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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Information for Modified ACP for IPs and ASPs in Orissa Circle

Circle Office, Bhubaneswar in its letter dated 22.01.2010 (which is physically despatched by post on 28.01.10) has called for Reports, ACR, Service Book etc. of IPs/ASPs working in Orissa Circle for consideration of MACP centrally at CO level. Inspectorial staff should take interest in sending the required information at the earliest.

A scanned copy of the CO letter dated 22.01.2010 is reproduced below for information of all concerned.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Republic Day

Padma Award for Oriyas this year

Dr. Ramakant Panda- Padma Bhusan (For Medicine)
Pt. Raghunath Panigrahi- Padma Shri (For Art)
Guru Mayadhar Rout- Padma Shri (For Art)
Sri Ignace Tirkey-Padma Shri (For Sports)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Office-bearers and CWC Members elected on 24.01.2010

The list of Office-bearers and CWC Members of the Orissa Circle Branch Association of AIAIASP elected in the 37th Circle Conference held on 24.01.2010 is posted in the side bar of this blog for information of all our members of Orissa Circle Branch.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thanks to the Members of Orissa Circle Branch Association

Dear Firends,

I express my sincere thanks to our members of Orissa Circle Branch Association for electing me as the Circle Secretary for a second term for two years in the 37th Circle Conference held at Bhubaneswar on 24.01.2010 (Sunday). Last time I was hesitant to take up the responsibility of this job. This time I was reluctant for it. But I changed my mind at the last moment when well-wishers persuaded me to go for it again. I accepted the responsibility to honour the wishes of all those members who wanted to see me as the Circle Secretary again.

I was expecting a large gathering of our members in the 37th Circle Conference. But only 75 members turned up. Through the figure is not bad, it was not enough. I felt unhappy that still a number of our members did not join the Circle Conference which is held in a gap of two years' period.

My success or failure in the responsibility given to me will depend on how much support I get from all our members. I will always expect guidance through feedback and suggestions from our members which will help me carry out the activities of the Association effectively.

This time, I wish to give more stress on training of Inspectorial staff on computer and computerisation related aspects keeping in view the fact that Department has initiated the process of supplying Laptop to IPs in Sub-Divisions.

I would like to reiterate that the issues common to all our members will have an interest in me. Personal matters will get last priority.

The complete list of new set of Office-bearers and CWC members will be posted in the blog on 25.01.2010.

Thanks again for reposing faith in me.


B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary

Saturday, January 23, 2010

24th January 2010 is the Circle Conference Day for Orissa Circle Branch Association

As informed from time to time, the Orissa Branch of All India Association of IPs and ASPs is holding its 37th Circle Conference on 24.01.2010 (Sunday).

All the members of Orissa Branch Association are requested to join the conference to make it a grand success.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pre-conference CWC meeting on 23.01.2010 (Saturday)

Scanned copy of the notice for pre-conference CWC meeting to be held on 23.01.2010 is reproduced below for information of all concerned. Open Session of the 37th Circle Conference will start at 11.00hrs on 24.01.2010 as already mentioned. Members are requested to occupy their seats by 10.15 hrs on 24.01.2010 at the venue (Postal Recreation Club of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar).

Absenteeism in the activities of the Association

It is often observed that some of members of our Association do not take any interest in the activities of the Association but continue to avail themselves of the benefit which the Association brings for them through concerted efforts. They have even no time to join the Circle Conference which is now held once in two years, not to speak of clearing subscriptions and other dues of the Association. This attitude of some members is a matter of concern. When asked about not joining the conference and not taking interest in the affairs of the Association these members come up with convenient pleas. As everybody knows, Orissa Circle has only one Association for IPs & ASPs (including erstwhile IRMs & ASRMs) and it covers membership of all the IPs & ASPs in Orissa except those who have expressly opted out of the Association in writing. This Association has no knowledge if any IP or ASP of Orissa has opted in writing to remain out of the fold of the Association. As everybody knows, unity is strength and if anybody thinks that he has no business with the Association he is living in wilderness. If not to-day he will come to terms with reality that the Association as a forum to ventilate the grievances of the members is unavoidable. On such background, it is felt that there is need to identify those members who are indirectly discouraging the unity among the members of the Association by absenting themselves from the activities of the Association. All members are requested to check up in their neighbourhood if any such sleeping member is around them.

As soon as the Circle conference is over, the Association will post the list of such identified members in the blog for information of all the members.

To avoid such unpleasant situation, all the members of our Association in Orissa Circle are requested to make it convenient to join the Circle Conference at Bhubaneswar on 24.01.2010 (Sunday) without fail except where there is pressing reasons to remain absent. Let us see how far our members respond to this situation in the best interest of the unity among members of the Association.

If any member has any personal grievance / complaint he is free to bring the same in the forum of the Association for discussion and decision.

The contents of this posting has nothing against the members who could not join the previous Circle Conferences for pressing reasons but have continued with their enthusiasm for the Association and are used to pay their dues to the Association regularly.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Latest on the proposal of revision of GP of IPs/ASPs/SPs

It is mentioned by the GS in the blog of our CHQ that the proposal is now with Finance Ministry for a decision.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Programme of 37th Circle Conference of Orissa Circle Branch Association on 24.01.2010 (Sunday)

A scanned copy of the programme is reproduced below for information of members of Orissa Circle Branch Association. This is printed on the reverse side of the Invitation for attending 37th Circcle Conference on 24.01.2010 (Sunday) at Bhubaneswar.

What is 3G?

Cellular mobile services were initially offered using analogue radio technologies and these were considered as the first generation systems (1G). The definition of 2G was straight forward because analogue radio networks were replaced with digital ones (2G networks) in the 1990’s. Mobile phones and wireless devices using 3G, send and receive data much faster than second generation (2G) systems enabling many more features and applications to be possible. It enhances the services such as multimedia, high speed mobile broadband, internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset.
With a 3G phone and access to the 3G network you can make video calls, watch live TV, access the high speed internet, receive emails and download music tracks, as well as the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone.
In technical terms, 3G is a generic term covering a range of wireless network standards & technologies including;
CDMA - Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
CDMA2000 - Code Division Multiple Access 2000
UMTS -Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
EDGE - Enhanced Data for Global Evolution
HSPA – High Speed Packet Access including HSDPA and HSUPA
While 2G had evolved as a digital version of 1G analogue Radio network, its focus was initially into voice calls only. However over the period, due to requirement for internet connectivity when one is on the move, the technologies such WI-MAX, WI-FI etc were made part of 2G for mobile for internet/data service.
But with its mediocre data speed ranging from 56 kbps to 160 kbps, it was not serving the real purpose of internet usage. Whereas in the case of 3G, the technology itself is well oriented on data transfer in considerable bandwidth. This has made the concept of faster wireless connectivity a reality.
How does 3G work?
3G, or third generation networks, operate in a different way to 2G networks. When a call is made on 2G, a line is held open for the user’s conversation throughout the duration of the call. With 3G networks, the data sent across them is divided up into little ‘data packets’ which are reassembled in the correct order at the receiving end.
This smart encoding means more data can be sent and it is sent more efficiently. In addition, 3G handsets can be in contact with more than one base station at a time and this provides improved performances in voice quality and data rates.
3G is also called as “mobile broadband” because the evolution is similar to the difference between dial up internet and the always available broadband internet services.
The following are some of the services that could be provided through 3G
Voice and Video calls
Mobile TV
Mobile Internet
Mobile email
Mapping and GPS applications
What is Required for Using 3G?
The first thing you require is a device (e.g. a mobile phone) that is 3G compatible. This is where the name 3G phone comes from - a phone that has 3G functionality. It’s nothing to do with the number of cameras or the memory it has.
3G phones commonly have two cameras since the technology allows the user to have video calls, for which a user-facing camera is required for capturing the image from the front.
You need to be subscribed to a service provider to get 3G network connectivity. We often call this kind of service a data plan or network plan.
Your device is connected to the 3G network through its SIM card (in the case of a mobile phone) or its 3G data card (which can be of different types: USB, PCMCIA etc.), which are both generally provided/sold by the service provider. Through that, you get connected to the Internet whenever you are within a 3G network.
3G in India
As such, Only BSNL & MTNL are providing 3G services in India that could be availed through 3G mobile phones. As a part of their 3G service BSNL and MTNL provide pure wireness internet connectivity for our PCs and laptops which could be availed through 3G Data card. In this 3G data card segment the private operators such as TATA Indicom, Reliance, MTS etc are also in the fray.
Presently the transfer rate for 3G networks is around 384 kbps (kilobits per second) and it will be between 128 and 144 kbps when you are out of city.
x x x x x

Question of supply of Laptops to Sub-Divisions

Directorate has started the process for placing orders with vendors for procurement of Laptops for supply to Sub-Divisions. Supply orders are likely to be placed by 31.01.2010 and supply is expected to reach the Sub-Divisions before 31.03.2010.

37th Circle Conference at Bhubaneswar on 24.01.2010 (Sunday)

Invitation Cards to members for attending 37th Circle Conference of Orissa Branch Association of IPs & ASPs have been despatched by post on 19.01.2010 evening. The Open Session of the Conference will be held at 11.00 hrs on 24.01.2010 (Sunday) in the Recreation Club Room (in 5th Floor) of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar.

The dignitaries who have given their consent to grace the Open Session are:
Chief Guest
Sri P K Bisoi, Chief PMG, Orissa
Guests of Honour
Sri S K Kamila, PMG, Berhampur
Sri Lalitendu Pradhan, DPS, Sambalpur
Chief Speaker
Sri S B Mahapatra, President, CHQ, AI Assn of IPs & ASPs

Sri Sreekant Kar, Circle President will preside over the function.

All the members of Orissa Branch Association are requested to join the conference to make it a grand success.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Incentive for PLI business for the period from 01.04.08 to 31.03.09

Scanned copy of the Memo. released by CO, Bhubaneswar sanctioning PLI incentive is reproduced below for information of all concerned members. Particulars of business done during the period from 01.04.09 to 30.09.09 have been called for by CO for processing for sanction. Incentive for the period from 01.10.2009 onwards will be sanctioned by Divisional units.

Supply of reference books to Inspectorial staff

The scanned copy of the orders bearing No.WL/NUF-3/CPMG/Assn/2007 dated 18.01.2010 issued by Circle Office, Bhubaneswar for supply of selected reference books published by M/s Swamy Publications to IPs & ASPs is reproduced below for information of members of our Association in Orissa Circle.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Extract of old posting in this blog now relevant

An extract of the posting dated 26.12.2008 in this blog is reproduced below for information of members.
Dear Friends,
New Year has provided me an opportunity to write to you again. In previous occasions, bulletins by post at regular or irregular intervals used to serve as the medium of reaching out to you for news and views. It is found very difficult to post bulletins to you at regular intervals, particularly when official duties now-a-days hardly allows required time to follow the old practice. Instead, I have chosen to keep you informed of the news covering several aspects through a web blog which provides information within no time. It is very easy for me to post news in the blog for information of everybody as soon as any development takes place. Since internet penetration to even remote areas is now a reality, I think our members will find it convenient to browse the blog as frequently as they want to keep themselves updated on news of our Association, provided there is an element of eagerness to know such things. My other intention of making use of the blog is to help generate an interest among our members to use internet regularly which will ultimately help them acquire knowledge in other areas also. I would request all our members to frequently visit the blogs of our Association mentioned below.
Blog of Orissa Circle Branch:
x x x x x x x

B B Mohanty

Transfer of Sri R P Singh, AD(OL) to UP Circle

Sri R P Singh, AD(OL), CO, Bhubaneswar has been relieved on transfer to UP Circle. He had represented for transfer to his home Circle- UP.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A recollection of contents of past Bulletin (by the present Circle Secretary)

Extract of Bulletin-1/2007 issued to members of Orissa Circle Branch Association on 12.11.2007 by the present Circle Secretary.


Dear Friends,

I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to all of you for reposing faith in me by electing me as the new Circle Secretary alongwith other office bearers of our Association on 04.11.2007 for a two years term. Our success or failure in the job assigned to us will depend on how much of support, co-operation and guidance we will get from all of you. Though at some point of time I was hesitant to take up this job, I finally decided to carry this responsibility forward under the impression that you will extend your best of co-operation to me in the Association’s interest. Let me make it clear from the very outset that the moment I feel that necessary co-operation is not forthcoming from my colleagues, I may have to review my option to continue with the assignment. Rather than continuing with the blame of not doing anything I would prefer an honourable exit to give way for others to perform. This, by no means, be construed as an intention of escapism but a clarion call to all the members of our association to arise and awake to discharge the collective responsibility of finding solutions to the common problems of all our members. Better, we look to the issues that matters all members in general rather than those have individual element.

I would like to see each and every one of my cadre members become successful in just everything he/she wishes to do. We are already working hard. But I think, there is lot of scope for improving the quality of our work in the context of the modernization of the Department with introduction of a number of value added and premium services. Let us increase the level of quality and quantity of our work to such an extent that there will be an increasing feeling of insecurity and helplessness by other cadres without our help and co-operation in running the administration and carrying out the operation of the Department in accordance with its plans and policies.

