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Friday, May 28, 2010

Question of joining strike by IPs & ASPs with JCA

Orissa Circle Branch of All India Association of IPs and ASPs had posted an open letter in this blog on 23.05.2010 requesting the General Secretary, AIAIASP to consider the question of joining the ensuing strike proposed by JCA.

In the meantime Com. K V Sridharan, GS of AIPEU, Class-III happened to visit Orissa on 27.05.2010 and the CS, AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch got an opportunity to have an informal interaction with him on 27.05.2010 evening. Discussion was held in a very cordial atmosphere in presence of Com. B Samal, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Class-III, Bhubaneswar Divisional Branch and his other team members who facilitated the interaction. Com. Sridharan was very positive in his attitude to accommodate the views of AIAIASP, Orissa Circle Branch. The CS, Orissa Branch also got an opportunity to have a brief telephonic conversation with Com. K Raghavendran, Secretary General, NFPE. The CS Orissa also facilitated a brief telephonic talk between Com. K V Sridharan ,GS, AIPEU, Class-III and Sri Roop Chand, GS, AIAIASP. Both the General Secretaries decided through telephonic talks to meet shortly in New Delhi to have a dialogue in the matter. Indication is that the NFPE will welcome IPs and ASPs joining strike with them and are willing to include some issues relating to IP and ASP cadre (including the issue of upgradation of GP of IPs with or without merger of IP and ASP cadres) in the charter of demands to be placed before the Govt.

The CS, AIAIASP, Orissa has now set the things on motion. It is upto the CHQ to take the proposal forward to give it a concrete shape in consultation with all concerned stake-holders including Circle Secretaries and CHQ members of AIAIASP.

One must be wondering why some elements in the IP and ASP cadre justify joining the strike call given by the JCA comprising of NFPE, FNPO and GDS Union. Outsiders will argue that Postal staff being a part of Central Govt. employees are now enjoying all the benefits as a result of implementation of 6th CPC Report and what makes them still dissatisfied to take recourse to strike which lack public sympathy and support. How come Postal staff justify their demand for more benefits when the quality of postal service has gone down and the Postal Department is incurring huge losses. Prima facie, such a perception may sound valid from outside view but from inside it is not at all the fact. Members of public need to be informed of the mess prevailing in the Department of Posts.

Now, the major issue which the staff side is confronted with is the shortage of staff to man different types of responsibilities at the field level. Situation has come to such a pass that offices with three clerical hands are running single-handed. The work pressure is showing its effect on the mental and physical health of the field level staff. Instances are there where staff could not be relived to attend funerals of their near relatives. Instance is also there where a staff has committed suicide as he could not cope up with the growing work pressure.

Take the case of IPs and ASPs who are considered as backbone of the Department as they are the people who put their heart and soul to implement the plan and policies of the Department. The senior officers always depend on them heavily for carrying out their duties. Previously, the main duties of IP line officials were to carry out inspections and visits of Post Offices, undertake investigations to loss and fraud cases, take care of administration in respect of GDS staff, formulate proposal for creation, abolition, upgradation, downgradation of Post offices, collect statistical data for review of establishment of post offices, make mail arrangement, conduct Departmental inquiries in Disciplinary cases, attend to miscellaneous enquiries etc. Now, in addition to their these traditional duties, they are engaged in work of business development, procurement of PLI policies, procurement of RPLI policies with the help of GDS staff and are given targets for these additional work. They are provided no clerical assistance for all these work. They are made to work in a sub-standard accommodation in Sub-Divisions without required infrastructure. Even, the post of orderly which was kept attached to sub-divisional head to help him carry out work meant to be done by Gr.D staff is taken away. As already mentioned in the posting in this blog, an IP is now getting GP less than that of clerical staff getting 3rd ACP. So much so, the GP of overseers of mails who are attached to sub-divisions are now equal to that of IPs in many cases. Yet, the Govt, is not willing to allow upgradation of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/- despite having full justification for it and though officials of equivalent cadres in other Departments have got it since November 2009. If there is no justification for upgradation of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/- why then the Department of Posts sent the proposal to MOF twice? If the IPs are not comparable with their counterparts in Income Tax and Central Excise Departments then what is the background for leaving 1/3rd IP vacancies for direct recruitment? IP line officials have resorted to prayers and petitions a number of times but they have got an increased feeling that the prayer and petitions have no value in India which boasts of democratic values but ignores it deliberately thereby indirectly encouraging agitational methods.

