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Friday, December 31, 2010

CS writes to Chief PMG intimating agitational programme to be adopted from Feb 2011

The copy of the letter addressed to Chief PMG, Orissa Circle with copy to all concerned is reproduced below for information of members.
Dated 31.12.2010
Mrs. Hilda Abraham
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar 751001

Respected Madam,
This is for kind information that the issue of upgradation of GP of IPs is kept pending at Directorate level without any favourable action.  The Department has set up a Cadre Restructuring Committee for looking into the career progression aspects of Group C staff. Nothing of the sort is done for IP line officials even as there has been no cadre review for IP line officials since 1981.  The Department has been paying a pittance of not exceeding `40/- a day for arduous nature of invigilation duty without revising the rate since 1972 while other organs of the Govt. like SSC pays not less than `250/- a day for such duty. In Orissa Circle a number of IP posts are vacant and the burden of duties of vacant posts is carried by existing inspectorial staff without any extra remuneration. Even the posts of ASPs are lying vacant for months together. For all these and many more reasons the IP line officials will greet the New Year with a sense of frustration.
The Circle Working Committee of Orissa Circle Branch of this Association met on 05.12.2010 and took note of the discriminatory approach adopted by the Department towards IP cadre officials. As per the resolution passed in the CWC meeting, Orissa Circle Branch of AIAIASP will observe the following.
1.     The members of this Association in Orissa Circle will wear black badge on the first week of every month starting from the month of February 2011 against the apathetic attitude of the Govt. on the issue of upgradation of GP of IPs at par with analogous posts in other Central Govt. Departments. In this connection it is worthwhile to mention that the CHQ of this Association has already issued a letter to Secretary (Posts) on 23.12.2010 informing her of Trade Union Action after 31.01.2011 if Directorate does not finalise the issue of upgradation  of GP of IPs.
2.     The members of this Association in Orissa Circle have started refusing acceptance of the remuneration paid for invigilation duty. They will continue to do so in days to come till the Department has not raised the remuneration at par with the rate paid by SSC.

This is for kind information.

     With regards and New Year Greetings,
Yours faithfully,
(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary
Copy (through e-mail) to:
1.     Sri P K Bisoi, PMG Sambalpur Region for kind information
2.     Sri S K Kamila, PMG Berhampur Region for kind information
3.     All Divisional Heads (By Name) in Orissa Circle for kind information.
4.     Sri Roop Chand, General Secretary, AIAIASP, CHQ, New Delhi 110 001 for information

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Posting of surplus IP candidates in WB Circle

Posting orders have been issued by WB Circle for surplus IP candidates (2008 Batch) of Odisha Circle as follows:
Sl. No.
Name of the official
Place of posting
Sri Sriram Chandra Acharya, PA, Balasore Division
Inspector of Posts, Contai 2nd Sub-Division under Contai Division in South Bengal Region
Sri Ganeswar Sahoo, PA, Cuttack South Division
Inspector of Posts, Panskura Sub-Division under Tamluk Division in South Bengal Region
Sri Rajendranath Giri, PA, Balasore Division
SDI(P), Kakdwip Sub-Division under South Presidency Division  in Kolkata Region
Sri Minaketan Pradhan, SA, RMS ‘N’ Divn
SDI(P), Jangipur Sub-Division under Murshidabad Division  in Kolkata Region and the posting later changed to SDI(P), Basirhat 1st Sub-Divn under Barasat Division, Kolkata 700124
Sri Ranjan Kumar Nayak, SA, RMS ‘N’ Division
Inspector of Posts, RMS WB 1st Sub-Division under MM Region in WB Circle

Restoration of the post of Postmaster, Puri HO to IP line officials.

Puri HO was among 18 HOs identified by Orissa Circle for deployment of Postmaster Grade-III as per orders issued by CO,  Bhubaneswar on 15.12.2010. As the post of Postmaster, Puri HO belongs to IP line officials, the CS met CPMG on 22.12.2010 and handed over a letter of the Association with request to restore the post of Postmaster, Puri HO to IP cadre.

On 28.12.2010, Circle Office has issued orders identifying the post of Postmaster, Nayagarh HO for Postmaster Grade-III in  place of Puri HO. Thus, the post of Postmaster, Puri HO is now restored to IP cadre. Sri  P K Patra, IP line official has already joined as Postmaster, Puri  on 23.12.2010.

