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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gr.A transfers, postings, promotion

Mrs. Devika Kumar, Chief PMG, Orissa Circle is promoted to HAG Grade w.e.f 29.08.2011

Sri K Rameswar Rao, STS Gr.A Officer of AP Circle is posted as ADG(DE) in place of Sri L Mohan Rao who retired on 31.08.2011.

Ms. Kalpana Rajsinghot (IPoS 1992) is posted as Director (Estt & DE) in Directorate
Sri Raj Kumar (IPoS 2001) is posted as Director (Staff)  in Directorate
Ms. Manisha Mishra (IPoS 1997), Ex-DPS(HQ), Bhubaneswar and now DPS, Hyderabad Region is posted as Director, Kolkata GPO.

Idu'l Fitr Greetings

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Postponement of IP and LGO Examinations

Copy of the Dte letter is reproduced below.

                Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
 Department of Posts
  (Recruitment Division)

DakBhavan, SansadMarg,
New Delhi –110001.


1.      All Heads of Circles
2.      Addl. D.G. APS, West Block III, Wing No. 5, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110067.
3.      BD and PLI Directorates
4.      Directors, Postal Staff College India, Ghaziabad and Postal Training Centres

Sub: Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LGO) and Inspector of Posts Examination, 2011 

            I am directed to refer to this office letters No. A-34012/02/2011-DE and No.                    A-34012/04/2011-DE dated 26-04-2011 wherein the dates of Examination were notified as 4th September 2011 for LGO and  3rd & 4th September 2011 for Inspector of Posts. 

 2.        It is informed that the above mentioned two Examinations have been postponed until further orders. The dates of both the Examinations will be intimated very soon.   Please inform all concerned candidates. 

3.         Receipt of this letter may please be acknowledged.

Yours faithfully,
(L. Mohan Rao)

Assistant Director General (DE)

Copy forwarded to:-
1.      CGM (MB)/CGM (BD)/CGM (PLI)/Secy. (PSB)
2.      DDG (P)/All DDsG
3.      EA to Secretyary (P)
4.      PPS to Secretary (P)/PPS to All Members

Monday, August 29, 2011

IP Grade Pay CAT case - update

OA No. 381/10 came up before the Hon'ble CAT on 26.8.11 when the case was adjourned to 22.09.2011 as per the request of the proxy applicant's counsel.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Incentive Structure for Procurement of RPLI Business w.e.f. 01.10.2009

RPLI business (Direct Agents (RPLI), FOs/GDS & other RPLI Sales Force) 
(a) 10% of First Year premium towards the RPLI policies procured by them w.e.f.01.10.2009    
(b) 10% of total incentive paid to GDS to SDI/ASP- in First Year only.  
(c) 2.5% of renewal premium income collected by them in respect of those policies procured on or after 01.10.2009

Additional Commission of 1.5% of premium shall be paid to the Group Leaders/ Entrustees for collecting premium towards 1000 or more such RPLI policies procured on or after 01.10.2009  
Source :Directorate of PLI Letter No. 26-02/2009-LI Dated: 18.09.2009) 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gr. B Postings

On promotion

  1. Sri Basant Kumar Panda, PS Gr. B Exam qualified candidate is posted as SRM BG Division 
  2. Sri Manoj Kumar Naik, PS Gr. B Exam qualified candidate  is posted as Sr. PM, Berhampur HO
  3. Sri Golak Chandra Mohanty who was earlier ordered to be reverted to ASP cadre is now allowed to move to Bihar Circle to join as AD in RO, Muzaffarpur

On reversion

  1. Sri Hadu Sethy, Oftg Sr, PM, Berhampur HO is reverted to ASP cadre.

CWC meeting of CHQ at Patna

No. CHQ/IPASP/CWC/2011     Dated 24.08.2011

Under the provisions of the Article 30 of the Constitution of the Association, it is hereby notified that the Central Working Committee meeting of the Association will be held at Patna (Bihar) on 23rd and 24th September 2011.
       Venue: Tourist Bungalow, Kautilya Vihar, Patna 800001


1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last CWC held at Ambaji (Guj) on 16th and 17th Dec. 2010.
2. Up-gradation of Grade Pay of Inspectors, Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- w.e.f. 01.01.2006.
3. Restructuring of Inspector, Posts cadre.
4. Revision of rates of remuneration for invigilation duty.
5. Regular Promotion to P.S. Group “B”.
6. MACP Scheme.
7. Postmaster Cadre in Postal Wing and its effect on IP and P.S. Gr. “B” cadres.
8. Supply of Laptops for all the IPs/ASPs.
9. Non issue of combined All India Seniority List of IPs from the year 1999. 
10. Organizational review.
11. Quota to CHQ by Circle branches.
12. Postal Inspector.
13. Next All India Conference.
14. Any other item with the permission of the chair.

All the CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting well in time.
(Roop  Chand)
General Secretary

Copy to: -
1. Director General (Posts), SR Division, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi 110001
2. All Chief PMsG ( through concerned Circle Secretaries) 
3. Shri Dinesh Khare, President & AD (FS), O/o Chief PMG, Kar. Circle, Bangalore 560001
4. All CHQ Office bearers / Circle Secretaries.
5. File 

Minutes of the meeting taken by Secretary (Posts) with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendent of Posts on 11.08.2011

Minutes of the meeting have been issued by the Postal Directorate vide No. 01/01/2011-SR dated 25.08.2011. A copy of the minutes is reproduced below:-
Minutes of the meeting taken by Secretary (Posts) with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendent of Posts on 11.08.2011

Secretary (Posts) took a meeting with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendent of Posts on 11.08.2011 to discuss the charter of demands given by the Association with their letter dated 04.07.2011. The following were present:-
 Official Side
Staff side

Member  (Personnel)                                         
Shri Roop Chand, General Secretary 
Shri Dinesh Khare, President
DDG (Establishment)
Shri Ajit Kumar, Circle Secretary, Kerala
DDG (Recruitment & Petition)                                 
Shri Raj Deo Prasad, Circle Secretary, Bihar
Director (SR &Legal)

The issues raised in the charter of demands were considered by the Committee and a gist of discussions thereof is as follows:
i. The Association was apprised that the proposal to revise the Grade Pay of Inspector Posts from Rs.4200 to Rs. 4600 did not find favour with the Ministry of Finance on the ground that there can not be two levels in the same hierarchy i.e., IPOs & ASPOs, drawing the same grade pay. They were further informed that the proposal could be considered only if IPO & ASPOs cadres are merged into one cadre and the gazetted status of ASPOs is foregone. The Association agreed to submit a revised proposal to be considered by the Department.

ii. A committee will be constituted to look into promotional prospects of the IPOs/ASPOs.         Action -SR

iii & iv It was explained to the Association how the introduction of Postmaster’s cadre has not , in any way, adversely affected their overall promotional prospects. The Association was also told of the need to encourage meritorious candidates by bringing them on fast track promotion, which will provide stability to the PS Group B/Time Scale Cadres.

v. Supply of laptops to IPOs/ASPOs will be examined.   Action – Tech. Div.

vi. The Association was explained that the post of HSG-I was not a promotional post for IPOs and further HSG-I post is non gazetted whereas the post of ASPOs is gazetted . In the background of the above, the proposal could not be considered.

vii. The matter of revision of rate of remuneration for performing duty as invigilators in the Departmental examinations is under process.      Action – DDG (Rectt. & Pett.)

viii. The staff side was explained that the proposal regarding promotion earned through examination not to be considered while granting MACP was not in line with this scheme and therefore could not be considered.

ix. The demand of the staff side to hold periodical meeting at regular intervals was accepted.   Action – SR

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

GS appeals:
All the CHQ Office bearers / Circle Secretaries / Members of the Association  are requested to kindly go through the minutes and offer their views to the CHQ through Email / letter so that further action could be taken by the CHQ in the larger interest of the Inspector, Posts cadre

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What is “Hierarchy” ?

