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Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grant of leave to Circle Secretary

The Circle Secretary is proceeding on leave for two weeks from 14.07.2008. He will be away in Mumbai to attend his relative in Hospital. Unless there is urgent need, no telephonic call to him may kindly be made.
During the absence of the CS, members may call Sri A K Mohanty, Asst. CS ( Mobile 9437378363) or President Sri S Kar (Mobile 9437081401) for any news/information.

Ad hoc promotion to ASP Cadre

Five vacant posts of ASPs are going to be filled up soon on ad hoc promotion. Orders are expected anytime now.

Inter-Region Transfer of ASPs

Sri Prasanna Kumar Sahoo now working as ASP I/c Bhawanipatna has been brought to HQ Region and posted as Postmaster, Puri HO.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Revision of transfer orders of Sri Sarbeswar Moshra, ASP

Sri Sarbeswar Mishra who was ealier posted as Postmaster, Puri HO and had represented for change of posting is now posted as ASP(OD) Puri Division against vacant post.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Chief PMG for Orissa

Sri K V S Rajan, PMG Coimbatore has been posted as Chief PMG, Orissa. Receipt of formal orders of his posting is awaited.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Circle Secretary writes Chief PMG on grievances of IP/ASP Cadre

A copy of the letter No.AIAIPASP/Corr-1/7-08 dated 02.07.2008
addressed to the CPMG is reproduced below for information of our members.

Sri A K Dash
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle
Bhubaneswar 751001

Sub: Grievances of IP/ASP Cadre in Orissa Circle

Respected Sir,
A kind reference is invited to the letter No.AIAIASP/Corr-2/5-08 dated 28.05.2008 of this Association (copy enclosed) requesting your goodself to look into some of the major problems of our cadre. But the members of our cadre continue to face the problems as before.
2. The eligible members of our cadre have been waiting for the time-bound promotion under ACP since last more than two and a half years. The matter has been persistently brought to the notice of successive CPMsG repeatedly by the Association and by the individual members as well, but to no avail. There is no end to the wait. The members of our cadre now increasingly get a feeling that they can always be taken for granted in as much as the fact that no other cadre in the Circle has suffered like us. With every passing day, the feeling of frustration of the concerned members of the cadre is rising so high that further delay in issue of orders for ACP may drive them to a situation where they would sit in Dharana in front of CPMG’s Office to invite attention of all concerned to their plight.
3. Ad hoc promotion of Inspectorial staff to ASP grade was requested for consideration simultaneously with the ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B cadre. But the eligible members are still waiting for it. A number of ASPs have been continuing on ad hoc promotion for a long time now without their ad hoc promotion to ASP grade being regularized.
4. Request made time and again for inter-region transfer of IPs/ASPs ( who had represented for it) has not found favour with the administration though there is scope for it( during ad hoc promotion of ASPs besides in normal cases of existing vacancies).
5. The AAOs irrespective of their assignment are provided with residential telephones and getting reimbursement of telephone expenses up to the limit of Rs.848/- per month without consideration of their so called operational and functional justification. But in the case of IPs/ASPs functional and operational justification for granting residential / mobile telephone and allowing reimbursement of charges therefor is always questioned though everybody knows that the operational and functional justification for residential/mobile telephone to IPs/ASPs is far greater than that of AAOs. The request of the cadre for enhancing the monthly limit of telephone expenses (landline and mobile) to Rs.750/- and provision of residential/mobile telephone to all the members of our cadre because of the typical nature of their duty, is pending for decision since long while the members of the cadre continue to incur expenses from their own pocket.
6. The Association, therefore, requests your goodself to be kind enough to bestow your personal attention to the aforesaid grievances of our cadre in the Department’s interest.

With regards,
Yours faithfully,

(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Copy to:
The PMG, Sambalpur / Berhampur for kind information.