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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Orissa Circle continues without a regular Chief PMG

Promotions, transfers and postings of IPoS officers have been ordered by Directorate on 26.02.2010, the details of which are available in Sahuliyat site under 'Orders' menu.

Sri P K Gopinath (IPoS 1977 Batch) is the new Member (Planning) in Postal Services Board vice Sri D K Budki retiring on 28.02.2010.

There is no posting of a regular Chief PMG in Orissa Circle.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Retirement of two PS Gr. B officers in Orissa Circle

Sri H K Dalal, Supdt, PSD, Bhubaneswar and Sri N C Das, Supdt, PSD, Sambalpur are retiring on superannuation on 28.02.2010.
The Association wishes them good health and peace of mind in their post-retirement life.

New Income tax rates announced in the budget

Income up to Rs 1.6 lakh – nil
Income above Rs 1.6 lakh and up to Rs 5 lakh – 10 per cent
Income above Rs 5 lakh and up to Rs 8 lakh – 20 per cent
Income above Rs 8 lakh – 30 per cent.
New tax rates would offer relief to 60 per cent of taxpayers, the finance minister said.
Additional deduction of Rs 20,000 allowed on long-term infrastructure bonds for income tax payers; this is above Rs one lakh on saving instruments allowed already.Investment linked tax deductions to be allowed to two-star hotels anywhere in the country.

Source : Gconnect Site quoting NDTV

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Question of merger of IP and ASPs cadres for enhancement of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/-

This is for information of the members of AIAIASP in Orissa Circle branch that our GS, through his e-mail dated 24.02.2010, called for decision of the Circle promptly on the question of merger of IPs and ASPs to get the proposal moved again for upgrdation of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/-. To avoid delay in pursing the proposal, the CS, Orissa Circle Branch communicated the decision of the Circle Branch in favour of merger of IP and ASP cadres, pending its ratification in the next CWC meeting. The details of the letter sent to the GS through e-mail are posted below for information of all concerned.



Respected Samuel Ji,

I have gone through your e-mail dated 24.02.2010 asking Circle Secretaries to intimate you the decision of Circle Branches on the question of merger of IP and ASP cadres with single nomenclature “Assistant Superintendent Posts” with uniform higher grade pay of Rs 4600/-. You have mentioned that the Department of Posts is also inclined to give Gazetted Status to everybody in the merged cadre and the only minus point the proposal entails is the loss of PLB for IPs.

In this connection I would like to mention once again that merger of IP and ASP cadres with a single nomenclature either as Inspector of Posts or Asst. Supdt, of Posts is the only option available to us to pursue the proposal of getting the GP of IP cadre upgraded to Rs.4600/- at the backdrop of the orders issued by MOF vide No.1/1/2008-IC dtd.13.11.09 indicating upgradation of the GP of all the posts in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10000 from Rs.4200 to 4600/- to facilitate their merger with the posts with pre-revised scale of 7450-11500 (wherever such posts exist). As you know, the IPs are running out of patience to get the upgraded GP, and judging by their mood, there is no need to wait for going through the formality of getting the proposal passed in the general body / Circle Working Committee meeting. After all the proposal, if implemented will bring cheers to everybody within the Association whether he or she is an IP or ASP for the following reasons:

  1. IPs will get upgraded GP of Rs.4600/- with nomenclature as ASPs
  2. IPs will get Gazetted status which will enhance their social standing and will get officers of Chief PMG status as their appointing authority in place of DPS rank officers. It may sound irresponsible or unpleasant but it is a reality that the IPs get harassed more by the officers promoted from within our rank than the IPoS officers. Grant of Gazetted status will mean freedom for IPs from getting punishments by PS Gr.B / Time Scale Gr.A Officers often on silly matters (due to personal grudge or ego problem which they need to shed in this age of participatory management system akin to corporatised atmosphere).
  3. The present ASP will benefit under MACPS in due course without any financial loss. For the shake of unity between IPs and ASPs cadres having functional congeniality, not getting immediate financial benefit in some cases will not be a big issue.
  4. PLB is a very small thing compared to enhancement of status to Gazetted cadre, particularly when IPs will get still higher officers as their appointing authority, and for this reason, a paltry sum in shape of PLB can be sacrificed without hesitation.

