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Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year wish for the members of this Association

Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a wonderful, happy, healthy and Promising New Year and pray to the God for blessings!!!

On this New Year our resolution may be to remain united to face our challenges with courage and confidence, to lead a life of success and victory and to pray to the God to guide our path towards a positive destination.

“Happy New Year-2017”

Fraternally yours,

Pitabasa Jena

Circle Secretary

New Year wish for the esteemed viewers

Esteemed Viewers of the Blog,

It is my great pleasure to convey the best wishes on behalf of the members of All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents of Posts, Odisha Circle Branch for a wonderful, Happy, healthy and Promising New Year.

“Happy New Year-2017”

With regards,

Pitabasa Jena
Circle Secretary

BSNL launches unlimited local and STD calls

Chennai, Dec 31 (PTI) Cashing in on the rollout by several telecom operators offering unlimited free call facility, Government run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd today joined the bandwagon with launch of a new Rs 144 plan for its customers offering similar features.

The plan, which is valid for six months, would offer unlimited local and STD calls to any network for a period of one month and it would come with 300MB data, BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Srivastava told reporters here.

After handing over two new packs to customers, Srivastava said with the new pack, calls are absolutely free and would be available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers.

The telecom service provider was also taking up several initiatives including launch of 4,400 WiFi hotspots across the country.

"We have 4,400 WIFI hotspots launched country wide. I think in Mahabalipuram near Chennai has a similar WiFi hotspots. Our immediate strategy is to expand this. In next one year, we will be having around 40,000 WiFi Hotspots across the country," he said.

Besides the company had also obtained 2500 Mhz from Government of India for launching service in rural areas, he said, adding BSNL would unveil classic LTE (Long Term Evolution) spectrum in phased manner.

The President of India approves the Promulgation of the Specified Bank Notes (Cessation of Liabilities) Ordinance, 2016

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Retirement on Superannuation

Shri Trilochan Ku. Ray, SSPOs, Sundargarh Division, Sundargarh is retiring today the 31st December, 2016(A/N) on superannuation. 

On the occasion of his retirement from Govt. Service, All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents of Posts , Odisha Circle Branch bids him a respectful farewell and wishes him a good-health and peaceful life in his post-retirement days

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Commemorative Postage Stamp on “Samrat Vikramadittya" released on 22.12.2016​

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Submit tax saving proofs to your employer to prevent excess TDS

With your company's accounts department knocking on your door to submit income-tax saving proofs, it's time for you to gather all the relevant papers in one place. 

Since April 2016, the department would have been computing taxes on your salary based on the proposed investment declaration submitted by you earlier. 

The taxes deducted at source (TDS) are covered under Section 192 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 making it the obligation of the employer to withhold taxes at the time of payment of salaries. 

Once the actual proof is submitted, the accounts department will compute the taxes based on the proofs of the actual investments made by you. And for that you will have to furnish the documentary evidence of having actually made the investments as per the investment declaration made earlier You can make tax-saving investments different from those declared by you earlier but the deduction from taxable income will be given only on the basis of the actuals submitted and not on the basis of the proposed declaration made earlier. 

The last date for such submissions varies, but most organisations would expect you to submit them by March 10, 2017. However, employers start asking for them in January (in this case Jan 2017) itself as they would like to start deducting tax at source on the basis of tax calculations based on actual investments from January.. This will also enable the employee to finalise tax adjustments, if any, in the balance months of the current financial year (2016-17).If taxes have been deducted in excess or less, accordingly, they will get deducted in the last 3 months of the FY. Do not wait till March as then there wont be any scope for finalising and one could see a huge tax burden in that month and less of take-home pay. 

The documents need not be attached or sent to Income-tax Department at the time of tax filing. Instead, it's the employer who has to receive them from employees and deduct tax accordingly. 

At times it is found that after taking into account the tax saving investments/expenditures, the tax already deducted by one's employer is in excess and cannot be adjusted in subsequent months. In such cases the excess TDS will reflect in the Form 16 and the refund will have to be claimed by you from the I-T Department by filing the appropriate income tax return. 

The important tax saving investment/expenditure proofs include 

Investments - Under Section 80C 

When it comes to investments such as Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) of mutual funds (MFs), life insurance, submit the ELSS fund statement, premium paid receipts respectively. For Public Provident Fund (PPF), if it is maintained with a bank or a post office, submit photocopies of the passbook showing all the transactions and the account details.In case of Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme and 5-year tax saving fixed deposit, the deposit receipt or a certificate from the bank has to be submitted to the employer. 

Tuition fees 

In case of tuition fees, submit photocopies of the school receipt carrying the schools' seal and signature of the receiver. 

First-time home buyers 

For the current financial year, Section 80EE allows tax benefits for first-time home buyers under which the benefit can be claimed on home loan interest. This deduction is over and above the Rs 2 lakh limit under Section 24 of the Income-tax Act. Hard copies of all the relevant documents have to be submitted. 

House Rent Allowance Exemption 

For those who claim HRA relief, the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the landlord is mandatory. This condition is not applicable for those whose rent payment is less than or equal to Rs 1 lakh per annum, i.e., Rs 8,333 per month. 

A copy of the lease rent agreement or declaration by the landlord in a prescribed format is to be submitted. Further, ownership proof of landlord of rented premises, which can be house tax receipt or the latest electricity bill or share certificate in case of co-operative society houses have to be submitted. The original rent receipts for the period April 2016 till date have to be provided. 

Housing loan repayment (principal) 

The certificate from a financial institution specifying the principal paid during April 2016 to March 2017 needs to be submitted. Ask the institution to mention the provisional amount for the last 2-3 months of the current financial year as equated monthly instalments (EMIs) would still be pending. 

Loss from housing property - interest on housing loan - self occupied 

The interest certificate from the bank or financial institution, specifying the break-up of interest and the principal amount for FY 2016-17 would be required. Possession/construction completion certificate are a must for availing the relief by some employers. Further, the date of loan taken and the date of possession are mandatory to avail the benefit. 

Loss from housing property - interest on housing loan - let out on rent 

If the house for which loan has been availed is let out, the same should be submitted with certificate from a financial institution specifying principal and interest paid during April 2016 to March 2017 (FY 2016-17). 

New Pension Scheme (NPS) 

There is no need to submit proof of actual Investments in case the investments in NPS is through Corporate Model or Employee Model as the same are recovered and deposited by company in your PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) account. However, if you have opted for investment of Rs 50,000 under NPS on your own, i.e., outside salary, then submission of copies of PRAN card, NPS Transaction Statement for Tier 1 Account is necessary. 

Mediclaim premium 

Call up the insurer and ask him to send the statement for tax purpose under Section 80D. The premium should not be paid by cash and should be paid by cheque or digital transfer from the bank account. 


It's better to get a confirmation on the actual requirement from your accounts department. Not all will be asking for all the above mentioned documents, while few others might have their own set of requirements. The documents, if not submitted within time, may make you end up with excess TDS which would have to be claimed as refund. Also, as a precaution, retain the original copies for personal income-tax assessment. 

Source:- The Economic Times

Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1961 - Guidelines regarding prevention of sexual harassment of women at the workplace - regarding.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Adhoc Promotion to ASP Cadre -Modification in Posting Order

In partial modification the following IPs promoted to ASP cadre on temporary and ad hoc basis are allotted to the Region / posted as mentioned against each below vide C.O. Memo No. ST/24-15(3)/2016 dated 23-12-2016.

Sl No
Name of Officer
Present place of posting
Allotted to the Region
Posted on adhoc Promotion
Ms. Madhusmita Padhi
ASP(Philately), CO, Bhubaneswar
Bhubaneswar HQ Region
ASP(Staff), CO, Bhubaneswar-751001
Manoj Ku. Dash
IP (PLI), CO, Bhubaneswar
Bhubaneswar HQ Region
ASP (Printing), Postal Stores Depot, Bhubaneswar
Bibhudatta Behera
IP (PG), CO, Bhubaneswar
Bhubaneswar HQ Region
Dy Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO

Friday, December 23, 2016

Status of our Contempt Petition regarding upgradation of Grade Pay of Inspector Posts w.e.f 01.01.2006

It is learnt that the reply has not been filed so far by the Secretary, DoE, Ministry of Finance in our Contempt Petition bearing No.C.P/180/137/2016 filed before Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench in OA No. 289/2013 regarding upgradation of Grade Pay of Inspector Posts w.e.f 01.01.2006. The case was heard today. As asked by Respondent, Two Weeks time has been granted by Hon'ble CAT for filing the reply.

Applicability of provision below SR-147 to the family of deceased Govt. servant, in special circumstances - clarification regarding

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Notification for CWC Meeting scheduled to be held on 22nd January, 2017 at 10.30 hrs at PRC, BhubaneswarGPO


Shri Prasanta Ku. Patra
Shri Pitabasa Jena
Circle Secretary
Shri Bijaya Ku Pradhan


No. AIAIPASP/CWC-4/2016 Dated 23-12-2016

Under the provisions of Article-46 of the Constitution of All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents of Posts, it is hereby notified that a meeting of the Circle Working Committee of the Association will be held on Sunday, the 22nd January, 2017 at 10.30 hrs at PRC, BhubaneswarGPO.   

The agenda for the meeting will be as under:
1.   Confirmation of the proceedings of the last CWC.
2.   Subjects for discussion: i) various issues in the Circle / agendas taken up at Circle / RO level, ii) Cadre Restructuring, iii) Organizational Review, iv) Financial Review.
3.   Issues to be taken up with Administration.
4.   Any other item with the permission of the Chair.

All office-bearers, CWC members and the local members are requested to attend the said meeting.

Members who are neither office-bearers nor CWC members, but willing to join the CWC meeting (without the provision of special CL), or has any grievance are also welcome to attend the CWC meeting as invitees.

(Pitabasa Jena)
Circle Secretary

Copy to:

1.   The Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar for kind information. Necessary orders may kindly be issued to all concerned for grant of special casual leave to office bearers and CWC members as per the enclosed list.

2.   Sri Vilas Ingale, General Secretary, AI Assn of Inspectors & ASPs, CHQ, New Delhi (Senior Postmaster, Thane HO 400601) for information.

3.   The President and all office-bearers and CWC members of the Association.

4.   The Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO, Bhubaneswar-751001 for kind information.

5.   The Secretary, PRC, Bhubaneswar GPO. He is requested to spare the PRC on 22/01/2017.

Circle Secretary
AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch

After EPF, get ready for PPF and NSC rate cut

Investors in the Public Provident Fund (PPF) and other small savings schemes should get ready for another rate cut. If the government follows the Gopinath panel formula that links small savings interest rates with government bond yields, the PPF rate could be cut by almost 100 basis points to 7%. 

According to the Gopinath panel formula, the interest rates of small savings schemes are slightly higher than the average yield of government bonds of the same maturity in the preceding three months. In case of the PPF, the rate is 25 basis point above the average 10-year government bond yield. The 10-year bond yield has dropped to 6.5% and has stayed decidedly below the 7% mark throughout the past three months. In other words, the PPF rate could fall to almost 7% in the January-March quarter.  

Analysts feel the government may not make such a drastic cut lest it fuels the simmering resentment against the "minor inconvenience" caused by demonetisation. "The government has long abandoned the Gopinath formula, so the PPF rate may see a marginal cut of 20-25 basis points," says investment and tax expert Balwant Jain. At the same time, there is no doubt that the PPF rate is headed downward. "If the government went ahead and cut the Provident Fund rate which has wider political ramifications , it is almost certain it will not flinch from cutting the PPF rate," says Jain. 

Even if the PPF rate is cut, it will give higher returns than bank deposits and corporate FDs. Banks have cut deposit rates to 7-7.5% and the interest is fully taxable. The post-tax return in the 30% tax bracket is barely 4.9-5.25%. "The tax-free PPF continues to be the best debt instrument for investors. Even if one is not investing to save tax under Sec 80C, one should contribute the maximum Rs 1.5 the PPF every year," says Manoj Nagpal, CEO of Outlook Asia Capital. 

However, other small savings instruments such as five-year NSCs may lose some of their sheen if their rate is cut. Right now, NSCs offer 8% interest which gives them an edge over bank deposits. A rate cut could change this. 


A reduction in interest rates may not be as catastrophic as some investors might think. Consumer inflation has come down to less than 6% in recent months so the real rate of return is still high. But this may not be true for all investors, especially senior citizens whose basket of consumption is significantly different. "Senior citizens spend more on medical care, where the inflation is significantly higher than the average inflation," points out Amit Gopal, Senior Vice-President, India Life Capital. The interest rate of the Senior Citizen's Saving Scheme has come down 80 basis points from 9.3% in March to 8.5% now. "A further rate cut will hurt the grey population most," says Gopal. 

Senior citizens who invest primarily in fixed deposits are already faced with the reinvestment risk. "Deposits that are maturing in the coming months will get reinvested at lower rates," says Nagpal. Five years ago, these investors were being offered up to 10% for a 5-year deposit. Now they will get barely 7.75%. 

Source:-The Economic Times

Thursday, December 22, 2016

GS writes to Secretary (Posts) for withholding of PS Group-B exam held on 18-12-2016 till final outcome of OA No.180/953/2016

I-T Dept cautions taxpayers against sharing user ID, password

New Delhi, Dec 22 (PTI) The Income Tax Department has warned taxpayers against sharing their user ID and password with any unauthorised person, saying they too will be liable to face consequences for misuse of their confidential information.

In an advisory to taxpayers, the department's TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Centralised Processing Cell (CPC) told assessees that their "user ID and password are the most sensitive information, misuse of which can lead to tampering of confidential TDS-related information, your own sensitive data and deductee-related confidential information".

It further said that "if a password is hacked or stolen, it can result in information security breach, leading to undesirable consequences, including privacy violations".

It asked taxpayers to exercise caution in use of log-in credentials at TRACES, which should not be disclosed to any unintended or unauthorised individual. "If shared, the person using login credentials shall also be liable to consequences," it added.

TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System (TRACES) helps easy filing of tax deducted at source (TDS) or tax collected at source (TCS) correction statements by deductors/collectors and related functionalities.

The taxman asked users to secure their password with at least eight characters in length and a combination of lower case, upper case, numeric and special characters.

"Do not write your password on notepads or the whiteboard at your desk," it cautioned.

"Keeping sensitive information such as passwords in e-mails, folders and files in the computer can be risky. If the e-mail or computer account is hacked, then the perpetrator could misuse the passwords, steal money from your bank accounts, misuse your e-mail account or credit/debit card to access sensitive information from your machine," it said.

It has also asked users not to use the same password for different accounts. "Using the same password for more than one account is similar to carrying one key that unlock your house, car, office and safety deposit box. One lost key could let a mischievous unauthorised user unlock all doors," the department warned.

It went on to advise against sharing log-in credentials as also using the login credentials of any person other than the authorised one appointed by the deductor for carrying out any activity on TRACES.

"You are requested to similarly treat Digital Signature Certificate with utmost security, as the user ID and password on TRACES," it said.

Notification Calling for application of volunteers from Postal Assistant cadre to work in PTC - Mysuru as office Assistant regarding.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Adhoc Promotion to PS Group-B Cadre and posting thereof

The following ASP(s) are promoted to PS Group-B Cadre on temporary and adhoc basis and allotted to the Region / posted as mentioned below vide Circle Office Memo No.ST/2-4(3)/2016 dated 13-12-2016:-

Sl No
Name of Officer
Present place of posting
Allotted to the Region
Posted on adhoc Promotion
Prasanta Ku. Patra
SAS, Circle Office, Bhubaneswar
Bhubaneswar HQ Region
Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO
Tarini Ch. Padhi
ASP(Vigilance), RO, Berhampur
Bhubaneswar HQ Region
Dy. Manager, Postal Printing Press, BBSR
Tapash Ku. Dash
ASP(Inv), Circle Office, Bhubaneswar
Samablpur  Region

Arunabala Mohanty
ASP(Printing), PSD, Bhubaneswar
Bhubaneswar HQ Region
Asst. Manager(Admin), Postal Printing Press, BBSR
Bhabani Prasad Padhi
ASP(OD), Koraput
Berhampur Region