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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Posting of information in the blog

Since the CS will be away from HQ on training at Institute of Secretariat Training and Management, New Delhi from 01.10.2010 to 10.10.2010 (including transit), there will be no posting of any information in this blog during this period. All are requested to bear with the inconvenience. During this period Sri Pitabasa Jena, Circle Teasurer-cum-AGS-II(CHQ) may be contacted over phone No. 0674-2395429 regarding information on important matters.

Coming week may bring the following developments:

  1. Result of IP Exam 2009 is expected to be out.
  2. Regular and adhoc promotion to ASP Cadre in Orissa Circle is likely to be finalised.
  3. Orders for MACP to left-out IPs/ASPs are expected to be issued.

10 things you must know about the Unique Identity (UID) project

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh handed over the first of the Aadhaar cards at Tembhli village in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra on Wednesday. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), headed by Nandan Nilekani, has endeavoured on a mammoth project to provide Indian residents with an unique 12-digit identification number that will serve multiple purposes.
Given the reach and the impact of such an exercise there is much excitement around the Unique Identity (UID) number (also known as Aadhaar) drive, along with some confusion.
Some facts about the UID project that Indian residents should be aware of:
1. Aadhaar (the UID number) is not mandatory. People can choose not to be a part of the exercise.
2. It is not restricted to Indian citizens only and is meant for residents of India, irrespective of their citizenship. An Aadhaar card does not establish citizenship of India, it is meant for identification.
3. Even people without proper identification documents can apply for Aadhaar. Authorised individuals, who already have an Aadhaar, can introduce residents who don't possess any documents to establish their identity to enable them to receive their Aadhaar.
4. Aadhar will not replace other identification documents such as ration card or passport.
5. The UIDAI will collect only biometric and demographic information about an individual and will not ask for info on caste, religion or language.
6. Date of Birth is optional (for people who don't remember/know their date of birth) and approximate age will suffice.
7. Transgenders have been included in the options under gender and they need not classify themselves as male or female.
8. Residents of India have an option to link their UID number to their bank accounts.
9. To get an UID number residents will have to go to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment camp, details of which will be published in the local media. Residents will have to carry along certain documents, mentioned in the advertisement. Residents will also be photographed and have their fingerprints and iris scanned. The Aadhaar numbers will be issued within 20-30 days.
10. The draft National Identification Authority of India bill has provisions against impersonation, providing false information and for protection of personal information collected by the UIDAI. Violations can attract penalties in the form of fines of up to Rs 1 crore and imprisonment extending up to a life term.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Postponement of CWC meeting notified for 10.10.2010

As the CS will be away on official tour to New Delhi during the period from 01.010.2010 to 10.10.2010, the meeting of CWC notified to be held on 10.10.2010 is postponed to a date to be notified later.

Postponement notice dated 29.09.2010 is reproduced below for information of all concerned. The inconvenience is regretted.
No. AIAIPASP/CWC/2010 Dated 29.09.2010

Under unavoidable circumstances the meeting of the Circle Working Committee of the Association which was notified to be held on Sunday, the 10th October 2010 at 10.00 hrs at Bhubaneswar is hereby postponed to a date to be notified later.

All office-bearers and CWC members of the Association are requested to note it.
(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Copy for kind information to:
1. The Chief Postmaster General, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar for kind information w.r.t the notification dated 16.09.2010.
2. Sri Roop Chand, General Secretary, All India Association of Inspectors & ASPs, CHQ, New Delhi.
3. The President and all office-bearers and CWC members of the Association.
4. The Secretary, Bhubaneswar GPO PRC.
5. The Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO.
6. Sri S B Mahapatra, former President, AIAIASP, CHQ a/p at Bhubaneswar.
7. The Blog Administrator for posting the notice in the blog for information of all the members.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Director of Kolkata GPO

Sri Laxmikanta Dash (IPoS 2001) now working as Director (Technology) in Postal Directorate, New Delhi  is posted as Director, Kolkata GPO. Details of other postings are at the following link:

Covering orders for Dearness Allowance

Postal Directorate covering orders bearing No. 8-3/2010-PAP dated 23.09.2010 for enhancememnt of DA to 45% circulated under CO, Bhubaneswar letter No.EST/1-50/2006(Sub) dated 27.09.2010 are reproduced below for infomation of all concerned.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Results of Membership Verification-2010

The information posted in CHQ blog of AIAIASP is reproduced below:

Postal Directorate vide letter no. 13/01/2010-SR dated 22-09-2010 has declared results of verification process 2010 under Recognition of Service Associations under CCS( RSA) Rules-1993.

Our Association i.e. ALL INDIA ASSOCIATION OF INSPECTORS & ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENTS POSTS has been recognized in the Department of Posts for a period of five years.

All India RMS Assistant Superintendents & Inspectors Association has failed to secure 15% membership and it has not been recognized by the Department of Posts.

All Members are congratulated on this occassion for showing their unity and support to our Association.

General Secretary

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updates on IP Exam 2009

A number of queries are made by members and IP aspirants as to when the result of IP Exam 2009 will be out. There is no authentic source to confirm the actual position. However, it is leant from CHQ sources that the result is expected around first week of October 2010.

Setbacks to Supervisory cadre in subordinate Offices

An article posted in Gconnect site on the subject in which the plight of supervisoy cadre officials on GP issue  is highlighted can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DA Orders released

Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their OM No.1(6)/2010-E-II(B) dated 22.09.2010 have released orders for revision of DA(Dearness Allowance) from 35% to 45% w.e.f. 01.07.2010. The orders are available in the following link.

Progress of OA No. 381/2010 filed for Grade pay hike

OA No.381/2010 in Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench relating to GP of IPs was posted on 21.09.2010. No reply has been filed by the respondents on the rejoinder so far. Tribunal gave two more weeks to the respondents to file the reply to the rejoinder, if any. The case is next posted to 21.10.2010 for final hearing/arguments. As explained to the applicants by the counsel, the Tribunal takes some time before the final hearing/arguments to study the documents submitted by the applicants as well as by the respondents. The applicant with his friends will attend the hearing on 21.10.10.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sensitive posts in Department of Posts

A copy of the Postal Directorate letter No.4-7/2009-Vig dated 13.09.2010 is reproduced below.

Guidelines on Air Travel on Tours/LTC

Copy of OM No 19024/1/2009-E-IV dated 16.9.2010 of Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance.

Sub : Guidelines on Air Travel on Tours/LTC.

This Department is receiving repeated references seeking clarifications with regard to purchase of Air tickets through authorised agents and relaxation for travel by airlines other than Indian Airlines. The following guidelines may be noted for compliance:

1. On official Tours:
(i) For travel by Airlines other than Air India because of operational or other reasons or on account of non-availability of Air India flights, individual cases for relaxation to be referred to M/o Civil Aviation, as stated in this Ministry's OM No 19024/1/2009-E.IV dated 13.07.09.

(ii) Air Tickets may be purchased directly from Airlines (at Booking counters/website of Airlines) or by utilizing the services of Authorised Travel Agents viz M/S Balmer Lawrie & Company, M/S Ashok Travel & Tours.

2. LTC
(i) Travel by Air India only.
(ii) In Economy class only, irrespective of entitlement
(iii) LTC-80 ticket of Air India only to be purchased
(iv) Air Tickets may be purchased directly from Airlines (at Booking counters/website of Airlines) or by utilizing the services of Authorised Travel Agents viz M/S Balmer Lawrie & Company, M/S Ashok Travel & Tours and IRCC (to the extent IRCTC is authorised as per DoP&T OM No 31011/6/2002-Estt(A) dated 02.12.09).

3. LTC for J&K
(i) Relaxation to travel by Private Airlines to visit J&K while availing LTC is available for all the categories of Govt. employees, including those entitled to travel by Air [DoP&T OMs No 31011/2/2003-Estt(A-IV) dated 18.6.10 and 05.08.10 refer].
(ii) For purchase of Air tickets, however, the procedure as given under para 2(iv) above should be followed.

4. All Ministries/Departments of Govt. of India are requested to strictly adhere to these instructions.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Notification for CWC meeting of AIAIASP, Orissa Branch to be held on 10.10.2010 (Sunday)

No. AIAIPASP/CWC/2010 Dated 16.09.2010

Under the provisions of the Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents Posts, it is hereby notified that a meeting of the Circle Working Committee of the Association will be held on Sunday, the 10th October 2010 at 10.00 hrs in the Recreation Club of Bhubaneswar GPO.

The agenda for the meeting are as under:
1. Confirmation of the proceedings of the last CWC
2. Issue relating to GP of IPs and views of Orissa Circle Branch Association for dealing with the present situation
3. Review of internal activities of the Circle Branch Association
4. Any other item with permission of the Chair

Sri S B Mahapatra, former President, AIAIASP, CHQ will be the special invitee to the CWC meeting.

All office-bearers and CWC members of the Association are requested to attend the said meeting in time. Members of AIAIASP who are neither office-bearers nor CWC members but willing to join the CWC meeting (without the provision of special CL) are also welcome to attend the CWC meeting as invitees.
(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Copy to:
1. The Chief Postmaster General, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar for kind information. Necessary orders may kindly be issued to all concerned for grant of special casual leave to office bearers and CWC members as per the enclosed list from the station outside Bhubaneswar.
2. Sri Roop Chand, General Secretary, All India Association of Inspectors & ASPs, CHQ, New Delhi for kind information.
3. The President and all office-bearers and CWC members of the Association.
4. The Secretary, Bhubaneswar GPO PRC for kind information. He is requested to spare the accommodation in the PRC for CWC meeting on 10.10.2010
5. The Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO for kind information.
6. Sri S B Mahapatra, former President, AIAIASP, CHQ for kind information. He is cordially invited to grace the CWC meeting as a Special Invitee.
7. The blog administrator for posting the notice in the blog for information of all the members.

Govt. raises Dearness Allowance to 45%

The central government today raised Dearness Allowance by 10 percentage points to 45 per cent of basic pay from 01.07.2010, benefiting about 88 lakh employees and pensioners.

Source: PTI

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ad hoc promotion of Sri S Mishra to PS Gr.B cadre

Sri Sarbeswar Mishra, Postmaster(ASP line), Puri HO  has been given ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.  B cadre and posted as AD (Financial Services) in Circle Office, Bhubaneswar. The arrangement will continue till joining of Sri P K Maikap, the regular PS Gr.B Officer who has been posted against the said post on reallottment to Orissa Circle but not joined so far as he is not relieved from WB Circle.

New IPoS Officers in the Department of Posts

Directorate vide memo No. 4-19/2010-SPG dated 3rd September, 2010 has issued orders of following probationers of Indian Postal Service Group "A" (2008 batch) to hold independent charge in the Junior Time Scale (Rs. 15600-39100) + Grade Pay Rs.5400/- of the services in the Circle indicated against their names, on completion of probationary training.
Sl. No. Name of Officer, Circle of allottment
1. Aparjeet Pattanayak, Delhi
2. Pawan Kumar Dalmia, Gujarat
3. Dr. S. Shivaram, Maharashtra
4. Rahul Kaushik, Delhi

Courtesy: CHQ blog of AIAIASP

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some updates

The GP upgradation issue of IPs is marred by confusion and chaos at Directorate level. Question of surrendering Gazetted status of ASPs has arisen now while our CHQ insists on retaining the status. Orissa Circle Branch of AIAIASP has requested the GS to convene an urgent CWC meeting to take stock of the present situation and to decide the course of action to be followed if the Govt. continues with apathetic and insensitive attitude towards IP cadre.

The result of IP Exam 2009 is getting delayed with no indication of its publication in September 2010. GS says, answer sheets are now being checked again by evaluators as some omissions in the evaluation process came to notice.

ASP ad hoc promotion in Orissa is getting delayed as the process has been started to finalise the regular promotion first.

Cases of omissionss of MACP to IPs/ASPs have been taken up with APMG(Staff) who has assured to look into it soon.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holiday on account Idul Fitr

Orissa Postal Circle has decided to observe holiday on account of Idul Fitr on 10.09.2010 (Friday). Earlier notification for observing the holiday on 11.09.2010 is changed in accordance with the clarification issued by the Secretary, CGEWCC, Bhubaneswar basing on the decision of the Govt. of Orissa to observe holiday on 10.09.2010. This decision was taken on 09.09.2010 evening. But after the decision was taken, news has come on different Oriya news channels that Idul Fitr is to be observed on Saturday the 11th September 2010. It is to be seen whether or not the State Govt. will change the date of the holiday.

However, the Award Giving function of Orissa Postal Circle (for those invited) will be held on 10.09.2010 at 09.30 hrs in Hotel Swosti as per schedule.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

GS writes to DG(Posts) on the issue of upgradation of GP of IPs

A copy of the letter addressed to DG(Posts) by the GS, as mentioned in the CHQ blog of AIAIASP is reproduced below for information of all concerned.

No.CHQ/IASP/SCPC Dated: 07-09-2010

Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy
Director General,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001

Sub:Up- gradation of Grade Pay to the cadre of Inspector Posts-regarding

Ref: Postal Directorate No.4-12/2009-PCC dated 22-03-2010.

Respected Madam,
In continuation of this Association letter no. even dated 09-08-2010 and further discusssions with the DDG(Estt.) on 16-08-2010, it is submitted as under :-
Post of Inspector, Posts may be merged with the post of Asstt. Supdt. Posts with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- with nomenclature as Asstt. Supdt. Posts as JAO(Non gazetted) was merged with AAO(Gazetted) with nomenclature as AAO. If ,it is not possible then post of Inspector, Posts may be retained as Inspector, Posts (Non-Gazetted Group-B) with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- and post of Asstt. Supdt. Posts as Asstt. Supdt. Posts(Gazetted Group-B) with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- as post of Senior AO and its promotional post of ACAO are in the same pay band of PB-3 with Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/-. Documentary proof in this regard is also attached.
Yours Faithfully,
General Secretary

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reminding the issue of upgradation of GP of IPs again

As the Department slept over the issue of upgradtion of GP of IPs taking the pretext of the OA No.381/2010 filed in the Hon’ble Ernakulam Bench being sub judice, things are appearing as if the issue has died down. The GS on his part has last reminded the DG(Posts) on 09.08.2010 hoping against hopes that Department will do some favour. It is now learnt that the file remained with the Accounts Wing of the Directorate (JSFA) which after a long time has returned it to Establishment Division in the same Directorate Building with reported remark that the merger  of IP cadre (which is of Non-Gazetted status) is not feasible with ASP cadre (which is of Gazetted status). And the proposal is back to square one. It is now learnt that the Department is toying with the idea of merging two cadres with withdrawal of Gazetted status accorded to ASPs [which will be welcome by many (subject to Chief PMG being retained as the Appointing Authority) as the Gazetted status, far from yielding any benefit  has always created a problem, particularly in the present situation] .  The withdrawal will rather benefit the ASPs for getting PLB on Non-Gazetted status. But it is learnt that no definite proposal on the issue has been communicated to AIAIASP for consideration. No meeting on the issue with the Association has either been convened.

At the field level the IP cadre officials are writhing with anger for the discrimination meted out to them by twisting the facts to their disadvantage and for delaying the upgradation proposal indefinitely. But the Department is going easy with typical slow motion as if every thing is hunky dory for IP cadre officials. The question of upgradation of GP of IPs had come up for consideration after the MOF issued a circular on 13.11.2009 for upgradation of GP of all those who were in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006. After the Inspectors in CBDT/CBEC got the upgradation it was thought that the upgradation of GP of IPs is just a matter of formality which would come almost automatically, with just a formal proposal being approved by MOF. But things have now come to such a pass that IP cadre officials are struggling to get upgradation which continues to elude them. Eyes are on the outcome of the OA filed in Hon’ble CAT, Ernakulam Branch even as the hearing of the case is getting delayed. In the aforesaid litigation the Department has put all its might to justify that the IPs are just not eligible to get the upgrdation of their GP to Rs.4600/-.

When this fact was brought to the notice of some senior officers, they mentioned that the Department is strongly behind the IPs for ensuring implementation of the upgradation of GP. But it is quite evident from the stand taken against the OA and from the unusually-slow-action of the Directorate on the GP upgrdation issue that the Department’s sympathy towards IPs is superficial. The issue of upgrdation of GP of IPs has been there since November 2009 after the upgradation of GP was granted to analogous posts in other Departments /Ministries of Govt. of India. The Association has already agreed to the proposal of merger of IP and ASP cadres since 05.04.2010 to remove the obstacle on the way of the upgrdation of GP of IPs. But after more than 5 months the Department now woke up to find out that the Gazetted status of ASPs is an impediment on the way of upgrdation of GP of IPs. What the Department was doing all these months? Was so much time really necessary to discover this position? See the things in contrast in respect of Gr.C and D cadres in the same Department. Ever since the Govt was served with notice for strike from 13.07.2010 (which eventually did not materialise), the Department has moved very fast to settle their demands one after another. But the same sense of urgency and seriousness is never observed in respect of IP line officials. Is it not a criminal negligence to say after 5 months (after the Association informed the Department for merger of IPs and ASPs) that the merger proposal has a feasibility problem? How come the persons in the helm of affairs are so short-sighted not to notice this obstacle earlier? Is it not clear that the Department is playing with the sentiments of the IPs without sensitivity? Still the IP line officials continue with committed loyalty unmindful of real situation that the same very people who keep them engaged in duty day and night are least bothered about the plights of IP line officials. More over, they do not hesitate to rub salt in the wounds of IP line officials by resorting to repressive measures in the name of administrative discipline. Orissa Circle Branch of AIASP is even witness to the situation where IPs are not spared of getting warnings / dies-non for remaining on leave on health ground. Still the IPs are obsessed with (unconditional) loyalty to the administration as if nothing is learnt from the attitude shown to them from these instances.  Some senior officers are shedding crocodile tears for the benefit of upgradation of GP eluding IPs. But time has come the IP line officials to understand the reality and decide with seriousness to chalk out agitational plans. Is it not appropriate at this stage to decide why the IP line officials should take so much of pain and strain to procure business for the Department instead of concentrating on their usual duties for which there is no relief for them from the administration? As usual, Orissa Circle Branch of AIAIASP would urge upon the CHQ to come out with the action plan as enough patience of IP line officials has been tested with submissions of a number of prayers and petitions.    

Friday, September 3, 2010

Induction training to surplus IP candidates of Orissa Circle allotted to WB circle

The Chief PMG, WB Circle, Kolkata in his letter No.SFA/P-20/TRG/DBN/2008-09 dated 02.09.2010 faxed to Chief PMG, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar on 03.09.2010 has requested for directing the following surplus IP candidates of Orissa Circle (who have been allotted to WB Circle) to report at PTC, Mysore by 12.09.2010 for undergoing induction training for 11 weeks upto 27.11.2010.

Sri Sriram Chandra Acharya
Sri Ganeswar Sahoo
Sri Rajendranath Giri
Sri Minaketan Pradhan
Sri Ranjan Kumar Nayak

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some updates

As a further development to the discussions held yesterday (on 01.09.2010) Chief PMG called the CS, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch on 02.09.2010 and asked for feedback on the issue of upgradation of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/- for taking up the matter with Directorate. Required information has been supplied on 02.09.2010.

Ms. Madhusmita Padhy has joined as IP, Cuttack North Sub-Division under Cuttack City Division on 02.09.2010.

OA No. 381/10 in Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench could not be heard on 01-09-2010 due to leave of the concerned judge. Rejoinder to the counter in the case has been filed by applicants. 

Meeting with Chief PMG on 01.09.2010

The CS had written to Chief PMG on 27.08.2010 about the plights of IP cadre officials. (The details of the letter were posted in this blog on 27.08.2010 for information of members.) 

On the back ground of such a letter,  the Chief PMG convened an unscheduled meeting with AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch on 01.09.2010 at 16.30 hrs. The meeting continued for an hour and a half. Chief PMG chaired the meeting. DPS(HQ) and the APMG (Staff/Vig) participated in the meeting from the official side. Sri B B Mohanty, CS and Sri P Jena, Circle Treasurer-cum-AGS-I represented the Association. Both sides exchanged facts and views point-by-point as per the contents of the letter dated 27.08.2010. 

Among other things, the issue of upgradation GP of IPs was mentioned to Chief PMG, though it is something which can be decided only at Directorate level. It was mentioned to her that IPs are now virtually reduced the status of Postmen after implementation of MACPS. The IPs are now continuing in a state of demotivation due to the discriminatory treatment by the Govt towards them on GP issue. The Department instead of facilitating upgradation of the GP on par with analogous posts in other Departments and Ministries of Govt of India is creating confusion and problems in spite of the fact that the Association has already given in writing for merger of two cadres to facilitate the upgradation of GP. The approach of the Department as exhibited in practice and action (through counter to OA No.381/2010 in Hon'ble CAT, Ernakulam Bench) has become the single most demotivating factor which needs to be addressed, and Chief PMsG have a role for communicating this position to Directorate. Chief PMG mentioned that she would bring the issue to the notice of senior officers in Directorate during her next visit to Directorate next week.
Chief  PMG assured that she would take decision on the Circle level issues mentioned in the letter of the CS on merits.

Now the Chief PMG has taken the first step of confidence building measures. Let us wait and watch to see if  she has the real interest for  looking into the plight of IP cadre officials or she wants to continue to run the Circle administration by old style of motivating IP line officials through disciplinary measures. Further reaction of the Association would be inevitable if there is no real change in her attitude towards IP cadre officials.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Updates on some transfers and postings

Circle Office, Bhubaneswar has issued the following orders:

Sri Gouranga Patra on reallotment (from Postal Directorate) to Orissa Circle is posted as SRM, RMS 'N' Division, Cuttack (in the downgraded post). The post is likely to be restored to the status of SSRM when Sri Patra is given ad hoc promotion to JTS, Gr.A (which is expected shortly after his joining). 

To avoid incompatibility (with the downgraded post of SRM), the post of DSRM, RMS 'N' Division, Bhubaneswar  is now kept attached to Circle Office, Bhubaneswar. The post is likely to be restored to RMS 'N' Division after the original status of the head of RMS 'N' Division is restored.

Sri Jeeban Sahoo who was working as SSRM 'N' Division on ad hoc basis is now shifted to Puri Division where he will be working as SSPOs in the leave vacancy of Sri P C Behera. Sri Behera has tendered his notice of voluntary retirement.  

The post of IP, CSD, Bhubaneswar is diverted to Circle Office, Bhubaneswar. Its present incumbent- Ms Suman Garg has been ordered to move to Circle Office.