    As the elected leader of the Association, I think a Circle Secretary like me is inherently empowered and authorised to visualize what is good for the majority of our members and to act accordingly by going ahead in such cases of emergency to communicate the decision of the Circle to CHQ without getting formal approval from our members in the Circle to avoid delay in getting the proposal of upgraded GP of IPs materialized through the efforts of CHQ. I know there are always some dissenting voices which form a miniscule percentage and whose views can be overruled by majority opinion in favour of the proposed merger. I am confident that I will get the proposal ratified in the next Circle Working Committee meeting to be convened in the second week of March 2010.

    In the aforesaid circumstances, I would like to communicate to you that Orissa Circle is very much in favour of the proposed merger of IP and ASP cadres with single nomenclature as ASPs and hence, request you on behalf of members of this Circle Branch to go ahead with the proposal as fast as you can without waiting to lose time till next AIC.

    Wishing you success in the effort in your last tenure as the GS of the AIAIASP.

    With regards,

    Sincerely yours,

    B B Mohanty
    Circle Secretary
    Orissa Circle branch

    A copy of this letter is posted in the blog for information of all the members of AIAIASP in Orissa Circle Branch. Objections to the proposal, if any may be promptly mentioned to the CS by post or through e-mail or by posting of comments in this blog for consideration of modification of the views, if required.

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Arrogance have no place in discharge of official duties: SC

    NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has said "arrogance and vanity" cannot be shown by authorities towards their subordinates and slammed the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for arbitrarily removing a head constable Angad Das.

    "People in power and authority should not easily lose equanimity, composure and appreciation for the problems of the lesser mortals. They are always expected to remember that power and authority must be judiciously exercised according to the laws and human compassion.

    "Arrogance and vanity have no place in discharge of their official functions and duties," a bench of Justices Dalveer Bhandari and A K Patnaik said in a judgement.

    The apex court made the remarks while restoring the original punishment of "compulsory retirement with all pensionary benefits and gratuity" to Das and quashed the order of removal passed by the authorities.

    Das, serving in Jammu and Kashmir, was compulsorily retired from service on June 14, 1996 by the Commandant 51 BN, CRPF on the ground that he obtained the job with the help of a false date of birth certificate.

    Das, however, wrote a mercy plea to the authorities that he should not be retired and instead be awarded any other punishment as otherwise his entire family including, five daughters, would be uprooted and forced to begging or resort to other wrong path. Moreover, he submitted the birth certificate was issued to him by the BDO and the panchayat authorities.

    However, the authorities responded by enhancing the punishment from "compulsory retirement" to "removal from service", thus depriving him from all terminal benefits. Aggrieved, Das appealed in the apex court.

    Courtesy: Times of India 19.02.2010

    Corrigendum issued by DOP in c/w PS Gr.B Exam

    F.No. A-34020/15/2009-DE

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communications & I.T.

    Department of Posts

    Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,

    New Delhi, the 17th February 2010


    1. All Heads of Circles

    2. Addl. D G APS, West Block, III, Wing No. 5, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110067.

    3. BD and PLI Directorates

    4. Directors, Postal Staff College India, Ghaziabad and PTCs


    Sub: Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the Cadre of Postal Service Group ‘B' 2009 to be held on 3rd & 4th May 2010.


    I am directed to refer to this office letter No. A-34020/15/2009-DE dated 4th February 2010 on the above-mentioned subject.

    2. The following corrigendum is issued: -

    1. To read column 2 of Annexure-II the last date of submission of applications by eligible candidates is 02-03-2010.
    2. To read Para 3(ii) as "Clerical line officials working in Post Offices/Postal Divisional Offices with 5 years regular service in the Lower Selection Grade (LSG) and above as on 1.1.2008.



    ADG (DE)

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Delay in upgradation of GP makes IPs/ASPs restive

    On 19.02.2010 a comment is posted in this blog by one inspectorial staff mentioning about angry reactions for the delay in upgradation of GP of IPs. The details of the comments are withheld for obvious reasons.

    At this stage the demand for pursuing the proposal for upgradation of GP of IPs with merger of IP and ASP cadre, delinking it from upgradtion of GP of ASPs and PS Gr.B officers appears to be need-based and the only way to get out of the mess. After all, the scope for upgradtion of GP of IPs arose only when the GP of Inspectors of CBDT, Assistants and Stenographers in CSS was upgraded. There is no mention of upgradation of GPs of other promotional cadres in the concerned Depts/Ministries in the relevant orders. So, becoming rigid on upgradation of GP of ASPs and PS Gr.B officers at this stage does not appear to be a wise action. It will be an unfortunate situation if everybody loses at the end going after an illusion. Considered in this context, there is reason for not only the IPs, but the ASPs also to become restive over the delay. I am of the view from the very beginning that IPs and ASPs should merge with GP of Rs.4600/- which according the prospect shown in CHQ’s blog, will benefit not only the IPs but the ASPs also. Of course, the cadre of PS Gr.B will not benefit from this merger immediately. But when everybody will be reluctant to take up higher responsibility of PS Gr. B posts without getting higher GP, the Dept. may have to face a compelling situation where upgradation the GP of the PS Gr.B officers will be inevitable. This will make the task of Postal Officers Association’s demand for upgraded GP easy. Postal Offiers’ Association therefore, has either to wait for such a situation to happen or to purse the proposal for upgradation of their GP separately without getting the case of IPs tagged together.

    The suggestion of some of our cadre members for merger of ASP and PS Gr.B cadres appears to be impractical as the nature of duties and assignments of ASP and PS Gr.B cadres is totally different from each other. The Dept. cannot create huge number of additional posts of PS. Gr.B to accommodate ASPs with upgraded GPs. Let the ASP cadre, therefore, die as it will bring no tears having achieved nothing in the career except losing PLB in lieu of Gazetted status. In many Circles including Orissa, it takes 12 to 16 years to become an ASP. Before that the IP will get MACPS with 10 years’ service. There is absolutely no financial loss for ASPs in majority of Circles if IP and ASP cadres merge.

    The willingness and suggestion of some of our cadre members to approach CAT for upgradation of GPs is out of place. We have the experience of CAT judgement in the past in the matter of upward revision of pay. It will be sheer waste of time and money in fighiting the cases in judicial fora. If there is delay in judgement which is very much likely, the Govt. may pick up the convenient plea and tell that it cannot take the decision as the matter is subjudice. Let us, therefore, be practical as emotional actions will lead to confusion and chaos.

    In such a situation, pursuing the proposal for upgradation of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/- with simultaneous merger of IP and ASP cadres is the need of the hour. It is time for unity and unanimity. Let the CHQ take steps in this direction as fast as possible or else the matter will go to cold storage.

    Comments from members are welcome on this view.

    B B Mohanty

    CS, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch-cum-

    Manager (ASP Grade), Project Arrow, Orissa Circle

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Application proforma for PS Gr.B Exam

    A scanned copy of Application Proforma for Gr.B Examination is reproduced below. Eligible members should remember that the last date of receipt of filled-in proforma application for PS Gr.B Examination 2010 at Divisional Office / Units is (assumed to be) 26.02.2010 since 27.02.2010 is Saturday, 28.02.2010 is Sunday and 01.03.2010 is Holiday(Holi).

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Issues relating to ad hoc promotion to ASP and PS Gr.B posts in Orissa Circle

    The CS of Orissa Branch Association of IPs & ASPs and the CS of Postal Officers’ Association of Orissa Circle Branch jointly met the acting Chief PMG of Orissa Circle in the matter of reversion of Sri L D Sahu to ASP Cadre and Smt. Arunabala Mohanty to IP cadre. While Sri Sahu is denied officiating in PS Gr.B post for another spell beyond 11 months with a break, Smt. Mohanty is reverted within two months of her officiating as ASP to IP cadre (against orders for 11 months' officating) for accommodating Sri L D Sahu in ASP post in same station to avoid expenses on TA. The CPMG replied that he has acted in accordance with the DOPT instruction which is circulated by DOP recently. He refused to entertain any review and mentioned that he has already taken up the matter with Directorate for approval to the officiating arrangements exceeding one year.

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Revision of GP of IP/ASP/PS Group B - Hopes shattered !

    The communication from the GS is reproduced below for information of members:
    'Dear friends,
    It is learnt that the file related to Upgradation of Grade Pay of IP/ASP/PS Group B has been returned by Ministry of Finance with remarks that the post of IP is not comparable with the posts of Assistants in CSS and analogous posts in CBDT/CBEC.
    CHQ is requesting the Dept. to resubmit the file to MOF with more information/proper justification.


    Delay in Speed Post delivery

    'Alert citizen uses RTI to nail postal delay'

    MUMBAI: Millions crib about snail mail but one aggrieved consumer used the Right To Information Act (RTI) to hold the postal department accountable for delay and to refund aggrieved customers promptly.

    Thanks to Dahisar resident Kishanlal Mittal, the Secretary, Department of Posts, has been told to issue instructions to make it mandatory for every Speed Post Centre in the country to prominently display its delivery norms. The instructions came in an order by Central Information Commissioner (CIC) Deepak Sandhu on January 27, 2010.

    The bureaucrat heading the postal department has also been directed to ensure that there are adequate telephone lines and manpower available to take complaints on telephone. Emails should be responded to promptly with an assurance that the complaint will be resolved in 7-10 days, says the order.

    To ensure that the customer is not made to run from pillar to post for the refund, the order says that the booking centre should inform the complainant regarding his refund and ensure that he\she does not have to make multiple trips to the post office to lodge a complaint and claim refund.

    Mittal's experience is that 90 % of parcels sent by Speed Post reach late and that one has to wait for six months to get a refund for delayed delivery.

    He is not the only one to say that. Last year, Mahim resident Milind Mulay found out using the RTI that 27,774 Speed Post items booked from the Western suburbs of Mumbai did not reach addresses in Mumbai in time.

    Last August, when an important document Mittal had sent to Kanpur by Speed Post reached four days late, he used the RTI to seek answers for questions pertaining to delivery norms of Speed Post, grievance redressal mechanism and refund in case of delayed delivery.

    Since he was not satisfied by the answers he got from the central principal information officer, Mittal appealed to the first appellate authority. Here, too, he was disappointed with the reply and the matter went to the Central Information Commission, New Delhi.

    On January 27, a hearing was held through video conferencing, where Mittal was represented by his son, Girish. Girish complained that Speed Post centres across the country do not display their delivery norms.

    Agreeing with him, CIC Deepak Sandhu said that there is a wide gap between promise and performance when it comes to Speed Post. She noted in her order that while the customer is charged the full fees for an upgraded service, the exact nature of the service is not made transparent to him\her.

    The secretary, department of posts, has been told to ensure compliance of the order in accordance with section 25(5) of the RTI Act, 2005.

    How the law works
    The secretary, department of posts, has been told by the Central Information Commissioner Deepak Sandhu to ensure compliance of her order in accordance with section 25(5) of the RTI Act, 2005. This section says: ``If it appears to the Central Information Commission or State Information Commission, as the case may be, that the practice of a public authority in relation to the exercise of its functions under this Act does not conform with the provisions or spirit of this Act, it may give to the authority a recommendation specifying the steps which ought, in its opinion, to be taken for promoting such conformity.''

    Courtesy: Times of India

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Posting of Sri S C Barmma for INDIPEX 2011

    Sri Subhash Ch. Barmma, IPoS (1987) (now in PMG rank) on return from deputation is posted as General Manager, Secretariat for INDIPEX 2011, World Philatelic Exhibition in the post created on 27.01.2010.

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    TA Claims

    For claiming of Travel Charges and Food Bills, self certification is accepted. Clarification has been issued. (Details will follow)
    Source: Blog of All India Audit & Accounts Officers Association

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Transfer of lady IPs to home Circle

    Directorate vide letter No. A-34013/01/2009-DE/SPB-II dated 05.02.2010 has permitted transfer of Surplus/direct lady Inspector Posts to home circle under the provisions of Rule 38 relaxing the minimum service and also subject to certain other conditions. Details order available in sahuliyat under "Orders" segment, a link to which is provided below for downloading.

    Supply of Reference Books to Inspectorial Staff in Orissa Circle

    Attention of the members of Orissa Circle Branch Association of AIAIASP is drawn to the Circle Office, Bhubaneswar circular letter No.WL/NUF-3/CPMG/Assn/2007 dated 18.01.2010 in which instruction has been issued to units for supply of following reference books published by M/s Swamy Publishers to all Inspectorial staff in Orissa Circle.
    • FR SR Part-I to IV
    • Pension Rules
    • Swamysnews
    In the meantime, IPs and ASPs working in the Circle Office, Bhubaneswar have received the supply which was procured by Circle Office. Inspectorial staff in Orissa Circle working in other units are requested to take initiative at their level to get the supply of the aforesaid reference books at the earliest so that they could use the same for the ensuing PS Gr.B Exam.

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    PS Gr.B Exam'10- Important points to note

    Year for which the Exam is being held: 2009
    Date of Exam: 3rd and 4th May, 2010
    Last Date for submission of application by candidates: 28.02.2010 (29.02.2010 mentioned in the Directorate letter is incorrect since 2010 is not a leap year)
    Officials eligible: IP line officials with 5 years of service as on 01.01.2008 and Clerical line officials working in Post Offices/RMS Offices/Divisional Offices with 5 years of regular service in LSG and above as on 01.01.2008. ( Note: TBOP and BCR PAs/SAs are not eligible)
    Syllabus: Same as for last Exam with addition of Postal Manual Vol.I in Paper-II (Postal Manuals not available in the website are excluded). (Note: original circular may be referred to for details).

    Copy of the Dte circular letter No.A-34020/15/2009-DE dated 04.02.2010 is reproduced below for reference.

    PS Group B Examination to be held on 3rd & 4th May 2010

    Department has issued notification for conducting PS Group 'B' Examination for General Line and IP Lines officials to be held on 3rd and 4th May 2010. The vacancy declared is as under:-
    General Line
    OC: 25, SC: 6, ST: 2, Total: 33
    IP Line
    OC: 21, SC: 3, ST: 2, Total: 26
    Source: CHQ Blog of AIAIASP

    Department creats Postmasters Cadre in the GP Rs 4800, 4600, 4200 and 2800

    The Postal Department is more than 150 years old and the qualification for feeding cadre (Postal Assistant) to this Department was only Matriculation. Recently, the qualification for Postal Assistant has been changed as Higher Secondary with some basic computer knowledge.
    These officials are promoted to LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I Postmasters as per seniority and the service to the public is depend upon these cadre only. Fast track examination conducted for LSG promotion was also stopped due to various reasons.
    However to improve the efficiency further and to cope up with the present technlogical issues, Department has issued orders vide Order No 13-2/2010-PE-I dated 3.2.2010 to constitute Postmaster Cadre which is reproduced as follows:-
    It has been decided with the approval of the Competent Authority to constitute a separate cadre of Postmasters with following number of posts by carving them out from the existing General Line Cadre Posts and Postal Services Group - B of Postal Wing and to designate them as Senior Postmaster, Postmaster Grade-III, Postmaster Grade-II and Postmaster Grade-I as detailed below:-
    1. Postal Services Group - B Officer
    Senior Postmaster Rs 9300-34800 + GP Rs 4800 (PB-3) and Rs 5400 after 4 years(PB-2):116
    2.Higher Selection Grade-I (HSG-I)
    Postmaster Grade-III Rs 9300-34800 + GP Rs 4600 (PB-2) :495
    3.Higher Selection Grade-II (HSG-II)
    Postmaster Grade-II Rs 9300-34800 + GP Rs 4200 (PB-2) :511
    4.Lower Selection Grade (LSG)
    Postmaster Grade-I Rs 9300-34800 + GP Rs 2800 (PB-2) :2097

    The Posts will be deemed to have been designated as Senior Postmaster, Postmaster Grade-III, Postmaster Grade-II and Postmaster Grade-I with effect from the dates these are filled up.
    The consequential action like framing of Recruitment Rules shall be taken by the Personnel Division.
    Source: CHQ Blog of AIAIASP.

    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    Govt calls for willingness to Join Health Insurance Scheme

    Recommendations of Sixth Pay Commission, provided for implementing an alternative health insurance scheme in the place of existing CGHS. Of course, the existing CGHS requires to be revamped for the very reason that it caters to minority of Government employees.

    While Central Government employees community are posted nook and corner of the country, the existing CGHS is limited only to 26 cities. As we all know, the rest of places are covered by Central services (Medical Attendance) Rules, which seldom serve the real purpose.

    In this scenario, the present contemplation of the Government in bringing a new Health Insurance Scheme in the place of existing CGHS, and medical treatment under Central services (Medical Attendance) Rules, is positive and welcome one.

    We provide here the official documents released by the Government (which is available in Ministry of health and family welfare) for assessing the willingness of the CG employees to join in the proposed health insurance Scheme. This documentation is named as Demand Survey.

    We request all the Gconnect readers to go through the document and apply in the given format in case they are willing to join as beneficiary in the proposed health insurance scheme.

    Some of our friends pointed out the documentation is slightly vague in the sense that whether the proposed scheme is applicable for non-CGHS centers as the filled up applications were required to be furnished at the CGHS centers available in 26 cities mentioned in the said documentation.

    However, we feel that as per the wordings of the demand survey document as well as earlier proposals of the government the scheme has been proposed for non-CGHS centers also and the employees belonging to non-CGHS centers can send the willingness to the Deputy Director, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare directly (address mentioned in the document survey)

    Demand Survey Document released by Ministry of Health

    Government of India
    Ministry of Health & Family welfare
    Department of Health & Family welfare
    Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi



    OBJECT OF DEMAND SURVEY Government of India is contemplating introduction of aHealth Insurance Scheme for Central Government Employees and Pensioners and their dependent family members all over India. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare intends to assess the demand for the above Scheme from the prospective beneficiaries through this survey for taking further steps in this direction.

    WHO CAN JOIN THE SCHEME – All the personnel of the Central Government including All India Service officers, serving and retired, and others who are covered under the existing CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) and under CS(MA)Rules [Central services (Medical Attendance) Rules] Can join the Scheme. The Scheme is proposed to be implemented on voluntary basis for existing employees and pensioners and compulsorily for future employees and pensioners.

    INSURANCE COVERAGE The scheme shall provide coverage for meeting expenses of hospitalization and surgical procedures for beneficiary members up to Rs.5.00 lakh per family per year subject to limits, in any of the network hospitals. The benefit to the family will be on floater basis i.e. the total reimbursement of Rs.5.00 lakh can be availed of individually or collectively by members of the family.

    Coverage of Pre-existing diseases: All diseases under the proposed scheme shall be covered from day one.

    INSURANCE PREMIUM – The beneficiary will have to pay an annual premium which will be determined after the formal introduction of the Scheme. It will vary according to the grade pay of the officer. The estimated annual premium for a standard family size will be in the range of Rs.8,000 to Rs.12,000 p.a. It is however proposed to be subsidized by the Government to a considerable extent. The amount of premium shall be decided by the transparent process of bidding amongst the Insurance companies participating in the Scheme. In case of serving employees, the premium would be deducted by the Drawing & Disbursing Officer. In the case of pensioners, they would be required to authorize the Band branch from which they are drawing their pension, to deduct the insurance premium.

    a) In case of serving employees, self, spouse, two dependent children and dependent parents would be covered. New born will be covered as a part of insured family member during the currency of the policy.

    b) In case of retired employees, self, spouse, two dependent children and dependent parents would be covered.


    1. Additional dependent family member can be covered under the scheme by paying an additional premium per additional family member. The premium shall be borne by the beneficiary and there would be no govt. subsidy for the same.

    2. The definition of dependent shall be as per guidelines issued by Central Government from time to time.
    Serving Central Government employees and Central Government pensioners, if interested in becoming a member of the proposed insurance scheme may send their details as per the format given below, to the Additional Director / Joint Director in the following cities nearest to his place, where CGHS is presently functioning, not later than 15th Feb. 2010.

    Ahmedabad - Guwahati - Mumbai
    Allahabad - Hyderabad - Nagpur
    Bangalore - Jaipur - Patna
    Bhubaneshwar - Jabalpur - Pune
    Bhopal - Jammu - Ranchi
    Chandigarh - Kanpur - Shillong
    Chennai - Kolkata - Trivandraum
    Delhi - Lucknow - Jammu
    Dehradun - Meerut

    Alternatively they can also send their details at the following address:

    Deputy Secretary
    Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
    Room No.529-A, Nirman Bhawan
    New Delhi-110 108
    E mail :


    1. Name :
    2. Designation :
    3. Office Address :
    4. Mailing Address :
    5. e-mail id (if available) :
    6. Date of Birth :
    7. Age as on 01.01.2010 :
    8. Date of Retirement :
    (for pensioners)
    9. Whether CGHS beneficiary :
    (Yes / No)
    10. Nearest CGHS location :
    11. Family size :
    (Details including gender & age)

    I am interested in joining the Health Insurance Scheme as and when it becomes operational.

    Place: Signature:


    Information for placing supply orders for Laptops to Sub-Divisions (both Postal & RMS wings)

    Directorate has called for information from Circles on the following items for placing orders for supply of Laptops to Sub-Divisions (both Postal and RMS wings).
    · Name of the region
    · Name of Division
    · Name of sub division
    · Door Number of sub divisional office
    · Street
    · Area
    · Nearest landmark
    · City
    · Pincode
    · Taluka
    · District
    · STD code
    · Phone number
    · Email id
    · Phone number of Divisional office
    · Email id of Divisional office.
    All concerned IPs /ASPs in Sub-Divisions in Orissa are requested to see to it that information relating to their respective Sub-Divisions reaches Circle Office through Divisional Office at the ealiest.

    Delay in issuing allotment orders for suplus IP candidates

    Result of IP Exam 2008 was declared on 18.09.2009 wherein a list of surplus qualified candidates eligible for absorption against vacancies in other Circles was released. In Orissa Circle, the surplus qualified candidates were debarred from appearing the IP Exam 2009 held in January 2010 on the ground that they have already excercised their option for absoption in other Circles. But the allotment orders are yet to be issued by Directorate. There is also no commitment for issue of allotment orders in immediate future. The surplus qualified candidates are feeling frustrated as the result has landed them no where.

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    Transfers and postings in PS Gr.B Cadre

    Orders for following transfers and postings have been issued by CO, Bhubaneswar on 02.02.2010.
    1. Sri Suryanarayan Panda, AD, RO, Sambalpur is posted as SPOs, Aska Division in Berhampur Region.
    2. Sri S K Mohapatra, PS Gr.B Officer working in WB Circle who was earlier posted as SPOs Aska Division is now allotted to Sambalpur Region.
    3. Sri Abhimanyu Behera, PS Gr.B Officer working in WB Circle who was earlier posted as SPOs Phubani Division is now allotted to Sambalpur Region.
    The Officers at Sl. 2 & 3 above are allotted to Sambalpur Region for posting against the vacanicies in the posts of SPOs Dhenkanal Division (due to retirement of Sri Kandarpa Naik) and AD, RO Sambalpur (due to allotment of Sri S N panda to Berhampur Region). RO Sambalpur will issue posting orders for these two officers.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Appeal for clearance of subscriptions / special donations to the Association fund

    All members are requested to check up with the treasurer if they have cleared their following dues to the Association fund. If not, they are requested to clear the dues voluntarily. Many members have already cleared their subscriptions / donations and for maintaining uniformity the rest of the members should come forward to clear their subscriptions / special donations.

    Special donation of Rs.500/- ( From arrears 6th CPC )
    Donation for Circle Conference held on 24.01.2010: Rs.200/-
    Annual subscription of Rs.360/- calculated @Rs.30/- per month

    The treasurer is awaiting receipt of the subscriptions/donations from those who have not cleared it so far. For information of all our members in the Circle, the list of members who default clearance of subscriptions / donations will be posted in this blog after a fortnight. The treasurer will contact all the concerned member over phone.

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Retirements within next one year and officiating chances for those in the line of promotion

    Retirements within next one year in Orissa Circle

    1. Sri Hemant Kumar Dalal: 28th Februray 2010
    2. Sri Nrusingh Charan Das:28th Februray 2010
    3. Sri Satyabrata Satpathy: 31st March 2010
    4. Sri Biswanath Lenka: 30th April 2010
    5. Sri K C Mohanty-II: 30th April 2010
    6. Sri Krushna Chandra Majhi: 31st July 2010
    7. Sri Kailash Ch Mohanty-I:31st July 2010
    8. Sri M Kotesh Ch. Patra: 31st July 2010
    9. Sri Balaram Jena: 31st Jan 2011
    10. Sri B G Satpathy: 31st Jan 2011

    Next in line of getting officiating in JTS Gr.A cadre in Orissa Circle

    1. Sri Bimbadhar Biswal
    2. Sri Balaram Jena
    3. Sri Loknath Sahani

    In the line of getting officiating in PS Gr.B cadre in Orissa Circle

    1. Sri N K Samal
    2. Sri K C Ghadei
    3. Sri Khageswar Mohanta
    4. Sri Surendranath Panda
    5. Sri Prasan Kumar Patra
    6. Sri Mohan Naik
    7. Sri Suresh Kumar Mishra
    8. Sri Jumbel Munda
    9. Sri Jeraman Deep
    10. Sri Krutartha Behera
    11. Sri Aswini Kumar Panda
    12. Sri Prasanna Kumar Sahoo
    13. Sri Sarbeswar Mishra

    Submission of Immovable Property Return for the year 2009


    Government of India

    Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

    Department of Personnel & Training

    II Floor Lok Nayak Bhavan, New Delhi
    Dated the 28th January, 2010


    Subject:-Submission of Immovable Property Return for the year 2009 (as on 01.01.2010) - regarding.

    The undersigned is directed to say refer to the subject noted above and to say that Immovable Property Returns for the year 2009 (as on 1.1.2010) are required to be submitted by all the Group 'A' & Group 'B'(Gazetted/Non-Gaz.) officers in the prescribed proforma latest by 31st of January, 2010. All the Group 'A' CSS officers are requested to send a copy the IP Return which they would be submitting to their respective cadre/sub-cadre administration, to the CS-I Dvision also for our records.

    Under Secretary to the Government of lndia