In the best interest of our Association and in our own interest I would like all of you to please:

Ø Create your own market value by your consistent effort of developing your personality in accordance with your job requirement which is a must in this competitive age. Always try increasing your knowledge level just about everything around you.

Ø Do maintain the dignity of your post / position at all costs, which will earn respect not only for yourself but also for your entire cadre.

Ø Do nothing which is detrimental to the reputation of your cadre. Don’t speak against the members of our association before sub-ordinates / officials belonging to other cadres. Don’t go against the members of our own cadre driven by a motive of personal interest. Be tolerant and accommodative to the needs of other members of our cadre to earn goodwill from each other.

Ø Honesty is the best policy to face any adverse situation with courage and confidence. Practise it more and more.

Ø Shed false pride to enhance your self-esteem.

Ø Take your visiting card with you while going to meet a dignitary. If you don’t have your visiting card, get the same printed immediately at Department’s cost by requesting your controlling authority.

Ø Learn the basics of computer by personal efforts so that when Departmental training is given to you on Inspector software, you will find things easy to learn quickly. If you can afford, you may think of buying a computer at your personal cost. Practise typing on computer. Develop a habit of not depending on others to get your letters / correspondences typed in computer. This is necessary, notwithstanding our demand to the Department for supply of computer to us at the Department’s cost and for arranging training for our cadre members on computer on all relevant software.


Yours sincerely,


Circle Secretary

Friday, January 15, 2010

Revised List of officials for provisional appointment as AAOs in the CCA of Dept. of Telecom

The revised list of 385 officials allowed to take up provisional appointment as AAOs by 31.01.2010 can be viewed from the following link.
The name of Sri B M Das Mohapatra, a qualified JAO candidate of Orissa Circle who is officiating as ASP(HQ) Puri has been omitted from the earlier list reportedly as a policy matter not to allow IPs/ASPs to take up the job of AAOs.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Appeal to members for special donation

Members of Orissa Circle Branch Association are once again requested to clear their subscriptions and special donations, if not already paid. Part of the fund so raised will be spent on organising the 37th Circle Conference which is already notified to be held on 24.01.2010 (Sunday) in the Recreation Club Room of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar. All the members of Orissa Branch Association are requested to ensure their physical presence to make the occasion a grand success. Committment for the cause of unity among ourselves with the Association as a platform is the need of the hour to face the problems of the cadre unitedly with courage and determination. Let us demonstrate it physically.
Members of HQ Region who are coming to Circle Office for official meeting on 15.01.2010 are requested to check up with the Treasurer of the Association about the position of clearance or otherwise of their subscriptions and special donations. If not already paid, they are requested to make over the requisite amount to the Treasurer on that day. The list of members who have cleared their special donations is posted in the sidebar of this blog which is kept updated from time to time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Progress in revision of Grade Pay of IPs & ASPs

The posting dated 11.01.2010 in the blog of the Association of Rajastan Circle reads as follows:

"The file related to revision of grade pay has been sent to Ministry of Finance with recommendation of the Department of Posts for upward revision of grade pay of IPs as Rs.4600/-, ASP as Rs.4800/-and PS Gr.B as Rs.5400/-. Secretary Posts has personally assured us to get the file cleared shortly. We are very much hopeful of positive result in coming days."
This is for information of members. However, confirmation from the GS is awaited.

37th Circle Conference on 24.01.2010 (Sunday) at Bhubaneswar

The scanned copy of the circular letter No.WL/24-7/2001 dated 07.01.2010 for grant of special casual leave for the Circle Conference of the Association to be held on 24.01.2010(Sunday) in the Postal Recreation Club of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar is reproduced below for information of all members of Orissa Circle Branch Association.

All mebers are requested to attend the Conference in large numbers to make it a success. No individual letter will be issued by post to any member. The posting in the blog with request to attend the conference may please be treated as invitation.

All members are requested once again to check up to see that they have cleared their subscritions and special donations.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Message from GS regarding Letter Writing Campaign

There are 4214 members in our Association. Only 50 members have written letter to DG so far as per direction 'On Grade Pay". What about the remaining members?
The deadline is 10.01.2010. Please ask all our members to write letter to DG with a copy to me. Specimen letter has already been sent to you. For further information, please visit our webblog:
S Samuel
NB: Specimen letter is available in the posting dated 29.12.2009 in this blog, the link to which is provided below.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Notification for 37th Circle Conference to be held at Bhubaneswar on 24.01.2010 (Sunday)

The scanned copy of the Notification dated 03.01.2010 for next bi-ennial Circle Conference to be held on 24.01.2010 is reproduced below for information of all members of the Circle Branch Association. The Circle Conference will be preceded by CWC meeting on 23.01.2010 at the same venue.

