release remaining 10% and how.

Reply:-       DDM(PLI) will please issue clarification especially on the 90% incentives paid to the IPs/ASPs from CO for which no information is available with the Regions and Divisions. Necessary guidelines on the matter will be issued to all Divisional Heads.
Action: DDM(PLI)

Old Items

Item No. 4-8/2012:- Request for convening DPC for regular promotion to ASP Cadre for all existing and anticipated vacancies during the year-2012 to mimimize the adhoc arrangement.

Brief: At present ad hoc promotion is given to IPs to ASP cadre for 11 months with the arrangement of termination of ad hoc arrangement on completion of 11 months. The practice of giving a break periodically and appointing the same person on an adhoc basis is discouraged in the DOPT OM No.28036/8/87-Estt.(D) dated 30.3.1988. IPs who have been granted GP of Rs.4,600/- in financial up-gradation under MACP are not entitled for further benefit of pay fixation on normal promotion to ASP Cadre. On the other hand the qualifying period for earning an increment is now 6 months on 1st July. Therefore, this Association suggests for continuity of adhoc arrangement in ASP cadre beyond one year by obtaining prior approval of DOPT.

Presently there are two vacancies in ASP Cadre and four more retirement vacancies will arise shortly. This Association requests for convening DPC for regular promotion to ASP Cadre for all existing and anticipated vacancies during the year-2012 to mimimize the adhoc arrangement.  
Reply:-Proposal has already been submitted to Directorate vide this Office Letter No.ST/24-2/84-Corr dated 07-08-2012. No reply there to have been received. DPC for regular promotion to ASP Cadre has since been held on 15-03-2013
(Item closed)

Item No.1-3/2012:-    Request for required amenities and civil maintenance of Inspection Rooms in the Circle.

Brief:- Most of the Inspection Rooms in the Circle are in very bad shape and condition without regular maintenance of civil work. In some cases there is even no required furniture like fixed Beds, Mattresses, Sofa, Almirahs, Dining Table, Sofa etc. Case of the IR at Ashoknagar MDG is cited as an example. Most of the fixed beds and mattresses in the IR at Ashoknagar MDG are damaged and is being managed with folding beds. The Association requests for issuing orders for providing the required civil maintenance and amenities/ furniture like fixed Beds, Mattresses, Sofa, Almirahs, Dining Table, Sofa etc in the Inspection Rooms in the Circle.

Reply:-        The approval for purchase of the furniture as proposed by the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division was accorded by this office on 05-09-2012 and again on 09-09-2012. The position of civil maintenance and availability of the furniture is looked over by the SSPOs, Bhubaneswar whereas the reservation work is kept under the control of AD(Personal). None of the above Officers have submitted any requisition either for any civil maintenance work or for procurement of any such item after issue of the above approvals. As regards other IQs located at various points under Head Quarter Region, no such requisition has been received at this end from any Divisional Heads.

Service Association has demanded the provision of Almirah in IR of Ashoknagar MDG. SSPOs, Bhubaneswar will be asked to supply the same at the earliest.   


Item No.4-9/2011:- Request for repairs/renovation of IQ at Puri.

Brief:-         The IQ at Puri is in very bad shape due to non-maintenance. Some photo shots on 3/7/2011 are attached. The photos themselves will speak about the conditions of the IQ. The condition of the IQ presents the bad image about maintenance of the IQ to the visitors to the tourist place from both inside and outside the Circle. Repairs/ renovations of the IQ with the AC facility is requested.

Reply:-        AA & ES  for an amount of Rs. 17,61,009/- has already been issued on dated 29-08-2013 for the work of renovation of the IQ at Puri. The EE(Civil) has issued NIT on 11-09-2013. Work order will be issued shortly for the said work.

Action:-AD (Building)
(Item Closed)