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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Retirement of Sri M K C Patra

Sri M Kotesh Chandra Patra, SPOs, Koraput Division is retiring on superannuation on 30.06.2010 A/N.

The Orissa Branch of AIAIASP wishes Sri Patra good health and peace of mind in his post retirement period.

Deadline for filing Income Tax Return

The deadline for filing Income Tax Return is 31.07.2010.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MACP and Ad hoc promotions to ASP and PS Gr.B posts in Orissa Circle

MACP orders for IP & ASP of Orissa Circle are yet to be issued on the ground that ACRs of some IPs/ASPs are wanting. Most of the wanting CRs have been collected in the meanwhile. It is expected that orders for MACP will be issued by 30.06.2010.

Cases for ad hoc promotions to PS Gr.B and ASP Grades are likely to be taken up in the coming week.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Allotment of surplus qualified candidates of IP Exam 2008 incomplete !

Directorate has issued allotment orders of surplus OC candidates of IP Exam 2008 on 25.06.2010. The orders include cases of SC candidates who are treated on par with OC candidates in terms of marked secured. But there is no allotment orders for  unfilled vacancies meant for SC candidates.  For instance, allotment orders in respect of Sri Manoj Ku. Behera of Orissa have not been issued. It is learnt from the GS that allotment orders of surplus SC candidates will be issued only after necesary review for filling up of SC /ST vacancies for each Circle is undertaken.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Flash - Allotment orders for surplus qualified OC candidates of IP Exam 2008 issued

The long wait of surplus qualified OC candidates of IP Exam 2008 is now over with issue of allotment orders by Directorate on 25.06.2010 (vide No.A-34013/01/2009-DE(Pt.I).

The follwing cadidates of Orissa Circle have been allotted to Circles as mentioned below against each:
1. Mrs. Smita Mohapatra - Orissa
2. Mr Sriram Acharya - WB
3. Mr Ganeswar Sahoo - WB
4. Mrs. Madhusmita Padhy - Orissa
5. Mr Girish Ch. Sahu -  Chhatisgarh
6. Mr Rajendranath Giri - WB
7. Mr Minaketan Pradhan - WB
8. Mr Rajan Ku. Nayak - WB

For details, please download the document from the following link:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Queries are made to Orissa Circle Branch of AIAIASP about updates on different burning aspects. This Branch of AIAIASP has no access to the information sought for. However, GS is contacted frequently over phone and his version is posted in the blog for information of all concerned. The updates as ascertained from the GS on 23.06.2010 is reproduced below.

  1. Allotment orders for surplus qualified candidates of IP Exam 2008 are expected to be released  very shortly. (Let us hope against hopes)

  2. The result of IP Exam 2009 is expected to be out in July 2010

  3. The proposal for upgradation of GP of IP is selved by Directorate for the time being awaiting outcome of the CAT case filed in the Ernakulam Bench. The reported excuse is - 'the matter is subjudice'. This is what was apprehended by Orissa Branch of AIAIASP  and mentioned earlier in a posting in this blog (refer the link The GS and the CHQ President are scheduled to meet Secretary (Posts) in the matter shortly. Orissa Branch of AIAIASP has advised the GS to tell Secretary (Posts) that the CAT case filed in individual capacity does not restrain the Govt from giving benefits to the whole cadre of IPs/ASPs and the Directorate should take appropriate care of the issue in the larger interest of 4000 odd IPs/ASPs as fast as possible otherwise Directorate will be resonsible for the repercussions that may cause for growing resentment among IPs and ASPs throughout the country for ignoring their legitimate demand on some pretext or other. Delay in going ahead with the proposal will only lend support to the growing feeling that the Department is not genuinely interested for getting the upgradation proposal materialised.

  4. The issue of joining strike with JCA was left to the CHQ of AIAIASP for taking a suitable decision in consultaion with all stake-holders including the Circle Secretaries of AIAIASP. It is learnt from CHQ sources that there was no adequate scope to ascertain definite views of all concerned on the issue. As mentioned by CHQ President the matter will find a place in the discussion in the coming CWC meeting to be convened shortly to decide the appropriate course of action to be followed in future.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MACPS has no impact on rotational transfer policy

It is clarified by the Directorate that MACP is a financial upgradation granted on non-functional basis and it has no impact on rotational transfer policy. Rotational transfers will continue to be made as per guidelines issued by Directorate from time to time. For details, Directorate order dated 10.06.2010 may be referred to by visiting the following link.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ad hoc promotion to ASP Grade

On 11.06.2010 Circle Office Bhubaneswar has called for willingness of following 14 IPs of the Circle for consideration of ad hoc promotion to ASP grade.
Name of the Inspector of Posts
Shri P K Patra
Shri K S Bagh
Shri S N Mishra
Shri Mangulu Majhi
Shri Tarini Ch Padhi
Shri Tapas Kr. Dash
Mrs. A B Mohanty,
Shri Jagadish Dash
Shri B K Mishra
Shri Nakula Behera
Shri R K Moharana
Shri Sanjay Biswal
Shri D P Dash
Shri L N Mishra

Thursday, June 10, 2010

No time line for issue of allotment orders of surplus IP candidates

As per the information gathered on 08.06.2010 from CHQ AIAIASP New Delhi allotment orders for surplus qualified candidates of IP Exam 2008 were expected within few days. But it is now reliably learnt that the matter suffers from indecision and nobody is sure as to when the allotment orders are to be released. There are a number of vacancies in IP cadre in the different Circles and the surplus candidates are supposed to be accommodated in vacancies which remained unfilled in other (than their home) Circles. It now appears that the Department is not bothered about the delay in filling up the vacancies meant for surplus candidates in different Circles.  Same is the case for IP Exam 2009 as no one bothers about the schedule of declaring its result. More sufferings are in waiting not just for existing IP line officials but for IP aspirants also. This is because the IP line officials can be taken for granted unlike officials of other cadres.

The result of IP Exam 2008 was declared on 18.09.2009. Even after lapse about 9 months the Department is unable to issue allotment orders for 100 odd surplus IP candidates and keeps them in waiting for indefinite period. Let us see how long the Department takes to dispose of the issue.

Orders for release of balance 60% arrears to GDS issued

Department of Posts issued orders on 10.06.2010 for release of balance 60% arrear dues to Grameen Dak Sevaks on implementation of RS Natarajamurthi Committee.  

As per orders, the process of payment of arrears has to be completed by 15.07.2010. It is not known if such orders are issued now on the background of notice served by JCA comprising, amomg others, the Grameen Dak Sevaks for indefinite strike to start from 13.07.2010.

Wait for MACP for IPs & ASPs in Orissa Circle NOT yet over

MACP for IP & ASPs in Orissa Circle will take some time more as the orders are not approved yet. It is learnt that ACRs of some IPs/ASPs are still wanting and the matter cannot be finalised in absence of wanting ACRs. Wanting ACRs have been called for and it is not known how long it will take further to get the oders of MACP released.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MACP for IPs and ASPs in Orissa Circle

Orders for financial upgradation under MACPS for eligible IPs and ASPs of Orissa Circle are yet to be issued though the process was started months ago. 
The long wait of eligible IPs and ASPs in Orissa Circle is going to be over soon with orders expected to be released by 11.06.2010.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updates on allotment of surplus candidates of IP Exam 2008

CS, AIAIASP, Orissa is receiving a number of telephonic queries from surplus IP candidates of IP Exam 2008 about the updated position about their allotment.

It is learnt from the GS, CHQ that the allotment orders are expected to be released by Directorate within a day or two.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

DPC for regular promotion to PS Gr.B cadre for the vacancies for the year 2010

Directorate has called for copy of ACRs and Vigilance Clearance of  352 IP line officials by 30.06.2010 for consideration for regular promotion to PS Gr. B cadre through DPC for the vacancy for the year 2010 . The batch-wise break up is as follows:
1980: 02
1981: 06
1982: 06
1983: 37
1984: 78
1985: 29
1986: 38
1988: 39
1989: 07
(OC 1987 Btach, ST/SC: 1988/89 Batch)

The list includes the following IP line officials from Orissa Circle.
1. Hajaru Pradhan (1983)
2. Sreekant Kar (1983)
3. Laxmidhar Sahu (1984)
4. Abhimanyu Naik (1984-APS)
5. M M Mohapatra (1984)
6. Daitari Rana (1984)
7. H K Pradhan (1985)
8. P N Pal (1985) now working in JTS Gr.A Grade
9. G C Mohanty (1985)
10. N K Samal (1986)
11. Trinath Sahoo (1986)
12.S C Sukla (1986)
13.K C Ghadei (1987)
14.Khageswar Mohanta (1987)
15.K S Behera (1987)-Retired
16.Kalu Ch. Jena (1987)-Expired
17.C M Mohapatra (1987)
18.N C Das (1987)-Retired
19.K C Majhi (1987-ST)
20.Jumbel Munda (1988-ST)
21.Jeeraman Deep (1988-SC)
22.Krutartha Behera (1988-SC)

Posting of new Doctors in Postal Dispensary at Cuttack & Bhubaneswar

Dr. Arindam Ghosh is posted as a Medical Officer in Postal Dispensary, Cuttack and Dr. Sudipta Ghosh is posted as a Medial Officer in Postal Dispensary, Bhubaneswar.

Both are natives of West Bengal.