The IP line officials are there to implement the plan and policies of the Department. If the Department is incurring losses, it is due to the incorrect and unrealistic planning and wrong policies of the Department and other factors (including wasteful expenditure at higher level). Working class staff including IP line officials are putting their best of sincerity and efforts and toiling hard even much beyond their normal duty hours. If it is still not yielding desired results there is no point in blaming the working class. While the loss of the Department is mounting over the years staff side is given the blame. The Department of Posts is neither treated as a full-fledged commercial organisation nor a full-fledged welfare organization and the Govt. loves to run it as a mixture of both while putting the blame on its workforce for losses. The Department of Posts is regarded as a poor Department despite having a huge outstanding in shape of deposit in various savings schemes. As mentioned in an article recently published by the Business Standard postal savings bank schemes in financial year 2008 had total outstanding of Rs 3.4 lakh crore, which was second only to the deposits of the State Bank of India that stood at Rs 5.4 lakh crore. (ICICI Bank came third at Rs 2.4 lakh crore deposits).The article also mentions, “Right now it is the Government of India and the finance ministry that keep the postal department poor.” Hence, it is for the members of public to judge whether the Department of Posts is actually responsible for so-called losses and whether putting unbearable burden of work on the existing staff without restoring the required staff strength is justified.

If the Department is planning to bring in changes to make it more effective at the service of public at large, no body will oppose the changes. Change is the way of life and the one who does not change according to change of time time will have to perish. But the changes should not bring more miseries to the working class. The Department must also take representatives of working class into confidence. But it seems the Department is proceeding in the direction of increased outsourcing and acting against the interest of working class on unilateral decisions.

IP line officials are known for their unquestioned loyalty to the administration. But in return the Department is increasingly overlooking their genuine problems. There has been no cadre review and no increase of posts for IP line officials since 1981. The Department considers conferring Gazetted status to ASPs as a case of cadre review. If that is so, the so-called cadre review has provided no gain to ASP cadre. On the other hand, the Department has benefited from it by saving expenditure of lakhs of Rupees on Productivity Linked Bonus which was payable to ASPs when they were not conferred with Gazetted status. Now, the IP liner officials are getting GP less than the officials they supervise. The senior officers treat the IP line like bonded labourers. Their voices are suppressed through rampant disciplinary actions. They have no liberty to go on leave even at the time of need. As exemplified by recent instances in Orissa, leave supported by medical certificate can also be ordered to be treated as dies-non and written warning is issued for taking leave for a week without prior permission in an instance where the official was rushed to hospital for treatment of cardiac related ailment. These are some kind of favours the Department has retuned to IP line officials for their committed loyalty to the administration. The Department shows superficial sympathy to IP line officials in the matter of upgradation of their GPs as it is still sitting over the matter. It is mentioned that the Department had sent proposal for upgradation of GP of IPs to MOF twice but the MOF turned the proposal down. It is also informally mentioned that the Secretary (Posts) wrote demi-officially to Secretary (Expenditure) in the Ministry of Finance but the proposal was retuned from the level of an Additional Secretary in the MOF. Our senior officers show their might over IP line officials to prove that they are all powerful but one can imagine their position in relation to other Departments. If the Department has the sense of so much caring for IP line officials, why can’t its top management meet their counterparts in MOF to convince the genuineness of the reason for upgrading the GP of IPs?

Some IPs have gone to the extent of filing CAT cases to get the GP of IPs upgraded through orders of legal forum. It is good effort, no doubt. But with due regard to those IP line officials who have taken the recourse to CAT case, it is humbly suggested that they should view the Bollywood block-buster – “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” to get a clear picture as to what happens to legal battle in India. The film apart from having its entertaining value is educative and informative also.

