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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

JTS Gr.A Nomination

As per orders issued vide Dte. No.4-6/2008-SPG dated 28.07.2009, the following officers from Orissa Circle have got nomination for regular promotion to JTS of Indian Postal Service Group 'A'.
  1. Sri P L Bhol at present officiating as SSPOs, Bhubaneswar
  2. Sri P C Behera at present officiating as Manager, PPP, Bhubaneswar
  3. Sri R N Pradhan at present officiating as SSRM 'N' Division, Cuttack (allotted to WB Circle)
The Association congratulates these officers on their promotion which is an important milestone in their service career.

Commemorative Stamps on Jayadeva & Geetagovinda

A set of eleven stamps on Jaydeva & Geetagovinda was released by Ms. Yesodhara Menon, Chief PMG Orissa in presence of Sri Naveen Patnaik, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Orissa and other dignitaries in a function organised by I & PR Dept., Govt. of Orissa on 27.07.2009 at Jaydev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar.
Images of Miniature Sheet, Information Brochure and FDC are reproduced below.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Petitioning President a click away

NEW DELHI: Rashtrapati Bhavan is coming closer to the common man with a little help from technology.
President Pratibha Patil launched a helpline portal that will not only allow citizens to register their grievances online but track them to various ministries as well. The portal will allow people to petition the President directly. The portal — — promises to process petitions and direct them to relevant departments within seven working days. "This portal is the beginning of a new chapter in Rashtrapati Bhavan. We receive an average 400 petitions per day from people. We have set up this portal so that people have a mechanism by which they know what is happening to their petition," said Christy Fernandez, secretary to the President.
Courtesy: The Times of India (TNN 27 July 2009, 03:47am IST)

Proceedings of the Circle Working Committee meeting held on 26.07.09

The proceedings of the Circle Working Committee meeting held on 26.07.2009 at Bhubaneswar are reproduced below for information of members.

The Circle Working Committee meeting of the Association was held in the Recreation Club of Bhubaneswar GPO to-day i.e. 26.07.2009. Sri Sreekant Kar, President of the Association was in the Chair. The Circle branch of the Association was privileged to have the presence of Sri S B Mohapatra, CHQ President in the CWC meeting.

The business of the CWC was held as per the scheduled programme. Discussions held and unanimous decisions taken in the CWC were as under:

  1. The members expressed their resentment regarding the Govt.’s apathy to accept the demand of the Association to upgrade the Pay scale of IPs who have been equated with BCR PAs who are drawing the same Grade Pay. The quantum and quality of work carried out by the IPs are much higher than the BCR PAs. The members were unanimous to take up the matter at the appropriate level through CHQ.
  2. The members felt that there should be reorganization of the Sub-Divisions. The number of inspection days especially that of BOs and NDTOs should be increased in view of the new items of work added to the BOs and other offices. More Sub-Divisions should be created to facilitate effective supervision by IPs/ASPs. Directorate should take immediate steps to create more posts of IPs and ASPs to manage the work of Technology and Business Development related work. Status quo of the Sub-Divisional Heads should continue as it is at present. Moreover, there should not be more than 50 offices under a Sub-Divisional Head.
  3. When members of our Association are officiating in PSS Gr.B cadre for more than one year, they are not allowed to draw their annual increment in the higher officiating post by DA(P). Members unanimously expressed their resentment over the matter and hence, it was decided to take up the matter at appropriate level by Circle Association.
  4. Incentives for procuring PLI business by IPs/ASPs in inordinately delayed. There is instance of non-drawal since 2006-07. This is to be taken up with Circle Administration.
  5. Abnormal delay in issue of Premium Bonds in respect of RPLI policies procured places the Sub-Divisional Heads in a very delicate position. They face the wrath of insurants when they tour different places in their Sub-Divisions. The matter needs to be addressed by the Administration. Circle Association will take up the matter with CPMG.
  6. All the vacant posts of IPs/ASPs should be filled up so that entrustment of additional unmanageable workload to the IPs /ASPs can be avoided. This type of forcible allocation of extra work has an adverse effect on the efficiency of the incumbent IP/ASP.
  7. The next biennial Circle Conference is decided to be held during the month of Januray 2010. Date and venue of the conference will be discussed and fixed during the next CWC.
  8. The August house is pleased to approve the expenditure already made and to be made for the activities of the Association.

The session was declared closed with thanks to the Chair and special thanks to the CHQ President-Sri S B Mahapatra.

Sd-Sreekant Kar 26.07.2009

President, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Philatelic Stamp on Jaydeva & Geetagovinda

A set of 11 stamps on Jaydeva & Geetagovinda is being released at 05.30 pm on 27.07.2009(Monday) by Ms. Yesodhara Menon, Chief PMG, Orissa Circle at Jaydeva Bhawan(Soochana Bhawan), Bhubaneswar in a function being organised by I & PR Department of Govt. of Orissa. Hon'ble Chief Minister of Orissa, Sri Naveen Patnaik will be the Chief Guest.

PSS Gr.B Nomination List for 2009-10 and submission of records to Directorate for DPC

The following is the list of Inspectorial Staff of Orissa Circle (out of 411) whose records have been called for by Directorate for DPC for regular promotion to PS Gr.B Cadre.
29. Muralidhar Singh, 47. H K Dalal, 104. Gangadgar Sahoo (expired), 115.Banchanidhi Mishra, 140. Hazaru Pradhan, 157. Gopal Disri, 158. Sreekant Kar, 227. Laxmidhar Sahu, 234.Abhimanyu Naik (working as AAO), 244.M M Mohapatra, 246.Daitari Rana, 260. B N Bhoi (expired), 277. K S Behera (retired), 295.H K Pradhan, 296. Premananda Pal(now working in JTS Grade), 303. G C Mohanty, 336. Banambar Sethy, 347.Duryodhan Das (working as AAO), 369. Jumbel Munda, 378. Jeraman Deep, 387. Krutartha Behera.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Central Working Committee Meeting at Puskar (Rajasthan)

The Central Working Committee meeting of the CHQ of our Association is being held on 01.08.09 and 02.08.09 at Puskar in Rajastahan Circle.
Sri S B Mahapatra, President CHQ and Sri B B Mohanty, CS, Orissa Circle Branch are scheduled to attend the meeting.

The feedback of the Circle Working Committee meeting (which is being held at Bhubaneswar GPO on 26.07.09) will be given to the CHQ in the CWC.

All office-bearers and CWC members of the Circle Branch Association are once again requested to attend the Circle Working Committee meeting on 26.07.09 (Sunday). Circle Office vide its letter No.WL/24-7/2001 dated 21.07.09 has issued instruction to ROs and DOs to grant Special Casual Leave to entitled members on individual application (for the journey period, wherever applicable).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Notice for CWC Meeting of Circle Branch Association on 26.07.09


No. AIAIPASP/CWC/2009, 17th July 2009

Under the provisions of the Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents Posts, it is hereby notified that a meeting of the Circle Working Committee of the Association will be held on Sunday, the 26th July 2009 at 11.00 Hrs in the Recreation Club of Bhubaneswar GPO.

The agenda for the meeting are as under:
Confirmation of the proceedings of the last CWC held in the Recreation Club of Bhubaneswar GPO on 21.09.2008.
1.Issues relating to VI Pay Commission Report and implementation
2.Reorganisation of Sub-Divisions
3.Next biennial Circle Conference- Selection of date and venue and formation of Reception Committee.
4.Approval to the expenditure already made & to be made for activities of the Association
5.Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

Sri S B Mahapatra, President, CHQ of the Association will be the special invitee to the CWC.

All office-bearers and CWC members of the Association are requested to attend the said meeting in time.

B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary

Copy to:
The Chief Postmaster General, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar for kind information. Necessary orders may kindly be issued to all concerned for grant of special casual leave to office bearers and CWC members as per the enclosed list from the station out side Bhubaneswar who submit individual applications to their controlling authority.
Sri S Samuel, General Secretary, AI Assn of Inspectors & ASPs-cum-AD(RB), Dak Bhawan New Delhi-1 for kind information.
The President and all office-bearers and CWC members of the Association.
The Secretary, Bhubaneswar GPO PRC for kind information. He is requested to spare the accommodation in the PRC for CWC meeting on 26.07.09.
The Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO for kind information.

Office Bearers
Sri Sreekant Kar, Supdt, CSD, Bhubaneswar
Vice Presidents
Sri Lingaraj Pradhan, ASP(OD), Sambalpur
Sri Ajit Kumar Dash, ASP(Vig), RO, Berhampur
Circle Secretary
Sri Bipin Bihari Mohanty, ASP(TO), CO, Bhubaneswar
Asst. Circle Secretaries
Sri H S Mohapatra, ASP I/c, Berhampur North Divn
Sri Alekh Kumar Mohanty, ASP(HQ), Bhubaneswar
Sri Shiv Murthy Sukla, ASP I/c Rourkela
Organising Secretaries
Sri Krushna Chandra Chinara, ASP I/c, Bhadrak Divn
Sk. Md. Noman, ASP I/C, Kendrapara Sub-Divn
Sri Prasanna Kumar Sahoo, ASP (PG), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri Parameswar Naik, IP, Jajpur Road Sub-Divn
Sri Pitabas Jena, IP(Uniform), PSD, Bhubaneswar now at CO
Asst. Treasurer
Sri Sarbeswar Choudhury, II(Plg), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri Kaibalya Prasad Parida, ASP(Vigilance), CO, Bhubaneswar
CWC Members
Sri Bharat Ku. Patra, IP, Gunupur Sub-Division
Sri Bijay Kumar Satapathy, ASP(HQ), Phulbani
Sri M M Mohapatra, Dy Manager, PPP, Bhubaneswar
Sri C M Mohapatra, ASP(LC). CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri D K Samal. DPM, Bhubaneswar GPO
Sri Gangadhar Mohanty, OS, Cuttack City Division
Sri Sarbeswar Mishra, PM, Puri HO
Sri R K Singh, ASP(HQ), Cuttack North Division
Sri B K Patra, ASP (Inv), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri D P Nayak, IP, Jatni Sub-Division
Sri N K Samal, ASP I/C, Cuttack East Sub-Division
Sri P C Mohapatra, ASP(OD), Cuttack City Division
Sri Khageswar Mallick, IP(TO), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri P N Patnaik, IP, Balugaon Sub-Division under Puri Divn
Smt. Arunabala Mohanty, IP, CSD, Bhubaneswar
Sri Khageswar Mahanta, ASP I/C, Puri Sub-Division
Sri S K Mishra, ASP(OD), Cuttack North Divn

Regular promotion as ASP

CO, Bhubaneswar vide its Memo.No.ST/24-15(1)/2004 dated 15.07.2009 has approved the cases of following two officials for regular promotion to ASP cadre. They are allotted to the same Region in which they are working at present.
Sri Rajendra Kr. Patnaik, ASP, RMS BG Divn, Berhampur
Sri Kamalendu Panda, ASP I/c, Sambalpur

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ad hoc promotion to JTS Gr.A cadre

Sri Aditya Kumar Nayak, AD(TO/Est/Plg/Welfare), CO is posted as SSPOs, Bhubaneswar on ad hoc promotion to JTS Gr.A Cadre in place of Sri P L Bhol who is due to superannuate on 31.07.09.
Sri Dibakar Patnaik, AD-I, RO, Berhampur is posted as SSPOs, Berhampur on ad hoc promotion to JTS Gr.A Cadre against the vacant post.
The Association congratulates the officers on their ad hoc promotion.

Ad hoc promotion to ASP Cadre and transfers and postings

Under CO Memo.No.ST/24-15(3)/2008 dated 06.-7.09 the orders have been issued as follows:
Sri Krutath Behera, ASP(OD) Bhubaneswar is transferred on request and posted as ASP I/c, Balasore.
Sri B K Kar, IP Cuttack Central Sub-Division is posted as ASP(OD), Bhubaneswar Division on ad hoc promotion.
Sri Sukadev Sahoo, IP Athagarh Sub-Divn is posted as ASP(BD) in RMS N Division Cuttack on ad hoc promotion.
Sri K S Bagh, IP RMS K 1st Sub-Division is posted as SAS, CO, Bhubaneswar on ad hoc promotion.
The Association congratulates the officials on ad hoc promotion to ASP Cadre.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ad hoc promotion of IPs as ASPs

Orders for ad hoc promotion of some IPs to ASPs are likely to be issued very shortly.

Modification in posting orders of two ASPs

Sri P C Mohapatra, ASP(OD) Cuttack City Division under orders of transfer to CO is retained in his place.
Sri A K Mohanty, SAS CO Bhubaneswar under orders of transfer as ASP(OD), Cuttack City Divn is posted as ASP(HQ), Bhubaneswar vice Sri Sreekant Kar who is given ad hoc posting in PS Gr.B Cadre.
Orders to this effect have been issued by CO under Memo. No.ST/24-15(2004/Ch.I dated 01.07.09.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Minor reshuffle in PS Gr.B Cadre

Sri Trinath Sahoo who was earlier posted as SPOs, Mayurbhanj Division (on ad hoc promotion) is now posted as AD(Bldg), CO, Bhubaneswar. Sri Sanatan Modi who was earlier posted as AD(Bldg), CO, Bhubaneswar is now posted as SPOs, Mayurbhanj Division.