Friday, December 24, 2010

GS writes to DG (Posts) protesting against the indifferent attitude of Department towards IP cadre on GP upgradation issue

Thanks to the decision in the CWC meeting at Ambaji, our GS has this time come up with an appropriately worded letter to DG(Posts). Copy of the letter is reproduced below for information of all concerned and for preparing themselves for the "Trade Union Action" that will follow after 31.01.2011 if the Department continues with the indifferent attitude towards IP cadre on GP upgradation issue. 


Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy

Director General

Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi 110001

No.CHQ/IPASP/SCPC dated 23-12-2010

Sub: Protest against the indifferent attitude of the Department towardsupgradation of Grade Pay from Rs 4200/- to Rs 4600/- for Inspector, Posts.

Ref:- Postal Directorate No. 4-12/2009-PCC dated 22-03-2010

Respected Madam,
The Central Working Committee meeting of the Association was held at Ambaji (Gujarat) on 16th and 17th December 2010. During the meeting, the CWC registered its concern towards the inordinate delay in processing the demand of the Association for higher grade pay to IP on par with inspector cadre in other Central Government departments/ministries. While all other Departments/Ministries show positive action towards their Inspectors, the DOP is alone showing a negative approach on our cadre. All Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts are very much aggrieved and frustrated due to the inaction and indifferent attitude of the Department of Posts towards this cadre.

2. The department kept on telling the phrase “maintaining parity with other inspectorial cadre” whenever we demanded justified higher grade pay for IP & ASP. Now Inspectors and analogous cadres in other departments/ministries have been granted the higher grade pay of Rs 4600/- unilaterally after implementation of VI CPC. Such type of unilateral increase in pay scale was noticed in other departments/ministries in respect of their Inspectors after implementation of the past many CPCs. When we demand parity, the department in collusion with MOF is speaking entirely a different version. During discussion with DOP on this issue, we were informed that the cadre of ASP (Which is not in existence in other departments/ministries) is an impediment to implementing higher grade to IP. If that is the case, this Association is ready to go for merger of both the posts IP and ASP. The issue of merger of posts of IP and ASP with single Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- was discussed at a length during the course of General Body meeting in the All India Conference of the Association held at New Delhi on 03.04.2010 and 04.04.2010. The Association had come out with a proposal of merger of the posts IP and ASP and detailed discussions took place between the representatives of the Association and DDG (Estt.) on 05.04.2010. The department was convinced about the justified GP of Rs 4600/- on the merged post. Reminders were given to the DOP on 24-06-2010, 09-08-2010 & 07-09-2010 but no action has been taken by the Department till now and it has become the prime grievance of the Association. We also took up this issue in the agenda for periodical meeting on 27.08.2010 but DOP has not fixed date and time for holding of the same so far.

3. Association gave its proposal in writing for merger of the posts of Inspector, Posts & Assistant Superintendent, Posts and designating the merged posts as Inspector, Posts or Assistant Superintendent, Posts as may be decided by the Department but retaining the Gazetted status to the existing incumbents in Assistant Superintendent, Posts grade till their promotion / retirement..

4. If the DOP felt problem in merger of the posts IP and ASP, the CWC was agreed unanimously and came out with an alternative proposal of merger of the post ASP with PS Group B with a Grade Pay of Rs.4800/- with effect from 01.01.2006. As both the posts are Gazetted Group B & difference of Grade Pay is only Rs.200/-. This Association urges upon the DOP to consider merger of the post of ASP with the post of PS Group B with a Grade Pay of Rs.4800/- and in that case the senior will be holding the charge of Division/Office.

5. In case no positive action is forthcoming, the CWC of the Association after a detailed deliberations and discussions, has come out with the following proposal: 

“It is unanimously resolved that the Department must meet out the above demand within one month time frame. The CWC with one voice decided that, if no decision is taken by the Department, the Association has no other option except to proceed on with a direct action (Trade Union action) after 31.01.2011. In such circumstances, the responsibility of any adverse effect on services will rest with the Department”
An early result oriented action is requested.

Yours sincerely,
(Roop Chand)
General Secretary

Merry Christmas

GS writes to DG (Posts) on Postmasters cadre issue

No. CHQ/IPASP/PMC/2010 Dated: 23.12.2010

Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy
Director General
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001

Sub: Introduction of Postmaster Cadre in Postal Wing.

Ref: Postal Directorate No. 4-17/2008-SPB-II dated 22nd November, 2010

Respected Madam,

The Department has issued the above notification introducing Postmaster cadre in Postal Wing. At the outset, we wish to place on record that we are not against to the introduction of Postmaster’s cadre but seek certain clarifications in the interest of our cadre and Department. The following are the few points which require immediate kind attention of the Department

It is perceived from the said notification that posts for different categories in the hierarchy are to be carved out only from the General Line posts and as such IP Line cadre should not have any cascading effect.

1. In view of para 5(VI) & 5(VII) of said notification, it is understood that all 116 posts of Sr. Postmaster grade presently held by IP Line officials are to be filled partly from HSG-I (General Line) and partly from IP Line officials. The officials in PS Gr.”B” & Sr. Postmaster grade would be eligible for induction in IPoS, Group “A” on the basis of a consolidated eligibility list. Both these paras of the notification are in gross violation of equality provided under Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution as different parameters have been adopted for promotion to Sr. Postmaster from HSG-I which is on the basis of promotion on the one side and IP Line which is through LDCE on the other side.

2. Furthermore, the demand of other trade unions to fill up 100% posts of Sr. Postmasters and Chief Postmasters only from officials of Postmaster cadre (HSG I General Line) is baseless and hence categorically refuted.

3. This Association would like to recall that hitherto also there were two separate cadres i.e., Postmaster Group B and Postal Superintendent Group B which were merged to form composite cadre called PSS Group “B”. Due to unification of two cadres, the General Line officials were allowed to share 6% of the total posts worked out after merger. In this regard, Gazette notification was issued codifying the recruitment rules and subsequently LDCE was introduced for 25% of the vacancies out of which General Line officials still enjoying the share of 6%.

4. Apparently the new proposal is only attempt to revive old pattern viz. Postmaster Group B and Postal Superintendent Group ‘B’ as two independent cadres. This whole process of notifying the introduction of separate cadre of Postmaster has been done by the Department without consulting our Association. Resultantly, there is resentment and confusion in the Inspector, Posts cadre which is otherwise also directly or indirectly affecting the efficiency of the Department.

5. Now, since Directorate has issued notification so it would be only fit and proper if no further share from 649 posts presently held for promotion by non selection against 75% quota is allowed. However, Department may fill up 75% Sr. Postmaster posts from 165 (19% of total 866 PSS Group "B") posts presently allotted for promotion by LDCE for IPs and 25% of 52 (6% of 866) posts presently kept reserved for promotion for General Line officials. In this event, even Department will not have to call for options from IP Line officials working in PS Group "B" cadre and they can be easily adjusted and posted as Sr. Postmaster on 116 posts for which Department is also very much inclined.

6. 25% of vacancies in Senor Postmaster grade have been earmarked for HSG I (General Line) officials through promotion. Hence, recruitment rules of PS Group B cadre may be modified and provision may be made in the recruitment rules of PS Group B that 6% of total posts to be filled on the basis of same Departmental examination from General Line officials with 5 years regular service in LSG and above shall be reduced to the extent of number of posts occupied by the General Line officials in Senior Postmaster grade in Postmaster cadre.

7. In some Circles, Chief PMsG have identified posts of HSG I of IP Line for Postmaster Grade III which is in violation of the instructions contained in notification ibid. For the present 141 posts of HSG I Postmasters are earmarked for the IP Line officials which are part of promotional avenue for the Inspector, Posts. Order issued by the Department on formulation of Postmaster cadre is silent on the issue as to how these 141 posts will be retained for IP Line. The Association urges the Department to consider this issue and issue orders immediately that these 141 posts of IP Line remain in subordinate capacity in HSG I for IP Line officials.

8. It will be in the betterment of things if a meeting is arranged to discuss the issues concerning Inspector, Posts cadre. Until and unless this is done, the effects will lead to confusion resulting in resentment, frustration in the already depressed and ignored Inspector, Posts cadre.

Yours Sincerely,

(Roop Chand)
General Secretary

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Central Working Committee meeting at AMBAJI (Gujarat)

As notified, Central Working Committee meeting of the Association was held at Ambaji, District Banaskantha (Gujarat) on 16th and 17th December 2010 under the presidentship of Shri Dinesh khare, President. CWC was attended by 14 Circle branches except Assam, Haryana, H.P., J & K, Kerala, N.E., Orissa and Uttarakhand. CWC was well attended as expected. Shri Janardan Sharma, SSPOs, Meerut and Shri S.Ravi, Asstt. Director (RB), Postal Directorate attended the C.W.C. as special invitees. Meeting was held in cordial atmosphere and agenda of the meeting was discussed. After detailed discussions and confirmation of minutes last CWC/ All India Conference held at New Delhi, following decisions were taken by the CWC unanimously.

1. Upgradation of Grade Pay of Inspectors, Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/-.

Department is not serious on merger of the post of Inspector, Posts with the post of Asstt. Supdt., Posts. Hence, it was decided by the CWC that the post of Asstt. Supdt., Posts be merged with the post of P.S. Group “B” as both the posts are Gazetted Group “B”. A protest letter in this regard was drafted by the CWC and same will be handed over to the Department by the GS.

2. Restructuring of Inspector, Posts cadre:

CWC decided to take up this issue only after settlement of Grade Pay of Inspector, Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/-.

3. Revision of rates of remuneration for invigilation duty:

G.S. will issue reminder to the D.G. (Posts) in this regard.

4. Regular Promotion to P.S.Group “B”:

A list of 140 officers for regular promotion in to P.S. Group “B” cadre has been issued by the Department on 24.11.2010. CWC expressed its satisfaction over release of list by the Postal Directorate in time, due to frequent meetings with the officers in Postal Directorate by the GS.

5. Allotment of surplus qualified IP candidates for the year 2009:

CWC decided that above issue may be taken up with the Department.

6. MACP Scheme:
It came to notice of the CWC that MACP memo has not been issued by Chhattisgarh and M.P. Circles so far. CWC decided to take up above issues with the Department.

7. Merger of IRM/ASRM Association with our Association:

After detailed discussions, it was decided by the CWC that all members of IRM/ASRM Association may become our members by contacting our respective Circle Secretary in this regard. We welcome them for becoming our members as now, there is only single Association in our cadre recognized by the Department.

8. Postmaster Cadre in Postal Wing:

It was decided by the CWC that a protest letter from CHQ should go to the Department. Responsibility for drafting the letter was given to the Circle Secretary, Punjab Circle.

9. Supply of Laptops for all the IPs/ASPs

It was informed by the Secretary, Posts in our All India Conference that Laptops will be supplied to all the IPs/ASPs. However, the same has been supplied only to Sub Divisional IPs/ASPs. CWC decided to take up the issue with the Department for supply of Laptops to remaining IPs/ASPs.

10. Non issue of combined All India Seniority List of IPs from the year 1999:

It was decided by the CWC that above issue will be taken up with the Department.

Elaborate arrangements were made for the conducting CWC at Ambaji (Gujarat) by Shri M.R.Desai, Circle Secretary, Gujarat and his team. CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to them as well to all the CWC office bearers / Circle Secretaries for their co-operation during the CWC..

Karnataka Circle informed the CWC that they will hold next All India Conference at Bengaluru during January/Ferbuary-2012. They are making preparations for it. CWC welcomed their spirit.

Maharashtra Circle came forward for holding next CWC at Shirdi. CWC welcomed their decision and authorized GS to take decision at appropriate time.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Muharram Greetings

Views on Postmasters Cadre

The recently notified Postmasters cadre has evoked several comments and views from different quarters. I have seen some comments in this blog from our members expressing apprehensions that the PM cadre will further squeeze the promotion prospects of IP line officials as the recruitment rules of PM cadre envisages more percentage of posts to General line officials out of the existing posts of Gr.B which has remained static since long as there has been no cadre review.

 I have also gone through the views of general line officials posted in different blogs which indicate that the promotional prospect through the channel of Postmaster cadre is not so attractive as the projected promotion to PS Gr. B post by selection through seniority process to the extent of share for them will not be beneficial to many of the aspirants. The general line has demanded that the whole of the PM Gr. B posts should go to the general line officials. It appears that both IP line and General line officials have their reservations about the PM cadre through many young aspirants in general line have  now become enthusiastic as another channel of promotion opens up for them. This is exactly the intention of the Govt. as it aims at introducing ‘professionalism’ through young blood by engaging a dedicated cadre for better customer satisfaction and better service out-put.  

Despite reservations and apprehensions of both IP line and General line cadre officials it is now a reality that a new Postmaster cadre has born. The issue whether or not the Department has taken staff side into confidence stands sidelined.

My personal experience in the context of the position in Odisha Circle is that many IP line officials hesitate to take up the job in Postmaster line which is considered to be something coming under the domain of operative work. Another aspect which creates an anomalous position is that ASPs are Gazetted but the post of PM in HSG-I which is of non-Gazetted status is held by ASPs.  In such circumstances, the demand of general line officials to concede all the Postmasters post to them does not appear entirely unjustified though many of our members in IP cadre may not appreciate such a view.     

In my personal opinion, we should not join issues with our brethren in general line to oppose their demand for more promotional prospects. We should recollect our past that the IP line officials (those have come on promotion) take their root in the very same general line with whom we continue to work at the field level. It is not proper to give a projection that we are opposed to each other while it comes to our own interest. Perhaps it is time the IP line should examine with reference to statistics if the entire promotional posts of PM in PS Gr.B can be conceded to general line officials in exchange of 6% of posts they are taking through PS Gr.B Exam. No doubt, the matter needs debate before a concrete view emerges.

The Department has now instituted a Committee to have cadre review of general line officials. The Department in its wisdom has not even bothered to think of such a review in respect of IP line officials even through the demand for cadre review of IP line officials continues to remain alive since 1990. In my opinion, the Association forum of IP line officials should go after the demand with the Department for cadre review for them to have more promotional prospects. The revised avenue of promotional prospect of IP line officials should include offsetting of the loss the IP line officials are going to have on implementation of postmaster cadre.  It is expected of the Govt. to protect the interest of IP line officials in its own interest to see that the promotional prospect of an IP line official is not overtaken by the promotional prospect of Postmaster cadre official. This is because, the status of IP is obviously higher than the PM Grade-I cadre.

 If the Department further ignores the long standing demand of IP line officials for cadre review, we should move our members to keep them ready for appropriate agitational measures including strike. We have had enough of begging. Now it is time we concentrated on our plan of action to prepare for agitational action including strike with or without the support of general line officials since it is observed that the Govt. only understands the language of agitation. All other methods of approaching the Govt to do justice for us have vanished into wilderness.

It is hoped that the CHQ will deliberate this issue in the ongoing CWC meeting and will arrive at a suitable decision. The CWC of AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch has already passed a resolution to support the CHQ in whatever way it decides appropriate to launch the agitational programme.

B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary, AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch.

NB: The views expressed herein does not reflect the opinion of AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch. This is the personal view of the CS. The Postmasrters cadre issue could not be discussed in detail in last CWC meeting due to want of time and want of detailed information.

Points that need discussion in Central Working Committee Meeting

In the last Circle Working Committee Meeting of AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch held on 05.12.2010 deliberation was held on the following important points along with other points and resolution was passed as under:
  1. The Department is sleeping over the proposal of upgradation of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/- taking CAT case filed by an ASP(and another) on individual capacity as the pretext. The applicant in the OA is not even a member of AIAIASP. Govt's intention of denying the benefit as an act of step-motherly attitude to IP line officials is very much evident from the stand taken in Counter Affidavit in the CAT case. The Govt. has not only opposed the OA tooth and nail but has presented its stand by twisting the facts to suit its ill-intention. In such circumstances, exhibition of  resentment of the IP cadre in a persistent and continued manner by way of wearing black badge in the first week of every month is considered as one of the appropriate means. Resolution was passed to follow it in Odisha Circle with due notice to Circle Administration and to place suggestion before the CHQ to consider adopting and following it at all-India basis.
  2. The Department is extracting arduous nature of work in shape of invigilation duty from Inspectorial staff by paying them a paltry sum towards remuneration (honorarium) . The rate fixed 3 decades ago has remained unchanged and unrevised which is no more acceptable. On appeal from AIAIASP, the members in Odisha Circle have refused to take payment of the honorarium. Resolution was passed to inform the Heads of Circle/Regions/Divisions about the fact of refusal to take payment of the homnorarium by our members and to request Circle head to get the rate revised at par with the remuneration being paid by Staff Selection Commission at the earliest, failing which the members would consider absenting themselves from invigilation duty.
  3. Merger of IP & ASP cadres is acceptable to facilitate upgradation of  GP of IPs to Rs.4600/-  w.e.f 01.01.2006.  CHQ may pursue the proposal with the Govt. to get the enhanced GP at the earliest. The Association should ensure that the accepted GP enables the IPs to reach at the level of RS.5400/- at least on financial upgradation under MACP III.
It was resolved to request CHQ to look into these issues, pass appropriate resolution and to follow them up to get the desired result at the earliest.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Syllabus for Exam for Postmaster Grade-I