In the Circle Conference of Orissa Branch held in January 2010, the issue of discrimination of Pay between IP line officials and their counter-parts in Income Tax and Central Excise and Customs Departments was mentioned by the CS. One of the Guests in his speech mentioned that the officials under Ministry of Finance will always have their way by virtue of working in the same Ministry which decides pay-related issues and they are more equal in status than other Ministries and Departments for several reasons. In a sense, he mentioned that the discrimination is inevitable. So, one can imagine the position here. It is not a factor how much labour you put in your job. The Department / Ministry you work in decides your fate. In that case where is the justice? You cannot even expect your legal battle to end in time. This is also quite natural because, as a matter of fact, you cannot justify your case for pay revision for taking precedence while so many other important cases suffer delay due to various reasons.

Practically, nobody in the Department is helping IP line officials in getting justice. Courts take their own time to deliver justice. Then what is the way out? It is upto the members of the IP and ASP cadres to decide as to how long they will suffer the negligence, apathy and discrimination? Is it not the appropriate time to be a part of mass agitation to show your protest? At least the Department will become aware that the unquestioned loyalty of the IP line officials cannot be taken for granted any more and will think of treating the IP cadre with some sense of respect which is very much absent now. It will also give a message to the JCA that the IP and ASP cadre is very much a part of their fraternity and they care for their feelings and share their miseries. After all, 2/3rd of the total strength of IP and ASPs take their root from the very same cadre with which they have to work all the way till their retirement. Hoping against hopes the IP line officials have waited so long for getting justice from the Department/ Govt. But they have got only injustice in return. They are even treated with less dignity than Gr. C staff. If the IP line officials have lost so many things all these years the loss of salary for some days due to joining the proposed strike will have a very little impact on them. If Gr C, D and GDS staff can bear the loss of salary why can’t the IP line officials do the same? As regards promotion, it is better not to speak of it. In fact, the position of officials availing promotions with addition of meagre sum to their salary is more miserable than those who do not get promotion.

In view of the above Orissa Circle Branch Association requests all concerned to take an appropriate decision in the matter in time. Circle Secretaries of different Circles who are visiting this blog are requested to offer their views and communicate the decision of their respective Circles to the GS.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some News about the Circle

The post of Supdt, PSD, Sambalpur which is attached to Circle Office is now redesignated as AD(Financial Services) [earlier it was designated as AD(CBS)]. The AD(FS) will take care of duties relating to SB, Financial Services, ePayment, IMTS, iMO, eMO and Core Banking Solutions (CBS). No posting has so far been made against the post of AD(FS).

The AD(Bldg), Circle Office will look after the Building Section only.

The AD (BD/TO) of Circle Office has been given charge of BD, Technology, Technical, SD, Stationery and Issue Sections

Sri Aswini Kumar Panda (IP 1989 batch) has been given officiating offer in PS Gr.B post and allotted to Berhampur Region for a posting.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Open Letter to General Secretary, AIAIASP, CHQ


Dear Roop Chand Ji,
You may be aware that NFPE, FNPO & GDS Union under the banner of JCA are planning to go on indefinite strike w.e.f 13.07.2010. The proposed charter of demand has been outlined in the blog of the NFPE for everyone to see it. I found that most of the demands which are going to form the basis for the proposed agitation are justified.
Among the most important issues which require attention of the Department is the shortage of working class staff. When I say working class I mean cadres starting from ED (now GDS) to AD or PS Gr.B. You are aware, there has been as many as 5 cadre reviews undertaken by the Department for IPoS officers since 1981. This is in addition to three posts of Members created in Postal Services Board which the Department does not take into account as a cadre review. In 2007 a number of JAG/SAG posts were created by abolishing 47 STS posts. In the process the promotional prospects of IP line officials were squeezed further. The demand of our Association to have cadre review to create more promotional avenue for IP line officials is completely sidelined. The number of posts of IPs and ASPs has remained the same as it was in 1981 with around 20% to 30% vacancy in posts of IPs now (as vacancies for direct recruit IPs is growing). You know, even after getting presidential sanction for creation of 248 posts of PS Gr.B in the year 1989, the Department did not implement it.
Now we have reached a situation where the distinction between general line and IP line officials is obliterated. On implementation of MACP scheme, the ASPs are now getting GP on par with general line officials with 30 years of service. IPs are getting GP less than that of general line officials getting 3rd MACP and equal to GP of general line officials with 2nd MACP. In my opinion MACP Scheme has provided a scope to get all working class together.
As regards IP line, the Department is sitting over the proposal of upgradation of GP to Rs.4600/- while analogous cadres in other Departments have already got the benefit. The prospect of getting the GP of IPs upgraded is fading away with every passing day. A number of new responsibilities have been added to the duty list of the IP line officials without creating more number of posts, without improving promotional prospects  and  without fulfilling the genuine demand of upgrading the GP of IPs to Rs.4600/-. The number of vacancies in IP cadre is increasing on recurring basis and the responsibilities of vacant posts are shared by existing IP line officials without extra remuneration.
IP line officials are now very much a part of the misery experienced by general line officials as the work in the field level cannot be undertaken without co-operation of each other. The Department is totally indifferent to the miseries of both IP line and general line officials. As rightly pointed out by the Class-III unions, the Department is unilaterally taking important decisions without consulting staff side. For example, the orders for placing ASPs in charge of RMS Sets are not acceptable to both operative side and IP line officials. But the Department has forcefully made ASPs to work as operative staff by implementing these orders.
The policy of reverting IP line officials from officiating posts of ASP/PS Gr. B before completion of one year is humiliating. The Department without obtaining approval of DOPT to the officiating arrangement is indulging in exploitative practice of not allowing increment in officiating post. Have you ever heard of any DPS rank officer reverted to SSP post or any PMG rank officer, to DPS post (otherwise than as a punishment measure)? This can happen only to IP line officials whose loyalty to the Department is always taken for granted.
 It is found that the problems faced by general line and IP line officials are common to both. The Department is increasingly ignoring the working class. While there has been substantial increase in the number of senior level officers over the years, the quality of service provided by the Department has gone down. The number of officers to issue orders has increased but the number of workers to execute the orders has decreased substantially. Yet the Department is putting more and more pressure on working class which is becoming increasingly unbearable.
In view of the above, should we not seriously consider joining the ensuing strike proposed by JCA?
With regards,
Yours sincerely,
B B Mohanty
 Orissa Circle Branch

Sri Roop Chand,
General Secretary

Friday, May 21, 2010

Updates from CHQ

Allotment of srplus IP candidates of 2008 Batch is expected by the end of this month. It is learnt that the Department is taking steps to accommodate lady surplus IPs in the neighbouring Circles.

IP Exam 2009 Result will take some time to be out. Some Circles have reportedly not yet sent the tabulation sheet to Directorate.

The proposal for upgradation of GP of IPs is still moving back and forth within the Dte itself. It is not known how long time the proposal will take to go to MOF again.

Source: GS, AIAIASP over phone

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Department of Posts-Going which way?

The organized Postal Department in India has been in existence since 1854. The Department takes pride that it is reaching out throughout the country and beyond and is discharging the Universal Service Obligations (USO) by providing mail service at the doorstep of the common man. There was time when postal officials were commanding respect from society for belonging to a service organization which was known for its efficiency and integrity.

But what is the position of the Department of Posts now? Is it able to carry the age-old image for which it was known for? If somebody asks this question to himself he will certainly get an emphatic ‘No’ as the answer. So what has gone wrong over the years? If somebody will try to find out a reason for this from the policy makers of the Department it is doubtful if they will give an honest answer for this. If at all they do, they will certainly pass on the blame to lower or grass-root level officials saying that these officials have developed a habit of neglecting their expected duty resulting in the present day situation. If somebody from outside the Department is offered such reason there are chances that the reason may sound appealing. But an insider will definitely have a different view.

These days senior offices often blame grass-root level officials for not living upto the expectation of the members of public in spite of getting ‘high salary’ on implementation of Pay Commissions Reports (particularly V & VI Pay Commission). But what they knowingly avoid to mention is the fact that through they are getting fat salary they are superficially showing concerns for fall in the quality of service provided by the Department and are adept in leaving the blame on operative and supervisory staff. Now the view of most of the senior level officers in the Department is that the operative staff are not sensitive to the needs of public as they are not working efficiently. On such a notion they believe in the carrot and stick policy (with stick dominating all the way) to extract work any how unmindful of the genuine problem the field level staff are facing in their day to day duty. On the other hand they enjoy their power and position, leaving the lower-rung officials to develop fatigue due to overwork and extra-burden. The fact that no less a VIP than the Hon’ble Minister C & IT himself has observed recently that the top management of the Department is not playing any effective role in the operation of the Department is a clear indicator of the present day affairs of the Department. No more argument is necessary to justify this. Needless to mention here that though there is complete ban on new creation of Posts, three new posts of high-ranking officers in the Postal Services Board were created taking the ambiguous observation of the 6th CPC as the pretext.

Among the measure problems that the field level staff face to-day is the fact that the shortage in the working class staff strength is growing steadily. Even though there is substantial growth of population in the country over the years, the number of service outlets has remained almost static for long time now. Several new services have been introduced in an effort to cater to the needs of customers but there has been complete ban on new creation of field level posts. It is known to every one that restriction for filling of posts continued for a long time and it is only now the restriction is lifted, not before leaving a serious impact on the staff strength. In IP cadre downwards there is vacancy ranging between 20% and 40% and the vacancy is growing gradually as the number of staff who exit by way of retirement/resignation/death/promotion is more than the entry through recruitment process which is done erratically.

For any service organization, particularly the one like ours which boasts of vast network, is mainly dependent on manpower. Technological aids only lend supports for efficient discharge of duties. But the Department of Posts in recent years has laid stress on computerisation without taking measures to induct quality manpower to make effective use of technology. Computerisation was started in the Department in mid-nineties but after a period of a decade and and a half, the Department is taking the initiative to supply computers to Inspectorial staff only now.

The Department has the history of observing economy on infrastructure as observed from the fact that in many cases it uses sub-standard accommodation to function Post Offices and Field-level offices. There are POs which are functioning in small huts or even in BPM’s Varandah and the Department loves to save money on this, by paying a meagre sum to BPMs as house-maintenance allowance. One from outside the Department must be thinking that the officers really value observing economy on public expenditure and must be following the same in their own cases. But the fact is just the opposite. While Department saves lot of money on rent by allowing the POs to function in substandard accommodation, its senior officers maintain a luxurious living by spending lakhs of rupees by renovating their Govt. residential accommodation as often as they wish. There are instances that renovation takes place involving lakhs of rupees whenever there is a change of incumbency irrespective of duration. This is not all. There are officers like in the Accounts Wing in Circles who draw salary of more than Rs.60000/- only to deal with 3-4 files a day and finish their duty by writing- "The above note may be approved please’.

Within the Department itself, there is uneven distribution of work and responsibility among different cadres and posts. For example, JAO once equal in salary with IPs and later ASPs, have now risen to the rank equivalent to that of Superintendent of Posts even without having a persistent demand for it and without having to follow any formal agitational method. On the other hand IPs who are always considered back-bone of the Department for taking the responsibility to implement the plan and policies of the Department are made to suffer without being paid properly commensurate with their risk and responsibility. The long standing demand of the IP cadre to get salary on par with their counterparts in Income Tax and Central Excise Department was met with the condition that they have to concede 33.33% percent vacancies to outsiders for direct recruitment. IPs thought that their demand is finally recognized. With acceptance of the demand for equality of pay with their counterparts in Income Tax, Central Excise Departments and Central Secretariat Service, the IPs reconciled to the fate of taking extra burden of vacancies which remained unfilled due to time-taking process of recruitment through SSC. The Inspectors in Income Tax Department, Central Excise & Customs Department and Assistants in CSS got their GPs upgraded to Rs.4600/- subsequently but the IPs are left in high and dry. The Secretary (Posts) who was a member of the National Level Anomaly Committee got higher GPs for high level officers of the Department but did nothing to get the GP of IPs upgraded. The present Secretary (Posts) however, showed some sympathy for IP line officials and sent the proposal for upgradation of GP to MOF twice. But on both occasions the proposal was received back with the reported observation of MOF that the IPs are not comparable with their counterparts in Income Tax and Central Excise Departments. This is in spite of the fact that there was a common recruitment examination for all these cadres / posts by SSC. This also nullified all the efforts made previously to bring the pay of IPs fixed on par with Inspectors of Income Tax and Central Excise Departments by accepting the condition of introducing an element of direct recruitment to IP cadre to the extent of 1/3rd of the vacancies which is now a botheration to the IP cadre as the vacancies meant for direct recruitment remain unfilled years together and the existing IPs take the burden of extra workload of the vacant posts. What an irony is this!