Generally we all know that the word ‘Hierarchy’ means ‘an arrangement of items’. The same word plays an important role among the government employees. An employee who gets promoted from lower pay-scale to higher pay-scale as a result of promotion, the formation of pay structure is called ‘Promotional Hierarchy’.
It is very normal that each and every central government employee is eager to get a promotion in his service. The advancement of an employee from one grade to another grade is called promotion. That pattern of pay structure for promotion, which gives one grade to another grade with pay range, is called ‘Promotional Hierarchy’.
In every central government departments, various staff are working together, but their pay differs. Promotion is provided on the basis of their own promotional hierarchy of category of post. Hierarchy is not common for all employees. It maintained ‘Basic Pay Structure’ for every category of post in every department. Even though, the same category of employees working in different departments, they may have also different promotional hierarchy.
Initially in 2008, 6th CPC had recommended the new Grade Pay structure for all Central Government employees, this formation also called ‘Hierarchy of Grade Pay’. This Grade Pay Hierarchy is common for all employees, but ‘Promotional Hierarchy’ will differ to each category. In 5th CPC, the order in pay structure was 3050, 3200, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6500.., but all the employees didn’t get promotion in this order. Every department has different pattern of pay structure for promotion. This is known as ‘Promotional Hierarchy’.
Erstwhile ACP Scheme was based on ‘Promotional Hierarchy’.
The Modified ACP Scheme is based on ‘Grade Pay Hierarchy’.
An employee getting promotion as per his ‘Promotional Hierarchy’, whereas an employee getting MACP upgradation as per ‘Grade Pay Hierarchy’. The Grade Pay has created many anomalies within a single cadre. Hence, all the Trade Unions and Federations summarily rejected and insisted that grade pay of the next promotional post to be granted under the new MACP Scheme instead of granting next higher grade pay in the revised grade pay hierarchy. One more alternative also given by staff side in MACP Core meeting held on 25.2.2010 that the first two MACPs after 10 and 20 years should be to the next promotional post as per the hierarchy of respective department as under the erstwhile ACP scheme and thereafter the third MACP in the next grade pay of the revised pay band and grade pay.

Finally, DOPT has ordered to send the necessary information in respect of specific categories of employees where the MACPS is less advantageous that the erstwhile ACPS. It is based on the discussion with the Staff Side in 3rd meeting of the Joint Committee of MACP Scheme held on 15.03.2011. It identified more in some departments like Railways, Defence, Urban development, Home affairs and Postal. 
Source: Extract of the posting in

Monday, August 22, 2011

Department of Posts incurs deficit of Rs 6,345 crore

NEW DELHI: The annual expenditure of the Department of Posts was 13,307.95 crore during FY11, almost double its revenue of 6,962.33 crore, government data showed.
This has "resulted in a deficit of 6,345.62 crore," Minister of State for Communications and IT Sachin Pilot said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha.
Similarly, in FY10, while the Department earned 6,266.30 crore, it spend 12,908 crore.

The department's deficit had jumped over 80% to 6,641.30 crore in 2009-10 from 3,593.09 crore in 2008-09 on account of the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission's recommendations.

The government has been working on revamping the Indian postal service. Internet connectivity to post offices and turning post offices to full-fledged banks are some of the initiatives being worked on to give the humble post office a radical makeover.
Replying to another question, Pilot said the government has approved the IT modernisation project for the Department of Posts for computerisation of post offices. "This will involve establishment of required IT infrastructure and development of required software applications with an outlay of 1,877.2 crore," Pilot said.
The IT project is expected to be implemented by 2012-13, subject to the availability of funds, he added.

The department has a network of 1.55 lakh post offices in the country, the largest in the world, of which more than 1.39 lakh are in rural areas.
Source: Economic Times on 22nd August, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

CHQ News

The posting dated 19.08.2011 in our CHQ blog is reproduced below:

Today, I visited Postal Directorate and met with the Director (SR) to enquire about the outcome of the meeting held on 11.08.2011. The Director (SR) informed that the minutes of the meeting will be issued in next week and orders for constitution of committee for restructuring of IP Cadre will be issued shortly.

Roop Chand
General Secretary

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Modernisation of Department of Posts

Government has approved the ‘IT MODERNIZATION PROJECT’ of Department of Posts for computerization of Post Offices, Mail Offices, Administrative Offices and other field offices. This will involve establishment of required IT infrastructure, development of required software applications with an outlay of Rs.1877.2 crore. 
The project has the following salient features: 

• It will establish IT infrastructure of Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre and networking of all Departmental Post Offices including appropriate connectivity in the Branch Post Offices in the rural area. 

• The project envisages development of integrated modular scalable applications for Mail, Banking, Postal Life Insurance, solutions for Accounts and HR operations of the department. 

• The rural post offices will be provided with rural ICT devices with required applications for performing Postal, Savings Bank, Insurance, MGNREGS and Money Order operations. 

• Provision has been made for training, change management, capacity building of the employees of the department along with Project Management activity for smooth and timely implementation of the project. 

It is planned to network all Departmental Post Offices and Branch Post Offices in the country subject to availability of connectivity and resources under the “India Post Technology Project-2012”. 

The departmental Post Offices are proposed to be networked with appropriate connectivity. Branch Post Offices located in rural areas are proposed to be networked using available connectivity at these locations. The rural ICT Devices in the Branch Post Offices will have the capacity to work in both online/offline mode. The IT project is expected to be implemented by 2012-13 subject to the availability of funds. 

This information was given by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today. 

Source: (Release ID :74655)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog is Beautiful

If there’s a workaholic there could be a blogaholic too. If a blogger feels let down just because he has had no post during the week/fortnight/month, if he has a nagging fear that the readers would desert his blog on a slight indication of slackness on his part, if he keeps warning himself that he should only write those stuffs that his readers like or that dovetail with those nebulous criteria of search engines, if he is bothered by the rise and fall of his stars that benchmarking portals award him, then I should say that he has turned a blogaholic. I’m sure he’ll soon realize the hollowness of his efforts and consequently his muse will desert him. Just by creating hoax in the internet or by plagiarizing nobody can satisfy himself, let alone others. I’ve seen some blogs which were going strong the other day complain of topiclessness and ramble something or the other to show that they’re still serious about their blog, have a commitment to their readers and somehow linger on. But some others abandon it right away, saying that they feel bad to stop blogging, that they have had so much to learn from their blog readers etc. etc. They attribute their decision to their preoccupation elsewhere and some even say that they are going only for a hiatus or a sabbatical as if they are sure they would come back very soon. But they don’t.
I wonder if it is the same thing as writer’s block. Or is it due to the fact that the blogger fails to achieve what has once attracted him towards it? Say, for instance, earn some ad income. I’ve seen quite a few visit my blog and offer to exchange links with them, but then there happens to be no affinity to encourage me to do that. There are a few others that leave inane comments which I do not approve and publish. I rather feel bad, saying to myself, “If there is a dearth of comments to trail my topic, so be it. Where is the big point in accumulating these unrelated or even laughably obvious comments?”
It’s not the method of link exchange only that bloggers are seen adopting to boost their statistics of visits to their portals, rather they join communities with a view to diverting members to their sites. Now social networking portals, appearing as new avatars of communities, offer them the platform. But while joining a social networking portal a blogger should know that there is hardly anything similar to blogging there. Social networking portals have only snippets of text that denies the scope of elaboration. They have only picture to speak a million words for them! Even micro blogging portals just chirps and tweets. There is a big race to marshal followers, to test the popularities and hence celebrities throng in there. There’s a rush for accumulating friends, say friend-whoring. No one wants to be left behind. But blogging is not that; it is about expressing and being understood. Here only those will survive that have something to say…and say it beautifully. 
- A N Nanda, PMG, Coimbatore

Perceptions and the Post Office

A special feature on India Post (Department of Posts, Government of India) published in the Economic Times  dated 7 March 2011 has focussed the spotlight on the organisation.  It also left the staff and officers of the Department wondering about some of the figures and statements that appeared in the feature. The following few points may put the records straight :

Firstly, about the discussion on deficit.  It is true that during last two years, the expenditure has increased. But it is also well known that this increase is largely on account establishment cost going up consequent to implementation of  Pay Commission recommendations.  All Government departments whether in public service or otherwise, are in a similar situation.  India Post is also in an unusual situation of having to manage pensionary expenditure from its own budget. If this component of expenditure is overlooked, India Post's finances are not far from breaking even. With regard to revenue of the Department, the two main sources of revenue, tariff for mail and remuneration for savings bank are administered.

Secondly about technology.  It is true that post office computerization started nearly fifteen years back.  But the process was incremental and on stand alone basis.  A project to computerize and network all post offices by 2012-13 is now under implementation.   This will be a comprehensive and progressive solution, in tune with the customers' needs and expectations. It will create a platform for new services including extensive financial services, e-commerce and joint products from various corporate partners.

Thirdly about Post  Bank.  This Deprtment has got a report from consultant in this regard which is under processing.  It may be mentioned, till last year RBI did not show any inclination for issuing banking licenses.   Further to convert the Post Office into an effective banking outlet, the required networking and specialized banking package have to be put in place. These pre-requisites are under implementation now.

Fourthly about structure of the organization, leadership and continuity. There are as many  corporatized  Post Offices which have  failed as those which succeeded. In this regard continuity of vision and ability to transform are important.  But it is simplistic to assume that the entire vision and drive for change flows from one top person.  Leadership at all levels with a committed group for transformation is required.  That is what India Post is striving for at this juncture when it is going through a transformation excercise, for which concrete plans and definite timelines are in place. 

Today, the 150 thousand strong organisation stands mobilised as a single team in pursuit of this objective, and the goal is well within reach.


Meeting with the Secretary (Posts) on 11-08-2011

The news posted in CHQ blog is reproduced below:

Today, the Secretary (Posts) took meeting with our Association at 15:00 Hrs. I alongwith Shri Dinesh Khare, President, Shri Ajit Kumar, C.S. Kerala and Shri Rajdeo Prasad, C.S.Bihar attended the meeting. All items included in our Charter of Demands were discussed in detail. View of the Secretary (Posts) was positive towards our demands.

Official minutes of the meeting will be published on the blog on the receipt of the same from the Department. The Secretary (Posts) informed that upgradation of Grade Pay of IP from Rs.4200 to Rs.4600 will be only possible after merger of the post of IP and ASP. The Secretary (Posts) also assured us that a committee will be constituted for restructuring of IP cadre. The Secretary (Posts)  agreed to examine the issue of supply of Laptop to all IPs / ASPs other than Sub Divisional Heads. 

She directed the DDG(P) / Director(SPN) to discuss the issue of quota of IP Line in PS Group "B" examination on introduction of Postmaster Cadre in Postal Wing.  Accordingly, matter was discussed in the chamber of the DDG(P) but could not be resolved.

Roop Chand
General Secretary 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on CAT Case on GP of IPs

The OA came up for hearing again on 8.8.11 when the proxy respondent's Counsel sought one week adjournment due to some urgent personal reasons. Case posted to 19.8.11.


New CPMG takes charge

Ms. Devika Kumar (IPoS: 1981) joined as Chief PMG Orissa Circle on 11.08.2011 F/N. The CS accompanied by a delegation of Inspectorial staff working in Bhubaneswar paid a courtesy visit to the new Chief PMG and welcomed her to Orissa Circle.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Circle allotment of (LDCE) qualified PS Gr.B candidates

Directorate vide its Order No. 34/2011-SPG dated 05.08.2011 has allotted (LDCE) qualified PS Gr.B candidates to Circles as follows.

Sl. No
Name  (S/Shri/Smt)
Home Circle             
Circle to which allotted

A Subramanyam   

Ranjeet Singh            

Narsingh Mahto         

Vipin Malhotra         
PLI Directorate

R Padmanabhan      
North East               
North East

Megh Raj Mittal        

Narinder Kumar      
Himachal Pradesh     

Siva V Rao Kande

Jawahar  Singh               

Kulbhushan Kakar       

Hymavathi Gollamudi    

Sawraj Kaur             

M Hari Prasad Sarma

Basanta Kumar Panda 

Charu Mitra               

Manoj Kumar Naik     

Rati Kanta Swain          

Pawan Kumar Sharma     

S Gumpu  

Trilochan Ray                 

Ramachander Phogat     

J Prasad  Babu        


B Narasappa                    

P Viswanathan