DOP released syllabus for Departmental Examination in respect of Postmaster Grade I. Copy of orders is reproduced below.
No. 137-8/2009-SPB.II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi, Dated the 08 December, 2010
All Chief Postmasters General
Subject: - Syllabus for Departmental Examination in respect of Post Master Grade- I in Postal Wing.
I am directed to refer to Directorate’s letter No. 13-2/2010-PE.I, dated 03.02.2010 whereby a separate cadre of Postmaters has been constituted in the grades of Senior Postmaster, Postmaster Grade-III, Postmaster Grade –II and Postmaster Grade-I, by carving out the posts from existing General Line posts in Postal Wing.
2. Reference is also invited to Directorate’s letter of even number dated 22.11.2010 forwarding therewith copy of Recruitment Rules, namely, Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster (Group B Gazetted), Postmaster (Grade- ‘III and II’ – Group B non-gazetted) and Postmaster (Grade- I Group C non-Gazetted) Recruitment Rules, 2010, dated 9th September, 2010. It was stated inter-alia in the said letter that initial constitution of the various Grades of Postmasters shall be done by inviting options/applications from the existing incumbents of LSG, HSG.II, HSG.I in Post offices and PS Gr, ‘B’. In case, after filling up the posts as per the provisions of the Recruitment Rules certain number of posts still remain unfilled, the same would be filled up as per the provision contained in col. 12 of the respective Recruitment Rules.
3. The Recruitment Rules for the Grade of Postmaster Grade-I provides for filling up of the vacancies by promotion through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination from amongst the Postal Assistants working in Post offices with five years of regular service in the grade. Thus, the unfilled posts, after the initial constitution, if any, and regular vacancies subsequently will be filled up on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination. The Pattern and scheme for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination decided by the Competent Authority to fill up the vacancies in the grade of Postmaster Grade-I is forwarded herewith as in the Annexure.
4. It is requested that the provisions of the Recruitment Rules and the Syllabus may be brought to the notice of all concerned.
Encl: As above
Yours faithfully,
(Suraj Bhan)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

Syllabus for Departmental Competitive Examination for the post of Post Master Grade-I in Post Offices
The examination for Postmaster Grade – I will consist of two papers of 100 questions; 90 minutes duration each. The questions will be on the pattern of objective type Multiple Choice Question (MCQ).
2. Syllabus for these two questions papers is given as under:
(i) Customer Service & Grievances
a)      Post Office Guide – Part I
b)      Compendium of Processing and Disposal of Public complaints
c)      Knowledge about DOPG, DOARPG and RTI cases
d)      Consumer Forum/Post Forum/Citizen Charter
e)      Central Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules,
f)       Conduct Rules
g)      General Financial Rules
(ii) Postal Operations
a)      Postal Manual Volume V
b)      Postal Manual Volume VI (Part I, II & III)
c)      FHB Volume II
d)      POSB Manuals (Volume I, II and III) OR compilation of POSB Manual Volume I & II written by Kawaljit Singh, AD (FS) Department of Posts
e)      Project Arrow-Blue Book
a) Knowledge of products and services of Departments of Posts
b) Marketing: Principles of marketing assessment of related products and services
c) PLI/RPLI, Post Office Insurance Fund Rule, outline knowledge about Insurance Schemes, Mutual Fund and other financial products and services in the market.
d) General Awareness and current affairs including general mental ability test covering logical reasoning (verbal and non verbal), numerical analysis (arithmetic) and basic mathematical equations and statistical tools like mean, median, mode, graphical representation of data, comprehension and basic language skills.
e) General principles of technology;
Basic technology requirement – computer, server, laptop
Connectivity of computers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Modification of posting orders in IP cadre in HQ Region

CO, Bhubaneswar has issued  modified posting orders in IP cadre in HQ Region on 07.12.2010 as follows:

Present Place of Posting
Posting on Modification
Shri Debasis Sahani
IP, Badasahi Sub-Divn
IP, Nayagarh (West) Sub-Divn.
Shri Niranjan Mohanty
IP, Nayagarh (West) Sub-Divn
IP, Baripada (East) Sub-Divn on request.