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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Minor reshuffle in IP cadre

The following transfers and postings in the cadre of IP have been ordered by CO,Bhubaneswar 31.03.2009.
Sri Pradatta Kumar Das posted earlier as II(Vig), CO, Bhubaneswar is now posted as IP, Bhubaneswar South Sub-Divn on request.
Sri Tapas Kumar Das, Manager, Business Office, Bhubaneswar is posted as II(Vig), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri Debaraj Sethi, IP, RMS BG Divn, Berhampur is posted as Manager, Business Office, Bhubaneswar in place of Sri Tapas Kumar Das.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sanction of incentive for procurement of PLI Business

The scanned copy of sanction (in two pages) issued by CO is reproduced below for information of all concerned members.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bi-monthly meeting with DPS(HQ) on 27.03.2009

The following items have been taken up in the bi-monthly meeting with DPS(HQ) on 27.03.2009. Formal reply is awaited.

1. Request for provision of Shed for vehicles (Motor Car and motor-bikes) with security personnel in the campus of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar
Brief: At present a shed for parking of cycles and motor bikes of staff of CO is provided without security arrangement. As the space available in the shed is grossly inadequate most of the vehicles are parked outside in open space in front of CO building with exposure to sun and rain. Instances are there that motor-bikes have been stolen due to want of watch and ward system. Recently, a thief was caught attempting to steal a bike in the shed and was handed over to Police patrolling party. Many more instances of theft of vehicles are apprehended due to want of security arrangement. It is therefore, requested to arrange provision of shed for motor car and bikes in the Circle Office campus with security personnel to guard the vehicles.
Oral reply during the discussion: Construction of a shed will be considered. However, no security can be provided at Department's cost.
2. Request for provision of furniture for seating arrangement of O/s mails attached to Sub-Divisional offices.
Brief: No sitting arrangement for Overseers Mails is provided at almost all Sub Divisional Offices. No table is provided. Two O/S Mails attached to the Sub-divisional office are forced to sit in the front and work in the same table of IPs/ASPs. If any public or respectable customer attends the office, awkward situation arises. Visitors hesitate to accept the offer to sit in the chair meant for O/S Mails forcing the latter to loiter. Hence, two tables with chairs for O/S Mails may be ordered to be provided for each Sub Divisional Office.
Oral reply during the discussion: Should be taken up informally with Divisional Heads wherever there is necessity. Divisional Heads have financial power upto Rs.15000/- per case in a year to provide furniture to Sub-Divisional Office.
3. Request for providing proper accommodation for Sub-Divisional Office at Kujang under Cuttack South Division:
Brief: Kujang Sub-Divisional Office under Cuttack South Division is made to function in a store room of about 90 sft size at the back side of Kujang Departmental PO building. The accommodation is not only insufficient but unsuitable also. It is requested to consider issuing orders for functioning of the Sub-Divisional Office in the Type-II staff quarter which is earmarked as the post-quarter of IP Kujang, in place of the existing unsuitable and insufficient accommodation.
Oral reply during the discussion: Report from the SPOs Cuttack South will be called for and examined.
4. Request for part-time contingent allowance for drinking water and sweeping of Sub-divisional Offices:
Brief: There is no provision for supply of drinking water and sweeping of the Sub Divisional Office. Just like single-handed NDTSO the Sub Divisional Heads may be allowed water and sweeping charges for engaging part-time contingent staff for the purpose.
Oral reply during the discussion: Will be examined on case to case basis. The Association has to point out locations/ Sub-Divional Offices for which it is necessary.
Members working in Berhampur and Sambalpur Regions are requested to suggest items for taking up the same as agenga for the next meetings with PMG Berhampur and DPS Sambalpur. Kindly send the suggestions to the e-mail Id of the Association.

Transfers and postings in ASP and IP cadres in Berhampur Region

The following orders of tranfers and postings in ASP and IP cadres have been issued in Berhampur Region on 25.03.2009.
ASP Cadre
Sri K C Majhi, IP Gunupur on promotion to ASP cadre is posted as ASP(HQ) Phulbani vice Sri Bhagabat Sethi transferred to Khurda Sub-Divn in HQ Region
Sri S K Patra, ASP(HQ) Aska is posted as ASP I/c, Chatrapur (Vacant post)
Sri S N Panda, ASP(Mails & BD) RO Berhampur is posted as ASP(OD), Berhampur Division
Sri R K Mishra, ASP(OD), Berhampur Divn is posted as ASP(HQ), Aska Division
Sri Madhu Mirdha on adhoc promotion to ASP Cadre is posted as ASP I/c Bhawanipatna vice Sri P K Behera posted as ASP(OD) Puri in HQ Region.

Sri Gopesh Das has been given adhoc promotion to ASP Cadre and is likely to be posted in RO Berhampur

IP Cadre
Sri Bharat Kumar Patra, IP Berhampur South Sub-Divn is posted as IP Gunupur Sub-Divn
Sri B Maheswar Rao, IP Baliguda Sub-Divn is posted as IP Parlakhemundi West Sub-Divn

Friday, March 27, 2009

Transfers and postings in the cadre of ASPOs in Sambalpur Region

The transfer and posting in the cadre of ASPOs in Sambalpur Region have been issued on 25.3.09 as follows:

1. Sri J.Dip, ASP I/C, Balangir(Central) Sub-Divn posted as ASP(OD), Dhenkanal
2.Sri A.Behera, IP,Rajborasambar posted as ASP I/C, Dhenkanal on promotion.
3.Sri E.Choudhury,IP,Patnagarh Sub-Divn posted as ASP I/C, Balangir on promotion.
4.Sri M.Behera, ASP(Vig.), RO, Sambalpur posted as ASP(Inv), RO, Sambalpur
5.Sri B.N.Purohit, ASP(Inv), RO, Sambalpur posted as ASP (Vig), RO Sambalpur
6.Sri G.C.sahu, ASP(OD), Dhenkanal posted as ASP I/c, Keonjhar
7.Sri A.K.Rath, ASP I/C, Dhenkanal posted as ASP I/C, Bargarh

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Transfers and postings in ASP cadre

Sri Ekalabya Choudhury and Sri Madhu Mirdha have been given ad hoc promotion to ASP cadre and allotted to Sambalpur Region and Berhampur Region respectively.
Sri Antaryami Behera and Sri Girish Chandra Sahoo who were earlier allotted to Berhampur and HQ Region respectively have been reallotted to Sambalpur Region (on their request).

Sri M M Mohapatra, ASP I/c Khurda has been posted as SAS, CO, Bhubaneswar

Monday, March 23, 2009

Transfers and postings in ASP Cadre in HQ Region

The following transfers and postings have been ordered by CO. Bhubaneswar
Sri P K Nanda IP Bhubaneswar RMS on promotion to ASP Cadre is posted as ASP, Bhubaneswar RMS in place of Sri Srikant Kar
Sri Dhiren Das, IP Bangriposi on promotion to ASP cadre is posted as ASP I/c, Jajpur
Other transfers and postings:
Srikant Kar, ASP, Bhubaneswar RMS as ASP(HQ), Bhubaneswar
A K Mohanty, SAS, CO, Bhubaneswar as Dy. PM, Bhubaneswar GPO
P K Patra, ASP(BD), Cuttack RMS as ASP(Printing), PSD Bhubaneswar
K C Chinara, ASP(HQ), Balasore as ASP I/c, Bhadrak
Sitanath Das, ASP I/c Bhadrak as ASP(HQ), Balasore
P K Behera, ASP I/c Bhawanipatna as ASP(OD), Puri
Bhagabat Sethi, ASP(HQ), Phulbani as ASP I/c Khurda
P K Sahoo, ASP(OD), Puri as ASP(PG), CO, Bhubaneswar
D K Samal, Dy. PM, Bhubaneswar GPO as ASP(Staff), CO, Bhubaneswar [original posting as ASP(BD), RMS N Divn, Cuttack]
Posting orders of Sri M M Mohapatra have not been issued. He is likely to be posted against the post of SAS in Circle Office which will be vacant on transfer of Sri A K Mohanty.

Ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B Cadre

Sri M M Mohapatra declined the offer of officiating in PS Gr.B post as SPOs, Mayurbhanj Divn. He will get a posting as ASP in a new place as he has completed his tenure at Khurda.
Sri Golak Chandra Mohanty, ASP(OD), Cuttack North Divn has been posted as SPOs, Mayurbhanj Divn. It is learnt that he is unlikely to take up the new assignment.
Sri Trinath Sahoo, ASP(OD), Koraput is the next ASP to get the officiating in PS Gr.B Cadre as Sri N K Samal senior to Sri Sahoo in gradation has reportedly declined officiating in PS Gr.B cadre.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Posting in PS Gr.B Cadre on ad hoc promotion in HQ Region

Sri M M Mohapatra has been posted as SPOs, Mayurbhanj Divn and Sri H K Pradhan has been posted as Sr. Postmaster, Cuttack GPO on ad hoc promotion against vacant posts.

Inter-Region transfer in ASP Cadre

The cases of the following ASPs have been approved for inter-region transfer.

Sri P K Behera, ASP I/c, Bhawanipatna to HQ Region
Sri Bhagabat Sethi, ASP(HQ), Phulbani to HQ Region

Place of posting is likely to be shown by 23.03.2009

Rotational transfer in IP cadre in HQ Region

Orders of following transfers and postings in IP Cadre in HQ region have been issued under CO, Bhubaneswar Memo. NO.ST/20-13/2004/Ch.I dated 18.03.2009.
1. Smt. A B Mohanty, IP(Plg), CO, BBSR- IP(Cell), CO, Bhubaneswar
2. Sri S Choudhury, II(Vig), CO, BBSR- IP(Plg), CO, Bhubaneswar
3. Sri P K Das, IP(Cell), CO, BBSR- II(Vig), CO, Bhubaneswar
4. Sri M Bera, IP, BBSR South Sub-Divn- IP, Dharmasala Sub-Divn
5. Sri B K Kar, IP, Cuttack Central Sub-Dvn- IP, Athgarh Sub-Divn
6. Sri Sukadev Sahu, IP, Athagarh Sub-Divn-IP, Cuttack West Sub-Divn
Transfers and postings in ASP Cadre is likely to be issued by 23.03.2009.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Regular promotion to ASP Cadre

Orders have been issued under CO, Bhubaneswar Memo. No.ST/24-15(3)/2008 dated 16.03.2009 giving promotion to the following inspectorial staff to the cadre of ASPs on regular basis. Allotment of region is as mentioned against each. Posting orders will be issued by the respective Regions.
1. Sri K C Majhi (ST), SDI(P) Gunupur - Berhampur Region
2. Sri P C Mohapatra, ASP(OD), Cuttack City- HQ Region
3. Sri K C Chinara, ASP(HQ), Balasore- HQ Region
4. Sri Maheswar Sethi(SC), ASP(OD), Cuttack South- HQ Region
5. Sri G C Sahoo, ASP(OD), Dhenkanal- Sambalpur Region
6. Sri Susen Peda, ASP(OD), Balasore- HQ Region
7. Sri Biswanath Purohit, ASP(Inv), RO Sambalpur- Sambalpur Region
8. Sri B B Negi, ASP(HQ), Bolangir- Sambalpur Region
9. Sk. Md. Noman, ASP I/c, Kendrapara- HQ Region
10.Sri A K Rath, ASP I/c, Dhenkanal- Sambalpur Region
11. Sri Srikant Ch. Sahoo, ASP-II, Bhubaneswar RMS- HQ Region
12. Sri S K Patra, ASP(HQ), Aska- Berhampur
13. Sri Dhiren Das (SC), IP, Bangiposi- HQ Region
14. Sri Antaryami Behera, IP Rajborasambar- Berhampur Region
These officials may excercise their option for fixation of pay under FR-22(1)(a)(1) within one month of assuming charge.
Selection for ad hoc promotion to ASP Cadre against vacant posts is awaited.

Ad hoc promotion to JTS Gr.A and PS Gr.B Posts

Sri Jeremiyo Naik, AD-II, RO, Berhampur has been given adhoc promotion to JTS Gr. A cadre and posted as Manager, Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar against the post vacated by Sri K K Naik on retirement.

Ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B Cadre has been given to the following ASPs with allotment of Region as mentioned against each.

Sri B N Mishra - Berhampur Region
Sri M M Mohapatra- Re-allotted to HQ Region (Previously he was posted in Sambalpur Region)
Sri Daitari Rana- Sambalpur Region

The Association congratulates these officers on their ad hoc promotion.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Association congratulates Chief PMG on his promotion to HAG

Sri K V Sundar Rajan, Chief PMG, Orissa got his promotion to Higher Administrative Grade w.e.f. 06.03.2009. The Association congratulated him through a letter which is reproduced below for information of members of the Association.
Dated 13th March, 2009

Sri K V Sundar Rajan Ji
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle
Bhubaneswar 751001

Respected Sir,
On behalf of all the members of this Association I take the pleasure in congratulating you on your promotion to Higher Administrative Grade.
The Association hopes that your tenure in Orissa will mark a distinction from others by all-round development of the Circle, going by the fact that you have already demonstrated your zeal and zest in this direction by initiating a number of staff-welfare measures in just a few months of your assuming the charge of the Circle.
The Association hopes at the same time that the appeals/petitions preferred (particularly) by the inspectorial staff which have been kept pending so far will now be disposed of soon.
Congratulations, once again.
With profound regards,
Yours faithfully,

(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Sri Gangadhar Sahoo, Offtg Sr. PM, Cuttack GPO dies

Sri Gangadhar Sahoo, Officiating Senior Postmaster, Cuttack GPO died of heart attack on 12/03/2009 night.
The Association mourns his demise and sends condolences to the bereaved family.

CS invites suggestions / points for bi-monthly meeting with DPS

Circle Secretary invites suggestions/points from the members of this Association for taking up the same as agenda in the bi-monthly meeting with Directors of three Regions.

Members of the respective Regions are requested to offer their suggestions/ points through e-mail to Id:, or as early as possible. Suggestions /points can also be posted as comments in this blog below this posting.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Holiday for Holi on 11.03.2009 not changed yet

The festival of Holi in Orissa is observed on 12.03.2009. In anticipation of approval for observance of Holi on 12.03.2009, CO had mentioned holiday on 12.03.2009 in PLI Calendar. But in the Holiday list Holi was listed for 11.03.2009.
CO has taken up the case with Dte which in turn has referred the matter to DOPT for approval. Central Govt Coordination Committee has also requested DOPT to change the holiday to 12.03.2009. But so far no positive response has been received.
If DOPT does not agree to change the holiday to 12.03.2009, taking leave is the option left to us.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Strike by GDS Union deferred

GDS Union had given notice for strike from 03.03.2009 but has deferred the strike indefinitely.

Sri S N Panda, PS Gr. B Officer on regular promotion retained as AD(ST) in Orissa Circle

Sri S N Panda, PS Gr.B Officer on regular promotion was allotted to WB Circle. But the Circle Administration wrote to Directorate to retain him in Orissa Circle as his services were indispensable. After the Directorate allowed his retention in Orissa, Sri Panda has assumed the charge of AD(ST), CO on 02.03.2009 on his regular promotion.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Association's request and Circle Administration's reply regarding supply of computers to Sub-Divns

Under item No.5-2/2009 the Association had taken up agenda in the 4-monthly meeting with CPMG on 14.02.2009 for supply of PC to Sub-Divisional Offices. The reply of the Circle Administration is reproduced below. The minutes of the meeting have been circulated to all Divisional & RO units vide CO Letter No.WL/UNF-3/CPMG(ASSN)/2007 dated 24.02.2009 for compliance.
"Reply: There are no instruction of Directorate in this regard. However, spareable Desktop will be supplied. All Divisions will be instructed accordingly.
Action by (All Divisional Heads). "
In view of the above, Sub-divisional heads should identify a spareable Destop (with peripherals) in post offices in their jurisdiction and arrange diversion of the same to Sub-Divisional Office in consutation with Divisional Office. This may be done immediately.

Retirement of Sri N Behera & Sri K K Nayak

Sri Niranjan Behera, SSPOs, Puri Divn and Sri K K Nayak, Manager, PPP, Bhubaneswar have retired from service on 28.02.2009 on attaining the age of superannuation.

The Association wishes them a happy and peaceful retired life.