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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Notification for implementation of 6 CPC

The message from our GS reads as under:

Dear friends,
Copy of Notification and Resolution issued by the Govt. of India in connection with implementtion of Sixth Central Pay Commission reommendation with some modifications are sent in the attached files. It is the greatest achievement in the history of our Association. Our demands have been accepted.Our cadre has been recognised.Our further demand to 7450, 7500 & 8000 though recommended by the Dept. not accepted by the Govt.However our demand for PS Gr B to Rs 8000 basic has been accepted after four years of service. Please go through the Notification and forward your suggestions for taking up with the Dept.
Thanking you,
General Secretary
To see the details of notification and resolution please click the following link.


Please offer your views points / suggestions through postings in this blogspot for forwarding the same to General Secretary.

Doubts have been raised by some of our colleagues about the Pay Band and Grade of Indpectors of Posts on the ground that the name of the cadre of IP has not been specifically mentioned in the Department-wise list of cadress/grades in respect of which pre-revised scales have been mentioned to have been upgraded. There should not be any doubt about this as the pre-revised pay scales of Rs.5000-8000, Rs.5500-8000 and Rs.6500-10500 have been merged in the Pay Band 2 (Rs.9300-34800) with grade pay of Rs.4200/-. This means even an official in the pre-revised scale of Pay of Rs.5000-8000 will automatically get the Pay Band 2 with Grade of Rs.4200/-. You may plaese refer to the First Schedule, PartA, Section-I and Part B Section-I of the Notification about this position.
The cadre of ASPs has been specifically mentioned in the Department-wise list (at page-51 of the Notification) or else confusion would have arisen by taking the cadre's pay in the Pay Band and Grade corresponding to Rs.6500-10500 which is now applicable to IPs.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Retirement of Sri B Samal, Vigilance Officer

Sri Bhagaban Samal, Vigilance Officer, CO, Bhubaneswar is retiring on 31.08.2008 AN on attaining the age of his supperannuation.

The Association wishes him happy and peaceful retired life.

Re-allotment of PS Gr.B Officers to Orissa Circle

The following Gr.B Officers working outside Orissa Circle have been reallotted to Orissa Circle.
  1. Sri Satyabadi Sahoo
  2. Sri Bansidhar Pradhan
  3. Sri Sadhu Charan Moahapatra
  4. Sri Narayan Behera

The Association welcomes these officers on thier home-coming.

Nomination of officers now officiating in PS Gr.B cadre for their regular promotion is likely to be received soon. If this is done early, the impact on the cadre of ASPs will be minimal as those who are ordered to officiate as ASPs will continue. Otherwise, question of reversion will arise.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pay Panel Notification likely tomorrow (on 29.08.08)

Below is the news item posted in the blog- quoting newspaper sources.

The much-awaited official notification of the revised central government pay rules is expected to be issued this Friday. The notification with regard to the Sixth Pay Commission award is ready and is currently being approved by statutory authorities.Sources said the dearness allowance effective this July is also likely to be announced the same day.On August 14, the Union Cabinet had approved an improved and tweaked version of the Sixth Pay Commission award with effect from January 1, 2006.Consequently, an estimated 4.6 million central government employees will receive a raise of 28-40 per cent over their existing basic pay. Employees will start receiving their higher salaries and allowances with effect from this September.Sources added the first instalment of arrears of Rs 11,748 crore will be paid in cash with effect from September as announced earlier. There had been some apprehensions that with the upcoming fifteenth session of the Lok Sabha scheduled to begin on October 17, Parliamentary sanction for the additional spending sought under the supplementary demand for grants would somehow delay the arrears payment.However, sources said the arrears would be paid from the salary account of the government.The Cabinet had decided to issue arrears in cash over two years — 2008-09 and 2009-10 — with the first instalment of 40 per cent being paid by September and the balance next year.As a consequence of the revised salaries and allowances, the central government's wage bill is expected to increase 21 per cent on account of an additional expenditure of Rs 22,100 crore in the current financial year (2008-09). Of this, Rs 15,700 crore will be accounted for by the central government employees and Rs 6,400 crore by the railway staff.Of the Rs 15,700 crore, the first installment of arrears will account for Rs 8,048 crore. Of the Rs 6,400 crore impact on the railway budget, Rs 3,700 crore will be arrears.The annualised impact of the new salary structure is estimated at Rs 17,798 crore, adding to the approximate Rs 1,04,000 crore annual pay, allowances and pension bill of the Centre.(Source: Business Standard 28.8.08)

6 CPC- Gazette Notification awaited

The news posted in a blog- reads like this:

'The Gazette Notification on implementation of revised sixth pay commission recommendations as accepted by the Government is expected to be released by this Friday. The copy of the notification has been submitted to the CAG three days back. It is hoped that the same may happen even today itself if not before 29 August 2008. Eventough various information and calculations are available in different websites and blogs, the actual details will be known only after the release of the gazette notification"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Highlights of Cabinet decision on 6CPC communicated by General Secretrary

Highlights of Cabinet decision on 6CPC communicated by General Secretrary are as under. Details are still awaited.
Highlights of accepted recommendations VI CPC
Minimum basic Salary - Rs. 7000
Education Allowances for employees for upto two children - Rs. 1,000 (Earlier, it was Rs. 100)
Maximum Basic Salary - Rs. 90,000 (Cabinet Secretary)
National Holidays - 3
Gazette Holidays to be canceled
Pay hike will be implemented from January 01, 2006
Maternity Leave : 6 Months
HRA in A-1 Cities - 30% (Unchanged)
HRA in A, B, B-1 Cities - 20%
Incentive Schemes to be announced
New Medical Insurance Scheme to be launched for government employees
Market-driven pay for scientists and all other jobs that require professional skill set.
Total number of salary grades to be reduced from 35 to 20.
The wage hike would increase the financial implication for the Centre by Rs 17,798 crore annually and the arrears with effect from January 2006 would cost Rs 29,373 crore, Information and Broadcasting Minister P R Dasmunsi told reporters after the Cabinet meeting.
The government increased the minimum entry level salary of a government employee to Rs 7,000 against Rs 6,660 recommended by the Commission headed by Justice B N Srikrishna who submitted the report in March this year.
Consequently, it would push up the total emoluments of an employee at the lowest level beyond Rs 10,000 per month including allowances.
It also increased the rate of annual increment from 2.5 per cent to 3 per cent.
In the defence sector, it approved at least three assured promotions for all defence forces personnel and civilian employees under the modified Assured Career Progression scheme.
While civilians would get this after 10, 20 and 30 years of service, defence forces jawans would be promoted under ACP after 8, 16 and 24 years.
The hiked salary would be given to the employees beginning September this year and the arrears from January 2006 would be given in cash in two installments - 40 per cent this fiscal and 60 per cent in 2009-10.
The financial implication of Pay Commission on the General Budget would be Rs 15,717 crore and Rs 6414 crore on Railway Budget in 2008-09.
The government’s present salary bill is over Rs 70,000 crore and the pension bill is over Rs 30,000 crore.
Finance Minister P Chidambaram said the budget deficit target would be adhered to, despite the implementation of the Pay Commission recommendations.
The government for the first time approved Military Service Pay for armed forces personnel, under which officers would get Rs 6,000 over and above their pay per month.
The lowest limit of disability pension for defence personnel would be doubled to Rs 3100 a month.
No Cabinet Secretary rank for Intelligence Bureau chief, the three Service chiefs or the Chairman, Railway Board
Group D personnel to stay (peons in ministries and porters in Railways)
Military service pay for persons below the officer rank (POBR) would be Rs 2,000 per month
Significant hike in salaries of Brigadiers: they move to Pay Band 4 (Rs 39,200-67,000) from the suggested Pay Band 3 (Rs 15,600-39,100)
DIG-scale abolished in IPS and Indian Forest Service
The salaries of Brigadiers will be in Pay Band 4 (Rs 39,200-67,000) as against the suggested pay band 3 (Rs 15,600 - 39,100) previously.
The complete details of revised pay scales are yet to be announced by the Govt.

General Secretary

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pay Commission News- No authentic information available yet.

So far no authentic information on the factual details of the Cabinet decision on implementation of 6 CPC report has been received/available from any source. It appears that there is slight modification of initial amount of pay-band ( now 9300-34800 as against the pay band of 8700-34800 recommended by CPC) which has no effect on us. The only silver lining is that fixation formula has been changed from 1.74 to 1.86. This means, the basic pay as on 01.01.2006 is to be multiplied by 1.86 (instead of 1.74) and the grade pay as recommended earlier has to be added to the product to arrive at the basic pay as on 01.01.2006. It appears that the grade pay recommended by 6 CPC has been retained without modification. It is to be seen whether or not the ASPs and PS Gr. B Officers have been allowed next higher grade pay as demanded by service Associations. The Dept-specic information will throw light on the matter. We have to wait for that.
Till authentic information is received, you can speculate your pay and arrears by visting the link furnished below. It is to mention again that the link provides information, the autheniticity of which has not been verified/confirmed.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

PS Gr.B Exam result is out

Sri Sanjaya Kumar Mahapatra, ASP(Inv).,Circle Office, Bhubaneswar has come out successful in the PS Gr.B Exam held last time whose result is out on 04.08.2008. As per information collected from auththentic source no other official from Orissa Circle has qualified. Result of two OC and one SC candiadates is withheld to be published later. Result of 8 general line candidates is held up as per directions of Hon'ble High Court of Orissa.

The Association congratulates Sri Mahapatra on his success.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Circle Secretary meets new Chief PMG and submits representation to him about problems of IP/ASP cadre

The CS after returning from leave on 01.08.2008 met the new Chief PMG and submitted a representation to him. A copy of the representation is reproduced below for information of our members. The CPMG gave a patient hearing and assured to look into the problems.
1st August 2008

Sri K V S Rajan
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle
Bhubaneswar 751001

Respected Sir,
On your posting as Chief PMG Orissa Circle our long wait for a regular Chief PMG is finally over. On this occasion, this Association takes privilege of extending you a cordial welcome and hopes that your second innings in Orissa Circle (this time as its head) will see an all round development of the Circle.

At the same time this Association takes this opportunity of informing your goodeslf some of the major problems of IP/ASP cadre with great hope of getting them solved soon.

1) The eligible members of our cadre have been waiting for the time bound promotion under ACP since last more than two and a half years. The Association and the concerned individual members have brought the matter to the notice of successive CPMsG repeatedly but to no avail. There is no end to the wait With every passing day, the feeling of frustration of the concerned members of the cadre is running high as the their cases have been delayed beyond a point upto which one can hold his patience. No other cadre has suffered like this.

2) Request made for inter-region transfer of following two IPs has not been considered though they are prepared to forgo TA/TP.
a) Sri Antaryami Behera recently joined as IP Rajborasambar Sub-Division after waiting for long for consideration of his case for transfer from Sambalpur Region to Berhampur Region.
b) Sri D P Satpathy recently joined as IP Angul East Sub-Division as his case for transfer from Sambalpur Region to Bhubaneswar Region was not considered.

3) The AAOs irrespective of their assignment are getting reimbursement of telephone charges upto the limit of Rs.848/- per month without consideration of their operational or functional justification for such a limit. But in the case of IPs/ASPs operataional and functional justification for granting reimbursement of expenses on telephone is always questioned though the operational and functional justification for it is far greater than that of AAOs. After repeated requests, decision has been taken in the last CMC meeting held recently for allowing re-imbursement of the monthly limit of telephone expenses (residential landline or mobile or both ) of IPs/ASPs upto Rs.500/- which still falls short of the limit fixed for AAOs by a large margin. The Association re-iterates its request for fixing the monthly limit at Rs.750/- per month in line of the limit fixed in TN Circle, WB Circle- to name a few.

4) A number of ASPs have been continuing on ad hoc promotion for a long time without their ad hoc promotion to ASP cadre being regularised.

5) The Sub-Divisional IPs and ASPs have not been provided with computers in their offices. Even those who want to get a computer taking advance / loan from the Department, the allotment of funds is kept at very low by which the aspirants are deprived of the facility. Further, only a few number of IPs and ASPs have been given training on computer. Without computers available to majority of IPs/ASPs for day to day use in their official work, the training is of little help to them.

The Association, therefore, requests your goodself to be kind enough to bestow your personal attention to solve the aforesaid problems of our cadre in the Department’s interest.

With deep regards,

Yours faithfully,
(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary