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Friday, January 30, 2009

Retirement of Sri K S Behera, ASP(HQ), Bhubaneswar

Sri Krupasindhu Behera, ASP(HQ), Bhubaneswar Division is retiring from service on 31.01.2009 on attaining the age of superannuation.

The Association wishes Sri Behera a happy and peaceful retired life.

Transfer and posting in ASP Cadre in Puri Divn

Sri Sarbeswar Mishra, ASP(OD) Puri Divn has been posted as Postmaster, Puri HO and Sri P K Sahoo, Postmaster, Puri HO has been posted as ASP(OD), Puri Divn

Ad hoc promotion to PS Gr. B Cadre

Sri Gangadhar Sahu, ASP I/c, Jajpur on ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B Cadre has been posted as Sr. Postmaster, Cuttack GPO vice Sri K C Mohanty allotted to WB Circle

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B and ASP Cadre

Ad hoc promotion to vacant posts of PS Gr. B and ASP cadre is going to be given very shortly.
About 13 ASPs working on ad hoc basis are likely to be confimed and about 6 IPs are likely to get ad hoc promotion to ASP cadre soon.

Sri Sanatan Modi, PS Gr.B Officer on reallotment to Orissa Circle has been allotted to Sambalpur Region.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Posting in the post of Office Supervisor, Bhadrak Division

Sri Soumya Chatterjee, a direct recruit to IP Cadre through SSC has joined recently as the Office Supervisor in Bhadrak Postal Divsion. The Association congratulates him for joining the IP cadre and welcomes him as new member of the Association.

Travelling Allowance Rules-Clarification on DA issued by Finance Ministry

The Clarification on TA Rules regarding Daily Allowance issued by Ministry of Finance can be viewed by visiting the following link.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aadtional list of 15 Inspectorial staff for regular promotion to PS Gr.B

15 more officers of Inspector Cadre have been nominated for regular promotion to PS Gr. B. None from Orissa is there in the list. For details kindly visit the following link.

Monday, January 19, 2009

News Letter from General Secretary

All Circle Secretaries, CHQ Office Bearers and active members
News letter No.01/2009
Dear friends,
First of all I wish you all a happy and prosperous new Year 2009.

Promotion to PS Group B by nomination:
Promotion order to PS Group B for 146 IP/ASP have since been issued by the Department of Posts in Memo No. 9-31/2008-SPG dated 26.12.2008. Confidential Reports were called for during April 2008. DPC was convened only after 8 months ie. on 25.11.2008. Promotion order was issued after a gap of one month i.e on 26.12.2008. The department has promoted some ASPs who have already passed PS Group B exam and some of them have already retired from service. This is the standard and quality of functioning of the highest body of the 154 years old prestigious Postal Department. Many officers at Member level are promoted and posted to the Directorate at the fag end of their service only for grabbing the benefit of pay, perks and retirement benefit and not for really serving the nation. From the day no.1 in the Directorate either they are on internal tour or external tour. They never bother about official working under them. That is why several of our members have retired without seeing the promotion to PS Group B. Had the promotion order been issued well in advance or at least during November 2008, the remaining promoted officers would have tasted the benefit of drawing the annual increment on 01st July 2009. Since the order was issued on 26.12.2008. all the promotee officers will have to join the new posts only after January 2009 and thus they have lost the benefit of drawing annual increment 1st July 2009. Now these officers can draw the increment only the next year i.e. on 1st July 2010. What a wonder department it is!

Alas! Your GS also one among the less fortunates.

The last candidate selected
OC - Shri.S.P.Chaurasia of 1982 Batch.
SC - Shri. Abhimanyu Bahera of 1986 Batch
ST - Shri. M.Devidas of 1982 Batch

Setting up of Anomaly Committee
Anomaly Committee is being constituted by the Government vide Memo No.11/2/2008-JCA dated 12 January 2008 to settle the disputes arising out of implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commission. We have already discussed the anomalies pertaining to our cadre with DG and other officers in the Directorate and also submitted a memorandum describing the details of anomaly. Hope the Department will give due consideration to our demands and render justice. GS will visit Dak Bhavan from 21 to 23 January 2009. This will be brought to the notice of DG once again.

Non- Payment of CHQ Quota of subscription:
We are all eagerly awaiting up-gradation of Grade Pay. We question the CHQ often about the delay in getting higher grade pay for IP/ASP. We expect a lot from the Association. It is good. Every one of us has the right to expect something from the Association but forget our obligation. We have to introspect ourselves whether we pay subscription to the Association. If subscription is recovered, whether 40% of the same is remitted to CHQ? Many of the Circle Secretaries are keeping mum on this issue. They are not remitting 40% to CHQ for the past 12 months. Some of the circles have paid only a small amount as a token payment. In the absence of financial support, how can the CHQ function? How can the Circle Secretaries demand higher pay? If we fail in our duty, how can we achieve anything in our life? Please introspect! Circle Secretaries are requested to tour each division, collect donation and improve the circle financial status. Who knows, tomorrow we may like to knock the doors of the courts seeking justice for which a huge sum is required. CHQ does not expect any donation from circles. It wants only the 40% quota of subscription due from each circle.

Provision of pension at 50% of emoluments last drawn
The provision of payment of pension at 50% of the emoluments (pay last drawn) or 50% of average emoluments received during the last 10 months, whichever is more beneficial to the retiring employee, shall be applicable to all Government servants retiring on or after 1.1.2006. However, only those government servants , who retired during 1.1.2006 to 1.9.2008 after completion of 33 years of qualifying service, will be eligible for full pension and the pension of those government servants, who retired during 1.1.2006 to 1.9.2008 with qualifying service of less than 33 years, will continue to be proportionate to the full pension based on their actual qualifying service.
(Auth: Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions OM No. F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 11.12.2008.
Entitlement of Daily Allowances on Tour (with effect from 1.9.2008)
( As per Swamy’s FR & SR part II)
1. Absence from headquarters on calendar day basis, i.e, from midnight to midnight.
Absence not exceeding 6 hours - Nil
Absence exceeding 6 hours but not exceeding 12 hours - 70%
Absence exceeding 12 hours - 100%

2. For local journey, D.A is only at half the rate.

3. No D.A for Sundays and Holidays unless the employee is actually is actually and not merely constructively on camp. No D.A for leave and restricted holidays availed while on tour – SR 72, GIO(1).

4. Full D.A is admissible for the first 180 days of continuous halt at a station on tour/temporary transfer/training. No D.A beyond 180 days.

The above are the basic Rules which have not been changed so far. Then what is rate of Daily Allowance? It is prescribed by the Sixth Pay Commission as “Food Bill per day not exceeding Rs 150/-“ for those who are drawing Grade Pay Rs 4200 to 4800. This is the rate of D.A now.

In the implementation order No.19030/3/2008-E.IV dated 23.9.2008, it is said that in case of stay/journey on Government ships, boats etc. or journey to remote places on foot/mules etc.for scientific/data collection purposes in organization like FSI, Survey of India, GSI etc. daily allowance will be paid at rate equivalent to that provided for re-imbursement of food bill. However, in this case, the amount will be sanctioned irrespective of the actual expenditure incurred on this account with the approval of the Head of the Department/controlling officer. Head of the Department/ Controlling Officer is competent to pass the bill.Data collection means collection of statistics. Are we not collecting statistics while inspection of BOs/SOs in rural area? Many department had referred the matter to Finance Ministry for clarification whether food bill should be produced or not. For which the Finance Ministry has not give any clear reply. The Government has not mentioned the names of all the department, but mentioned like this “ FSI, Survey of India, GSI etc. The abbreviation “etc” includes Department of Posts also. T.A bills in some Divisions have been passed. In some Divisions all T.A.bills are kept in pending since 01.9.2008.

This issue has been taken up with the Directorate on 5.11.2008 and from there it has been referred to the Ministry of Finance.

I am posted as Deputy Director, Mumbai GPO. But I have not seen the order so far even after 20 days of its issue. In such a rotten condition all Circle Offices are also functioning like Directorate.

Thanking you.

More news will follow.
General Secretary

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Formation of Anomaly Committee

The Govt. has issued orders on 12.01.2009 for formation of Anomaly Committee to look into the anomalies in the implementation of 6th Pay Commission Report.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Postings of PS Gr.B Officers of Orissa in WB Circle on regular promotion

The posting orders have been issued by CPMG, WB circle vide No.SFA/P-11/XXV dated 09.01.2009 against the vacanices mentioned against each.
Sri S. N. Panda, SRM Stg, RMS H Divn
Sri K C Mohanty, SPOs, Burdwan Dn
Sri K S Giri, Sr. PM, Burdwan HO
Sri P K Maikap, AD,RO, NB & Silguri Region, Siliguri
Sri Abhimanyu Behera, SPOs, South Presidency Divn

Allotment of Gr.B Officers to Regions in WB Circle on promotion

It is learnt that PS Gr.B Officers who have been allotted to WB Circle have been allotted to Reginos in WB Circle as follows:
Sri S N Panda. MMS Unit, Kolkata
Sri K C Mohanty, South Bengal Region
Sri K S Giri, South Bengal Region
Sri P K Maikap, North Bengal Region
Sri Abhimanyu Behera, Kolkata Region
Formal orders are awaited.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Posting of GS on promotion to PS Gr.B Cadre

Our GS Sri S Samuel has been posted as Dy. Director, Mumbai GPO

All India Seniority List of IPOs

The All India seniority list of Inspectors of Posts from the year 1987 to 1998 can be viewed by visiting the following link. The seniority list has been posted by the Dept. in the website of India Post

Saturday, January 3, 2009



Dear Friends,
New Year has provided me an opportunity to write to you again. In previous occasions, bulletins by post at regular or irregular intervals used to serve as the medium of reaching out to you for news and views. It is found very difficult to post bulletins to you at regular intervals, particularly when official duties now-a-days hardly allows required time to follow the old practice. Instead, I have chosen to keep you informed of the news covering several aspects through a web blog which provides information within no time. It is very easy for me to post news in the blog for information of everybody as soon as any development takes place. Since internet penetration to even remote areas is now a reality, I think our members will find it convenient to browse the blog as frequently as they want to keep themselves updated on news of our Association, provided there is an element of eagerness to know such things. My other intention of making use of the blog is to help generate an interest among our members to use internet regularly which will ultimately help them acquire knowledge in other areas also. I would request all our members to frequently visit the blogs of our Association mentioned below.

Blog of Orissa Circle Branch (New):
[Old (Now deleted)]:]
Blog of CHQ of Our Association:

There is provision for posting your views / comments on the blog by members for information of other members of our Association. Alternatively, you can write to me through e-mail to the following e-mail Id of our Association.
Your e-mail Id will also help me to communicate news to you individually. For latest news of the Circle I would request you to visit the blogspot of our Association and communicate your e-mail Id to me, if not communicated already.
In the meanwhile, the panel of office bearers of our Association elected in its 36th Circle Conference on 04.11.2007 has completed one year in office. With your moral support, the Association could achieve reimbursement of residential /mobile telephone expenses upto Rs.500/- per month w.e.f October 2008 for all IPs & ASPs in the Circle irrespective of their assignment. Our demand for enhancing the limit to at least Rs.750/- per month was pursued persistently. Latest position is that Circle Administration has finally conceded our demand. Monthly limit of residential and /or mobile telephone charges is now raised to Rs.750/- which will take effect immediately. Orders are issued on 26.12.08 vide CO No.Tech/20-7(4)/2003.Ch.II. As you know, ACP which kept pending for last three years has been cleared recently.
The demand for enhancement of Grade Pay of IPs to Rs.4600/- p.m. is now pending action by the Postal Services Board after the recommendation to Cabinet came back with a query for compliance. Once it is accepted, the demand for enhancement of Grade Pay of ASPs to Rs.4800/- will gather momentum. The Officers Association is now vigorously pursuing their demand for enhancement of Grade Pay of PS Gr.B Officers to Rs.5400/- at the initial stage.
It is learnt that the Dept. has sent proposal to Finance Ministry for making financial provision for supply of PCs to all Sub-Divisions.
The need of the hour is unity among us. Your physical and moral support will provide strength to me to put up genuine problems / demands of our Association before the Circle Administration in a spirited manner. I would like to mention here that the issues that affect us in general are a matter of interest to me. There are individual instances in which the Association might not have achieved desired success but that should not affect our spirit of unity. I hope, all our members will rise above petty personal considerations and will think of mass interest and will accordingly give me inputs to take up the same with the Administration as Agenda in periodical meetings.
We all are working very hard. There is no place for fear, provided we constantly strive to keep ourselves updated on rules, new products and technology matters and improve our individual character by following the principles of fair play and justice.
The financial position of our Association is very bad. The balance has been reduced substantially by way of contribution to CHQ and All India Conference. Very little amount of subscription has come to the kitty of our Association in last one year. This is very embarrassing for me. I would request our members to help the Association bail out of financial difficulty by ensuring that your Annual subscription of Rs.360/- (@ Rs.30/- per month) is deducted from your pay bill, if not already deducted after last membership verification. On the wake of revision of emoluments through implementation of 6 CPC Report, there is need for raising a special contribution as has been done in other Circles. I appeal to all our members to generously contribute at least Rs.500/- per member as a special donation. Contribution to CHQ out of such donation will help the General Secretary to meet the expenses frequently undertaken to Directorate to pursue pay related issues.
In the meanwhile limited copies of Postal Inspector of latest issue have been received from GS. Two copies thereof are sent to ASP(HQ)/OS of each Division with request to circulate the same to our members in such a manner that everybody gets an opportunity of going through its contents .

With New Year Greetings,

Fraternally yours,
B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary