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Friday, March 28, 2008

Review of Sixth PC Report to suggest changes to Anomaly Committee

All members of our Association are requested to study the Sixth Pay Commission Report in depth and to point out disadvantages to our Cadres for reporting the same to the General Secretary to enable him to make representation to the Anomaly Committee.

Agenda for meeting with Chief PMG & Regional PMsG

All members of the Association are requested to suggest agenda for the periodical meetings with Administrative Heads.

Transfers & Postings in ASP Cadre in HQ Region

Orders are yet to be issued. The file has been put up to Chief PMG for approval. Inter-Region transfer in few cases is also expected. Orders are expected after 01.04.2008 ( or in first week of April 2008)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

6th Pay Commission Highlights

Report submitted to Govt on 24.03.2008
The Commission has recommended to give effect to the report from 1.1.2006
Inspectors are placed in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs.6500-10500 with corresponding Pay Band - 2 (8700-34800) with Grade Pay of Rs.4200/-
The ASPs and HSG-I Officials are placed in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs.7450-11500 corresponding to revised PB-2 (8700-34800) with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-
No separate pay has been recommended for System Administrators ,Accountants and Business Executives citing that no functional justification exists for it..
Postmen are to get higher pay in consideration of their nature of duty / public interaction. They are placed in the pre-revised scale of (Rs.3200-4900) in the corresponding revised Pay Band-1(Rs.4860-20200) with grade pay Rs.2000/-
The Allowances of Accountants are recommended to be doubled (from Rs.180/-)
AAOs and AOs are placed in the pre-revised scale of pay R.7500-12000 corresponding to the revised pay band-2 (8700-34800) with grade pay of Rs.4800/- at par with Supdt of Post Offices
Increments will occur from 1st of July every year.
Dearness Allowance as per CPI Index to be revised depending on the increase or decrease of Index
HRA for B Class Cities 20% and C lass /Other Cities 10% of Pay (Band)+ Grade Pay
CCA is abolished & Transport Allowance enhanced four times
Increment @2.5% of Pay. Provision of 1% more in deserving cases not to exceed 20% of the total strengh of the cadre. Applicable to Gr.A Cadre. For other cadres Govt is take decision.
Detailed Report and Highlights are available in the website:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Transfers and Postings in IP Cadre in HQ Region

The orders for transfers and postings of IPs in HQ Region, Bhubaneswar have been issued under CO Memo. No.ST/20-13/2004/Ch.I dated 20.03.2008 as follows:
With TA &TP / Interest of Service
Gopabandhu Sahoo IP Rajnilgiri as IP Baripada West
Sarbeswar Baliarsingh IP Jaleswar West as IP Nayagarh East
Dhiren Das IP Rairangpur as IP Bangriposi
U K Sahoo IP Bangriposi as IP Rairangpur
Jagdish Dash IP Cuttack North as IP Kujanga
Debi Prasad Dash, IP Balugaon as IP CSD, Bhubaneswar
M K Patnaik IPNayagarh East as IP(PG), Bhubaneswar
B M Dash Mohapatra OS Bhadrak as IP (PG) Bhadrak
T K Dash IP Bhadrak East as Manager, NSPC, Bhubaneswar
A K Patra IP Kujanga as IP Cuttack North Sub-Division under Cuttack City
Without TA & TP / In own interest
B K Singh Jajpur Road as IP Rajnilgiri
Samarjeet Nayak, IP CSD Bhubaneswar as IP Jaleswar West
B K Mishra IP Dharmasala as IP Bhadrak East
Parameswar Nayak IP Bhadrak West as IP Jajpur Road
Pitabas Jena, IP Barsahi as IP(Uniform), PSD, Bhubaneswar on Immunity ground
Priyanath Patnaik, Manager NSPC, Bhubaneswar as IP Balugaon

Orders of transfers and postings in ASP Cadre in HQ Region are likely to be issued on 28.03.2008 or 31.03.2008.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Transfers & postings in IP Cadre in Sambalpur Region

The RO, Sambalpur has issued orders of transfers and postings inthe cadre of Inspectors of Posts on 18.03.2008 as follows:
Sri Niranjan Mohanty, IP Angul East as IP Angul West
Sri D P Satapathy, IP Angul West as Angul East
Sri Antataryami Behera, IP(PG), Dhenkanal as IP, Rajborasambar
Sri Bhagyadhar Das, IP Rajborasambar as IP Sundargarh South
Sri R C Jena, IP(PG) Sundargarh as IP(PG) Dhenkanal
Sri M Tajan, as IP RMS K 1st Jharsuguda
Sri K S Bagh IP RMS K 2nd as IP West Rourkela
Sri J Granaik IP Rourkela West as IP RMS K 2nd
Sri P K Patra, II(Plg), RO Sambalpur as IP(BD), RO Sambalpur

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Promotion under ACP Scheme- Wait does not end.

We are still awaiting orders for ACP to eligible Inspectorial Staff. The matter was taken up in the last bi-monthly meeting with DPS(HQ) who had assured that the orders would be issued shortly. The orders were expected by 10.03.2008 as per assurance. But it is leant from Staff Section of Circle Office that the processing is still going on and it will take some more time for issue of orders. Going by the preparation and the present position of the case, it appears that we may have to wait beyond 31.03.2008. We are pursuing the case persistently with staff section of CO for issue of orders early.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Transfers and Postings in ASP Cadre in Sambalpur Region

The following transfers and postings have been ordered by RO, Sambalpur on 06.03.2008
Sri B N Purohit, ASP I/c Sambalpur as ASP(Inv), RO, Sambalpur
Sri Lingaraj Pradhan, ASP (Inv), RO Sambalpur as ASP(OD) Sambalpur
Sri Kamalendu Panda, ASP(OD), Sambalpur as ASP I/c, Sambalpur
Sri Mohan Naik, ASP(OD), Sambalpur as ASRM, Jharsuguda
Sri B B Negi, ASRM, Jharsuguda as ASP(HQ), Bolangir
Sri C B Meher, ASP(HQ), Bolangir as Postmaster, Sambalpur HO
Sri S M Sukla, Postmaster, Sambalpur as ASP I/c, Rourkela
Sri A K Panda, ASP I/c, Rourkela as ASP(OD), Sundargarh
Sri Isodore Ekka, ASP(OD), Sundargarh as ASP(HQ), Sundargarh
Sri Samuel Tuti, ASP(HQ), Sundargarh as ASP I/c, Keonjhargarh

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Office Bearers and CWC Members of Circle Branch

Office Bearers of Orissa Circle Branch elected on 04.11.7 for a two years' term

Sri Sreekant Kar, ASP-I, Bhubaneswar RMS
Vice Presidents
Sri Lingaraj Pradhan, ASP(Inv), RO, Sambalpur
Sri Ajit Kumar Dash, ASP(Mails), RO, Berhampur
Circle Secretary
Sri Bipin Bihari Mohanty, ASP(BD), CO, Bhubaneswar
Asst. Circle Secretaries
Sri Himanshu Sekhar Mohapatra, ASP(HQ), Berhampur Divn
Sri Alekh Kumar Mohanty, ASP(Mails), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri Shiv Murthy Sukla, Postmaster, Sambalpur HO
Organising Secretaries
Sri Krushna Chandra Chinara, ASP(HQ), Balasore Divn
Sk. Md. Noman, ASP I/C, Kendrapara Sub-Divn
Sri Prasanna Kumar Sahoo, ASP I/C, Chatrapur Sub-Divn
Sri Parameswar Naik, IP, Bhadrak West Sub-Divn
Sri Pitabas Jena, IP, Barsahi Sub-Divn
Asst. Treasurer
Sri Sarbeswar Choudhury, II(Vigilance), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri Kaibalya Prasad Parida, ASP(Vigilance), CO, Bhubaneswar

CWC Members
Sri Bharat Ku. Patra, IP, Berhampur South Sub-Division
Sri Bijay Kumar Satapathy, II, RO, Berhampur
Sri M M Mohapatra, ASP I/C. Khurda Sub-Divn
Sri C M Mohapatra, ASP(LC). CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri D K Samal. DPM, Bhubaneswar GPO
Sri Gangadhar Moanty, OS, Cuttack City Division
Sri Sarbeswar Mishra, ASP(HQ), Cuttack South Division
Sri R K Singh, ASP(HQ), Cuttack North Division
Sri B K Patra, ASP(OD). Puri Division
Sri D P Nayak, IP, Jatni Sub-Division
Sri N K Samal, ASP I/C, Cuttack East Sub-Division
Sri P C Mohapatra, ASP(OD), Cuttack City Division
Sri Khageswar Mallick, IP(TO), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri P N Patnaik, Manager, Business Office, Bhubaneswar
Sri Abhimanyu Behera, ASP(PG), CO, Bhubaneswar
Smt. Arunabala Mohanty, II(Plg), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri S K Mohapatra, ASP(Inv), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri Khageswar Mahanta, ASP I/C, Puri Sub-Division
Sri S K Mishra, Postmaster, Puri HO
Sri S B Mahapatra, Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO

List of CHQ Office Bearers

Elected in the AIC, Kolkata on 25.01.2008 for a two years' term
S.B.Mahapatra, Senior Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO
Bhubaneswar – 751001 (Orissa)
Vice President I
P.R.Parodhi, Head Postmaster, Andheri H.O., Mumbai 400053
Vice President II
Ashok Kumar Koley, Head Postmaster, Beleghata H.O.
Kolkata 700010
General Secretary
S.Samuel, ASP, Kanchipuram Division, Kanchipuram 631501
Asst.General Secretary I
N.K.Soni, ASP (Inv), Circle Office, Bhopal 462012
Asst.General Secretary II
U.C.Prasad, ASP, South West Sub Division, Patna 800004 (Bihar)
Asst.General Secretary III
Dinesh Kare, ASP, Karwar Sub Division, Karwar 581401(Karnataka)
Asst.General Secretary IV
L.N.Mahato, Inspector Posts, Baloda Bazaar Sub Division,
Baloda Bazaar – 493332 (Chattisgarh)
Organising Secretary I
Roop Chand, ASP, Sub Division, Rohini, New Delhi – 110085
Organising Secretary II
Y.Venkateshwaralu, ASP(R), O/o SPOs, Hanamkonda 506001 (AP)
Organising Secretary III
M.L.Gulati, Manager, SPCC, Chandigarh 160017
Organising Secretary IV
Venunathan Pillai, Postmaster, Kollam 691001, Kerala
Organising Secretary V
Komal Singh, Inspector Posts, Etah Sub Division, Etah 207001 (UP)
S.Ravi, ASP(HQ), Airmail Sorting Division, Chennai – 600027
Asst. Treasurer
N.M.Mali, ASP(HQ), O/o SPOs, Beawar 305901(Rajasthan)
Shri N.K.Singh, Inspector Posts, Lohardaga, 835302 Jharkhand .

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Place of Orissa Circle in the Assn at the All India Level

Dear Friends,
Seventeen delegates from Orissa Circle (which is a record) participated this time in the All India Conference of our Association which was held in a befitting manner in Dum Dum, Kolkata from 23.01.2008 to 25.01.2008. The sitting CHQ President Sri S B Mohapatra presided over the meetings/ functions. He discharged his role as CHQ President very efficiently. He was admired by one and all. The CHQ took the priviledge to re-elect Sri S B Mahapatra, Sr. Postmaster Bhubaneswar GPO as the President for another two years term (for the second time). We heartily congratulate Sri Mahapatra on his re-election to the prestigious office of CHQ President of our Association.