All members are requested to attend the Circle Confrence to make it a grand success.
All members are also requested to clear their regular subscription @Rs.360/- per year (if no recovery is made from salary), Rs.500/- as special donation after implementation of 6th CPC Report ( if not paid already) and Rs.200/- as special donation for meeting expenses on the Circle Conference.

Minutes of the CWC meeting of the Orissa Circle Branch Association held on 03.01.2010 (Sunday) at Bhubaneswar

The CWC meeting of the Association was held in the Recreation Club of Bhubaneswar GPO on 03.01.2010 in accordance with the notification issued on 18.12.2009. Sri Sreekant Kar, President of the Association presided over the meeting. Sri S B Mohapatra, CHQ President was present in the CWC meeting as a special invitee.

2. At the outset, the President conveyed hearty felicitations to all the members on New Year 2010. The Circle Secretary conveyed the views of the General Secretary regarding the upgradation of grade pay of IPs. The members opined that the grade pay of IPs should be upgraded to Rs.4600/- and that of the ASPs to Rs.4800/-. Members present were unanimous of sending representations individually to DG (Posts) in the proforma already circulated (by e-mail and through posting in the blog) endorsing copy to General Secretary by 10.01.2010 to press for immediate upgradation of grade pay of IPs to Rs.4600/-.

3. The members raised their concern over the matter of termination of officiating arrangement of IPs to ASP cadre and ASPs to PS Gr.B cadre on completion of 11 eleven months and over their demotion to their original grade thereby putting them in embarrassing situation. It was decided that Circle Secretary will write to Circle Administration to take up the matter with DOPT through DG(Posts) well in advance so that permission can be obtained for continuation of officiating arrangement beyond 11 months.

4. Circle Secretary has already taken up the case of payment of incentives to IPs and ASPs for procurement of PLI business in the bi-monthly meeting with DPS(HQ). If the matter is not solved within a reasonable time, it will be taken up by the Circle Secretary with Head of the Circle in the four-monthly meeting. Members also resented withholding of 10% of incentives on PLI business and wanted initiatives to get the withheld portion of the incentives released. Circle Secretary will take up the matter with the Circle Administration.

5. It was decided by the members to hold the next bi-ennial Circle Conference of the Association on 24.01.2010 (Sunday) at Bhubaneswar in the Recreation Club of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar. The Conference will be preceded by CWC meeting on 23.01.2010 (Saturday). It was decided to collect Rs.200/- (Rupees Two hundred only) from each member to meet the expenses on organizing the Circle Conference. All are requested to ask their fellow members to attend the Circle Conference so that the gathering could be large befitting to the occasion. A Committee consisting of the following members was formed to look into the arrangements for organizing the Conference.

  1. Sri Debi Prasad Nayak, ASP(PG), Co, Bhubaneswar: Head
  2. Sri P K Sahoo, ASP(PG), CO, Bhubaneswar: Member
  3. Sri D K Samal, Dy. PM, Bhubaneswar GPO: Member
  4. Sri Balakrishna Kar, ASP(OD), Bhubaneswar Division: Member
  5. Sri Sarbeswar Choudhury, II(Plg), CO, Bhubaneswar: Member
  6. Sri Debi Prasad Dash, II(Cel), CO, Bhubaneswar: Member
  7. Sri Tapas Kumar Dash, II(Vig), CO, Bhubaneswar: Member

6. The overall income and expenditure of the Association up to date was mentioned by the treasurer in the meeting. The members expressed their concern over low amount of collection of subscription from members. Collection of subscription for the year 2008-09 and 2009-10 was found wanting from a number of members in the Circle. This has affected the fund position of the Association. It was decided to remind the members in respect whom collection particulars are wanting to check up whether or not subscriptions have been deducted from their salary and to arrange remittance of their subscriptions so as to be received by the treasurer by 20.01.2010 at the latest (before the next Circle Conference is held). The Treasurer and the Asst. Treasurer were requested to take required initiative in this regard The Circle Secretary was authorized to seek information under RTI Act 2005 from Divisional Heads (of disbursing units from which collections are not received), to intimate the deduction particulars of subscription in last 5 years.

7. It was pointed out by members that copies of APARs for 2008-09 of IPs and ASPs have not been supplied. Circle Secretary was authorized to take up the matter at the appropriate level.

8. The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks to the Chair.

Sd-Sreekant Kar 03.01.2010

President, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch