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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CS writes to CPMG again for issue of orders for reimbursement of telephone charges.

The CS has written a letter to CPMG on 15.09.2008 requesting revision of rate of reimbursement of telephone charges to IPs/ASPs to Rs.848/- p.m. on par with AAOs. A copy of the letter is reproduced below for information of our members.
15th September 2008

Sri K V Sundar Rajan
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar 751001

Sub: Request for issuing orders for fixing the limit of reimbursement of telephone expenses of IPs & ASPs on par with AAOs.

Respected Sir,
This Association has requested several times in the past for considering fixing the limit of reimbursement of residential/mobile telephone expenses of IPs & ASPs to Rs.750/- per month and to extend this facility to all IPs & ASPs in the Circle since the use of residential/mobile phones is necessitated by their nature of duties. After repeated requests over a long period in the past, decision was taken in the last CMC meeting held in July 2008 for allowing reimbursement of the monthly limit of residential telephone expenses (landline and/or mobile) of IPs & ASPs upto Rs.500/-. The amount so fixed still falls short of the limit fixed for AAOs in this Circle by a wide margin. But what is more distressing is the fact that the benefits of this decision still eludes the IPs/ASPs as no circular for its implementation has been issued so far to field units.

Being meted out a discriminatory treatment on a number of counts including the issue of reimbursement of telephone expenses, the IPs/ASPs in the Circle have reasons to feel disappointed, discouraged and even frustrated. The AAOs irrespective of their assignment and place of posting are getting reimbursement of residential telephone charges upto the limit of Rs.848/- per month without any question being raised about the operational or functional justification for such a limit. But the cases of IPs/ASPs are not given due attention and consideration, though there is no doubt that the operational and functional justification for granting reimbursement of residential/mobile telephone expenses of IPs & ASPs is far greater than that of AAOs.

Previously, I had submitted copies of orders of Tamilnadu and West Bengal Circles as some examples showing the monthly limit of residential telephone expenses of IPs/ASPs/AAOs fixed at Rs.750/- per month by other Circles.

This time the Association looks up to you with great hope that your goodself will be kind enough to do justice to the cadre of IPs/ASPs by issuing orders fixing the limit of residential and /or mobile telephone expenses of all IPs and ASPs in the Circle on par with AAOs (i.e.Rs.848/- per month), thereby saving the IPs & ASPs from further despair and from incurring expenses on this count from their own pocket for smooth discharge of their duties. It is also requested that the benefit may kindly be extended to all IPs/ASPs in the Circle without distinction and discrimination of place of their posting and assignment in the same manner it has been done for AAOs & PS Gr.B Officers.
This has a reference to my communication addressed to your goodself on 01.08.2008.

With regards,
Yours faithfully,

(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

ACP Scheme- Representation for issue of orders

The CS has written another letter to CPMG on 12.09.2008 a copy of which is reproduced below for information. CPMG has issued direction to finalise the pending cases within a week. Uptodate Disc/Vig. clearance reports have been called for in respect of some IPs whose report was earlier recived but was not considered in time. The CS is monitoring the case on daily basis. The matter will be taken for discussion in CWC meeting on 21.09.2008 for deciding on the question of agitational measures if the case is not finalised within a week from to-day.
12th September 2008

Sri K V Sundar Rajan
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle
Bhubaneswar 751001

Sub: Request for immediate orders for financial upgradation of eligible IPs under ACP scheme.

Respected Sir,

It is almost three years now since the orders for financial upgradtion of IPs under ACP were last issued. There are innumerable occasions on which this association has taken up the issue of non-issue of orders for grant of ACP to those in IP cadre who have come under the zone of consideration after the last orders were issued. In this connection the last communication of this Association addressed to your goodself on 01.08.2008 may kindly be referred to.

This time I write to bring it to your kind notice once again that the eligible members are still awaiting orders to get the financial benefit under ACP. Now that orders for implementation of revised pay and allowances on the basis of recommendation of Sixth CPC have come, the IPs who have become eligible to get the ACP since long will face a chaotic and unfortunate situation in which they will get their revised pay and arrears excluding the financial benefit due to them under ACP unless orders for ACP are issued immediately.

This Association always avoids agitational measures so as not to put the administration in to any embarrassing situation. This Association, therefore, sincerely hopes that situation will not arise in which its members will feel constrained to demonstrate their frustration in public and before the media.

With regards,
Yours faithfully,
(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Friday, September 5, 2008

Notice for CWC Meeting for 21.09.2008


05th September 2008

Under the provisions of the Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents Posts, it is hereby notified that a meeting of the Circle Working Committee of the Association will be held on Sunday, the 21st September 2008 at 11.00 Hrs in the Recreation Club of Bhubaneswar GPO.

The agenda for the meeting are as under:
Discussion on the 6 CPC Report accepted by Govt. relating to cadre of IPs/ASPs vis-à-vis other cadres inside & outside Department of Posts
ACP Scheme-Non-implementation by Orissa Circle for IPs/ASPs for nearly three years now & course of action to follow if no orders are issued before drawal revised pay.
Re-imbursement of Residential Telephone /Mobile Telephone charges of IPs/ASPs
Problem of accommodation for functioning of offices of Sub-Divisional heads
Issues relating to transfer & postings of IPs/ASPs
Organisational Matters including deduction of subscription
Approval to the expenditure made & to be made for activities of the Association
Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

All office-bearers and CWC members of the Association are requested to attend the said meeting in time.

(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Copy to:
The Chief Postmaster General, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar for kind information. Necessary orders may kindly be issued to all concerned for grant of special casual leave to office bearers and CWC members as per the enclosed list from the station out side Bhubaneswar who submit individual applications to their controlling authority.
Sri S Samuel, General Secretary, AI Assn of Inspectors & ASPs, Chennai.
The President and all office-bearers and CWC members of the Association.
The Secretary, Bhubaneswar GPO PRC for kind information. He is requested to spare the accommodation in the PRC for CWC meeting on 21.09.08

(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Thursday, September 4, 2008

6 CPC Implementation order issued by Dept. of Posts

Extract of the Orders issued by DG(Posts) is as under:
Sub; Sixth Central Pay Commission-Revision of Pay Scales in respect of Group 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D' Employees –2008.

D.G. Posts No. 4-4/2008-PCC dated 04-09-2008.

A copy of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Gazette Notification Vide G.S.R. 622(E) dated 29.08.2008 promulgating the Central Civil Service (Revised Pay) Rules 2008 is forwarded herewith along with the following other orders; notification of Revised Pay Structures and illustrations regarding fixation of pay of the employees in the Revised Pay Scales & Option Proforma and orders relating to various Allowances and Pension are forwarded herewith for information, guidance and necessary action.

Sl. No.
Letter /Notification
Gazette Notification No. 304 in File No. 1/1/2008-IC dated 29.08.2008
1/1/2008-IC dated 29.08.2008
Instructions regarding Pay and Payment of arrears
1(3)/2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Dearness Allowance
2(13)/2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
3(1)/ 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Spl. Comp. (Remote Locality) Allowance
4(2) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Spl. Comp. (Hill Area) Allowance
9(11) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Split Duty Allowance
21(2) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Transport Allowance
5(1) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Bad Climate Allowance
6(3) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Project Allowance
11(5) 2008-E-II(B) dated 29.08.2008
Spl. (Duty) Allowance in NE & Ladhak
12(4) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Hard Area allowance
12(3) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Island Spl. (Duty) Allowance
13(1) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Discontinuance of Border Area Allowance
17(1) 2008-E-II (B) dated 29.08.2008
Schedule /Tribal Area Allowance
19039/3/2008-E-III (A) dated 30.08.2008
Cycle (Maintenance) Allowance
7(19) 2008-E-III (A) dated 30.08.2008
NPA attached to Medical Officers
7(19) 2008-E-III (A) dated 30.08.2008
NPA attached to Veterinary Posts

2. The process to obtain, fixation of pay in the revised pay structure, calculating the arrears according to the Gazette Notification GSR 622(E) dated 29.08.08 may be started immediately. Before payment of arrears, it may be ensured that the undertaking as prescribed in MOF OM No. 1/1/2008-IC dated 30.08.2008 is obtained from each official and kept on record.
Dy. Director General (Estt.)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Children Education Allowance-Orders of Govt. issued

The Sixth Pay Commission recommendations for enhancing the Children Education Allowances and merger of the same with Reimbursement of Tuition Fees has been accepted by the Govt as such.
Salient Features of reimbursement of children education allowance are :
· Children Education Allowance and Reimbursement of Tuition fees have been merged and the new scheme is known as Children Education Allowance Scheme.
· This scheme can be availed by Government employees upto a maximum of Two Children
· This is applicable for School going children only (nursery to 12th Std including 11th and 12th std conducted by Junior colleges)
· The Scheme has no nexus with the performance of the children in the class.
· The reimbursement is applicable for admission fees, laboratory fees, special fee charged for agriculture, music, electronics or any subject, fee charged for practical work, fees for use of any aid or appliance by the child, library fees, games/sports fees, fees for extra curricular activities, purchase of one set of text books and notebooks, two sets of uniforms and one set of school shoes.
· The annual ceiling for reimbursement of children education allowance is fixed at Rs.12,000/-.
· Hostel subsidy will be reimbursed upto maximum limit of Rs.3000/- per month per child. However, both hostel subsidy, and children education allowance can not be availed concurrently.
· The maximum limits in Children Education allowance and Hostel subsidy would be automatically raised by 25% every time the dearness allowance on the revise pay structure goes up by 50%.
· This scheme is effective from 01-09-08.
· Reimbursement of the children education allowance and Hostel subsidy would be made on production of original receipts self certified by the employee.
Source : Office memorandum No: 12011/03/2008-Estt (Allowance) dated 2.9.2008 at the following link:

Notification regarding pension

Govt has notified the orders relating to pension based on recommendation of 6 CPC.
Now, an official taking retirement on completion of 20 years of service will get full pension (instead of earlier provision of proportionate pension if service fell below 33 years). The commutation table recommemened by the CPC has been accepted. Upper limit of DCRG has been revised to Rs.10 lakh (from existing amount of Rs.3.5 lakh). Minimum pension /family pension has been fixed at Rs.3500/-. For further details, please visit the following link.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Upgraded Pay Scales / Grade Pays in Dept of Posts (other than AOs/Sr.AOs)

Key Points in the Notification and Resolution for implementation of 6 CPC Report

Pay Band and Grade pay:
Grade Pay up to PB2 recommended by 6CPC accepted as such.
Revised Grade pay from PB3 and above.
The basic pay drawn as on 1.1.2006 on the existing Fifth CPC pay scales will be multiplied by a factor of 1.86 and then rounded off to next multiple of 10. This will be the pay in the revised running Pay Band. Grade Pay, as approved by the Government, corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale, will then be added to the Pay in the revised Pay Band. The total of pay in the Pay Band and grade pay will be the revised Basic Pay as on 1.1.2006.
Rate of annual increments will be 3% and the rate of variable increment for high achievers in PB-3 will be 4%.
There will be a uniform date of annual increment, viz. 1st July of every year. Employees completing 6 months and above in the revised pay structure as on 1st of July will be eligible to be granted the increment. The first increment after fixation of pay on 1.1.2006 in the revised pay structure will be granted on 1.7.2006 for those employees for whom the date of next increment was between 1st July, 2006 to 1st Jan 2007.
DA and other Allowances
AICPI (IW) with base 2001 may, henceforth, be used for the purpose of calculating DA till it gets revised. The base using the 2001 series works out to be 115.76. Based on this index the revised DA as on Jan-06, July-06, Jan-07, July-07, Jan-08 and July-08 are estimated to be 0%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, and 16% respectively (based on the calculation made as per index - Exact DA rates are yet to be confirmed by the Govt).
“Campus” restriction for grant of Transport Allowance will be removed. Consequently, employees living in campuses will also be eligible for Transport Allowance. Further, Transport Allowance for the employees at the lowest levels will be increased to Rs.600 (from Rs.400) in A-1/A class cities and Rs.400 (from Rs.300) in other towns.
New TA(Transport Allowance) - Employees drawing grade pay of Rs. 5400 and above will be eligible to receive TA of Rs.3200 and DA thereon (A1/A class cites) and Rs.1600 and DA thereon (other places. Similarly Employees drawing grade pay of Rs.4200 to Rs.4800 will be eligible to receive TA of Rs. Rs.1600 and DA thereon (A1/A class cites) and Rs.800 and DA thereon (other places). Employees drawing grade pay of below Rs. 4200 will be eligible to receive TA of Rs. 600 and DA thereon (A1/A class cites) and Rs.400 and DA thereon (other places).
City Compensatory Allowance abolished.
Employess living in X (Earlier classified as A-1), Y (Earlier classified as A, B-1 & B-2), and Z (Earlier classified as C and Unclassified) will be eligible for HRA of 30%, 20% and 10% (on Fixed Pay and Grade Pay) respectively.
Children Education Allowance and Reimbursement of Tuition Fee are merged and reimbursement of Children Education allowance will be paid upto the maximum of Rs.1000 per child per month subject to a maximum of 2 children. Hostel subsidy will be reimbursed upto the maximum limit of Rs.3000 per month per child. The limits would be automatically raised by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance on the revised pay bands goes up by 50%.
Cycle Allowance, Washing Allowance, Cash Handling Allowance, Special Allowance, Night Duty Allowance and Split Duty Allowance have been doubled. Similarly, rates of allowances specific to different Ministries/Departments/Organisations not covered in this Report will also be doubled. The rates of these allowances will be increased by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance payable on revised pay scales goes up by 50%.
All provisions concerning travel under LTC are to be retained except frequency of travel in home town concession (up to three times during the first two blocks of 4 years after joining the service).
The revised allowances, other than dearness allowance, will be effective from 1st day of September, 2008.
ACP (Assured Career Progression):
Three upgradations will be granted under Assured Career Progression (ACP) Scheme at 10, 20 and 30 years as per the modified ACP Scheme recommended by the Commission. ACP Scheme will also be applicable to Group A employees.
Financial upgradation through ACP will be available whenever a person has spent 10 years continuously in the same grade.
Benefit of pay fixation available at the time of normal promotion shall be allowed at the time of financial upgradations under the scheme. Thus, an increase of 3% of pay and grade pay shall be available as financial upgradation under the scheme.
Other Points accepted by the Govt:
The Commission’s recommendation regarding payment of arrears has been modified to the extent that the arrears will be paid in cash in two instalments – first instalment of 40% during the current financial year (2008-09) and the remaining 60% in the next financial year (2009-10).
The Government has approved setting up of Anomalies Committees to examine individual, post-specific and cadre-specific anomalies. The Anomalies Committees should endeavour to complete their work in one year.
Recommendations not accepted by the Govt:
Liberal ‘severance package’ for those employees who want to leave service without pension with more than 15, but less than 20 years of service.
Recommendation relating to Holiday Policy that there should only be three closed holidays for Government employees.
Flexi-hours for women employees and flexi-weeks for employees with disabilities.
Recommendations of Sixth CPC which will be examined separately :
Recommendation related to Bonus and Over Time Allowance.
Recommendation related to General Provident Fund for Central Government employees and Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme.
Introduction of Health Insurance Scheme for Central Government employees and pensioners

Extract of Notification relevant to cadre of PAs(BCR), HSG-II officials and IPs in Department of Posts
Section I
(ii) On account of merger of pre-revised pay scales of Rs.5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500, some posts which presently constitute feeder and promotion grades will come to lie in an identical grade. The specific recommendations about some categories of these posts made by the Pay Commission are included Section II of Part C. As regards other posts, the posts in these three scales should be merged. In case it is not feasible to merge the posts in these pay scales on functional considerations, the posts in the scale of Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500-9000 should be merged, with the post in the scale of Rs.6500-10500 being upgraded to the next higher grade in pay band PB-2 i.e. to the grade pay of Rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-11500. In case a post already exists in the scale of Rs.7450-11500, the post being upgraded from the scale of Rs.6500-10500 should be merged with the post in the scale of Rs.7450-11500.

CS forwards comments of member to GS

The CS forwarded the following comments to GS who mentioned that he is on the job:
Respected Samuel Ji,
I am forwarding the comment of Sri D K Samal, Dy. PM, Bhubaneswar GPO(ASP Cadre) for your information.
I think we should raise our demands for placing the IPs in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs.7450 since they are now equated with BCR officials whom they supervise very often. Our demand for higher scale of IPs, ASPs and Gr. B Officers should be placed before the Anomaly Committee.
B B Mohanty
CS, Orissa
Comments of Dri D K Samal, Dy PM Bhubaneswar GPO
"IP cadre has been given the pre revised scale of 6500/10500. Is it not due to the BCR grade being plced in that scale? What is our acievement then ?JAO,Non gazetted, 7500..scale.ASP, gazetted,7450..scale. Bonus factor is there. Our achievement is far less.We should strive to get justice."
Reply of GS:
Thanks Mr.B.B.Mohanty. I am on the job.

Regarding 6 CPC

Official/Proper channel communication to implement 6 CPC Report is awaited. Till such communication is received, you may speculate your arrear amount and pay fixation by visiting the private (unofficial) link below and by feeding information personal to you.

For latest orders regarding revised DA and other matters relating to implementation of 6 CPC report you may click the following link.

All members of the Assn are requested to offer their suggestions for communicating the same to GS