After upgradation of GPs of Inspectors of Income Tax, Central Excise & Customs and Assistants in CSS to Rs.4600/- the DOP initially showed some interest in submitting the proposal to the MOF. Immediately after the last All India Conference of IPs & ASPs was over in the first week of April 2010, the Department invited our GS to formulate another proposal for submission to MOF for upgradation of GP of IPs to Rs.4600/- The IPs/ASPs pinned their hopes on the initiatives of the Department. But till now further proposal to MOF has not been submitted. There is a studied silence now as if everything is alright.

After implementation of MACPS, the IPs are now getting GP lower than clerical staff in some cases. In many cases PS Gr.B cadre officers are now placed in a lower GP than the AAOs (previously JAOs) who work under them, under the impact of MACPS. The condition of ASPs is not better either. In fact whatever distinction the IPs and ASPs had prior to implementation of MACP Scheme, that distinction now stands diluted as the ASPs are getting the same GP as by the clerical staff. But the senior officers overlooking these ground realities continue to treat IPs and ASPs as the bonded labourers.

IPs and ASPs known for their loyalty to the Department are treated like lower than Class-III officials although the ASPs by getting a non-functional Gazetted status are made to lose PLB also. Except a nomenclature, ASPs got nothing. Now after implementation of MACPS the GP of a majority number of ASPs is same as that of a good number of clerical staff while responsibility-wise IP line officials shoulder much larger burden. IPs and ASPs are not allowed their legitimate dues so far as GP is concerned. Yet the Department is busy in extracting work through coercive method. IP line officials are responsible for achieving RPLI and BD/FS targets in addition to their traditional work of carrying out inspections /visits, investigating loss and fraud cases, attending to numerous inquiries etc. but in return the Department continues to treat them with step-motherly attitude. The IPs and ASPs also cannot go on leave even if they are ill, otherwise they will get the period of leave treated as Dies-non. It is not known how long the so called back-bone of the Department will remain straight and strong. Poor IP line officials!

The Department has introduced so many new things/schemes most of which have eventually failed to work on the ground due to half-hearted and impractical approach of the plan / policy makers. Public at large are gradually loosing faith in the Department and moving away to Private Service Providers. In last two years the Dept. has taken inititative to put special care for improvement of service and image through modernisation of 1500 important POs under Project Arrow. But it is too little , too late. That too, it does not address the issue of staff shortage. Still the higher management of the Department is sitting pretty unmindful of the gradual degeneration of the Department. It is something like Nero playing Violin when Rome was burning. God save this Department!

(NB: Comments on this article are welcome. Factual error, if any may be pointed out for correction)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcoming retirements and possible officiating chances in PS Gr.B posts

Upcoming retirements on superannuation
Sri M Kotesh Ch. Patra:        30th June’10
Sri Krushna Chandra Majhi:  31st July’10
Sri Kailash Ch Mohanty-I:     31st July’10

ASPs in the line of getting officiating subject to their  fitness on Disc/Vig clearance and unconditional willingness to work anywhere in Orissa:
Sri K C Ghadei
Sri S N Panda
Sri Prasan Ku. Patra
Sri Suresh Ku. Mishra
Sri Jumbel Munda
Sri Krutartha Behera
Sri Aswini Ku. Panda
Sri Prasanna Ku. Sahoo
Sri Sarbeswar Mishra

Monday, May 17, 2010

Temporary down-gradation of the post of SSPOs Koraput to accommodate reverted officer

Sri M Kotesh Ch. Patra on completion of his 11 months officiating stint in JTS Gr.A as SSPOs, Koraput was due for reversion to PS Gr.B post. Circle Administration ordered his reversion to-day to the downgraded post of Koraput Division to accommodate him in his reverted status of PS Gr.B post at the same station and saved possible expenses on TA (on his reversion to any other post). Sri Patra is due for retirement on superannuation in June 2010.    

Friday, May 14, 2010

Updates on transfer/ postings of PS Gr.B & IP /ASP cadres

Sri K P Parida who was earlier posted as Supdt, PSD, Bhubaneswar is now posted as AD(Inv/PG/Rectt/Personal), CO. Bhubaneswar.

Sri P K Maikap on reallotment to Orissa Circle is posted as Supdt. PSD, Bhubaneswar

Sri Khageswar Mohanta has assumed the charge of SPOs, Kalahandi on 10.05.2010.

Sri N K Samal has assumed the charge of Senior Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO on 14.05.2010.

Sri D P Dash has assumed the charge of redeginated post of IP(SB/PLI), CO, Bhubaneswar

Sri Tapas Ku. Dash has assumed the charge of Manager(BD) (IP Grade), CO, Bhubaneswar

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Members of Postal Services Board in-Charge of specific Circles

Hon’ble Minister for Communication and IT has observed that there is no integration between top management and Circle level operations, with Postal Services Board, having six Members is virtually excluded from any effective role. He also observed that work distribution among Members in the Board is haphazard and unequal. To put in place an effective administrative mechanism with greater accountability and participation the Members of the PSB have been made in- charge of specific Circles as follows. This is in addition to their existing functional responsibilities.
Circles                                    Jurisdiction of Members of PSB
Central Zone
MP, Chhatisgarh, Orissa:                                       Maj. Gen V Sadasivam
North Zone
HP, Haryana, Punjab, J and K:                           Ms. Manjula Prasher
South Zone
AP, TN, Karnataka, Kerala:                                Mr. P K Gopinath
North & Eastern Zone
UP, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand :                     Dr. Uday Balakrishna
East Zone
Bihar, WB, Assam, NE:                                       Mrs. Indira Krishna Kumar
West Zone
Maharastra, Gujarat, Rajasthan:                            Mr. S Samant

Orders for MACP get delayed

Orders for financial upgradtion under MACPS of IPs/ASPs in Orissa Circle will take some time more to be released. Benefiaries have to wait for about a week from now.

Redesignation of IP posts in Circle Office, Bhubaneswar

The post of II(Cell) is now redesignated as IP(SB/PLI) who will report to newly designated post of AD(CBS) on diversion of the post of Supdt, PSD, Sambalpur.

The post of IP(Technology) which was vacant since ad hoc promotion of Sri Khageswar Mallick to ASP cadre is now designated as Manager (BD) who will report to AD(TO/BD)

Allotment of Sri M C Naik to Berhampur Region

Sri Mohan Ch. Naik, ASP(HQ), RMS 'K' Divn Jharsuguda who on selection for ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B cadre was allotted to Sambalpur Region is now allotted to Berhampur Region due to want of vacancy in Sambalpur Region.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reallotment of Sri P K PMaikap to Orissa Circle

Sri P K Maikap, a PS Gr.B Officer now working as SPOs Malda Division in WB Circle has been reallotted to Orissa Circle. His posting order in Orissa Circle is awaited.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Regular promotion to ASP cadre

As per orders released by Circle Office, Bhubaneswar vide Memo. No.ST/24-15(1)/2004 dated 07.05.2010, the following IP line officials have been given promotion to ASP cadre on regular basis from the date they assume charge.
The promoted officers can exercise their option for fixation of pay under FR 22(1)(a)(1) within one month of their assuming charge.
  1. Sri P K Behera, ASP(OD), Puri
  2. Sri J K Jena, ASP I/c, Bhubaneswar North
  3. Sri B M Das Mohapatra, ASP(HQ), Puri
  4. Sri P K Nanda, ASP, Bhubaneswar RMS
  5. Sri Sukadev Sahoo, ASP(BD), RMS N Divn, Cuttack
  6. Sri R K Pradhan in  Berhampur Region
  7. Sri Madhu Mirdha in Berhampur Region
  8. Sri Gopesh Dash in Berhampur Region
  9. Sri B K Satpathy in Berhampur Region
  10. Sri Ekalabya Choudhury in Sambalpur Region
The place of postings of the ASPs in HQ Region has remained unchanged. As regards, ASPs in Berhampur and Sambalpur Region, the respective ROs will decide.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Useful information for touring Gangtok

A beautiful article posted in Gconnect site about useful information on Gangtok tour is worth going through. Please click on the link if it interests you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Posting in PS Gr.B cadre(on ad hoc) promotion in Sambalpur Region

Sri D Rana is posted as AD-I, RO, Sambalpur. Posting of Sri M C Naik who is allotted to Sambalpur Region on ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B cadre is held up due to want of vacancy in Sambalpur Region as one post of  PS Gr.B i.e. Supdt, PSD, Sambalpur is now kept attached to CO, Bhubaneswar for CBS related work. 

Model Recruitment Rules for Group 'C' posts in Pay Band-I, with Grade Pay of Rs.18001- (Pre-revised Group 'D' posts)

For details please click on the link below:

New Jt. Director PTC Mysore

As per orders released by Directorate on 06.05.2010, Ms. D Veena Kumari will be the new Joint Director, PTC Mysore in place of Sri S Rajendra Kumar who proceeded on deputation ( to UIDA).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Updates through CHQ

The proposal for upgradation of GP of IPs due for submission to MOF again has not yet been sent. Time-line for resubmission of the proposal is not known.

Result of IP Exam 2009 will take sometime (more than one month, at least) to be out.

Surplus candidates of IP Exam 2008 have to wait for getting the allotment. The matter is unlikely to be settled before 15 days from now.

Supplementary DPC for PS Gr.B nomination is over. Result is expected any time.

Source: GS on phonic contact on 06.05.2010

Updates on ASP DPC and MACPS for IP/ASP

DPC for regular promotion of IPs to ASP Grade is meeting shortly. Chief PMG is the Chairperson of DPC for the purpose.

Scrutiny of related records for finalising eligible IPs and ASPs in the Circle for financial upgradtion under MACPS is over. The case is in advance stage for early completion of the process.

Transfer and posting of Sri Banambar Sethy

Sri Banambar Sethy, IP, Malkangiri Sub-Division is transferred and posted as IP(PG), Divisional Office, Jeypore(K).

Modification in transfer and posting orders in PS Gr.B posts

Sri S K Mohapatra who was posted as Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO joined as SPOs, Dhenkanal as per his posting orders issued earlier.

Sri N K Samal, ASP(OD) Bhadrak Division who was allotted to Berhampur Region on ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B cadre is now posted as Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO.

Sri Jeeraman Deep who was allotted to Sambalpur Region on ad hoc promotion to PS Gr. B cadre is now allotted to Berhampur Region.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Constitution of Joint Committee to examine the anomalies pertaining to MACP Scheme

Govt has constituted a Joint Committee consisting of members from both official side and staff side to examine the anomalies pertaining to Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS). Govt's orders can be viewed by clicking on the following link.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Special Donation for financial assistance to Sri A K Patra, IP, Cuttack North Sub-Division

An appeal was posted in this blog on 15.04.2010 requesting members to send special donations for financial assistance to Sri A K Patra, IP Cuttack North Sub-Division who is suffering from Blood Cancer and is undergoing medical treatment at Kalinga Hospital Limited, Bhubaneswar in a very critical condition.

The Association is thankful to the following officials who have responded to the appeal so far with donation amount noted against each. Some members have informed over phone that they are sending some donations. Their names will be posted in the blog as soon as the amount is received. The Association has already made over Rs.20,000/- to Sri Patra's family on 30.04.2010 from the sum received upto then. Second installment will be paid shortly.

Members who are willing to render financial assistance to Sri Patra at this critical moment are once again requested to send their donations to the following address:

Sri Pitabasa Jena, Treasurer , All India Association of IPs and ASPs, Orissa Circle Branch, Bhubaneswar 751001.

Members who have donated for the cause so far:
1.Sri Dhiren Das, ASP I/c, Jajpur: Rs.500/-
2.Sk. Md. Noman, ASP I/c, Kendrapara:Rs.500/-
3.Sri Pravakar Soreng, IP, Karanjia: Rs.500/-
4.Sri Gourang Ch. Behera, IP, Udala: Rs.500/-
5.Sri Gopabandhu Sahoo, IP, Baripada: West Rs.500/-
6.Sri Jayanta Ku. Das, IP, Pattamundai: Rs.500/-
7.Sri Pitabasa Jena, IP(Project Arrow), CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
8.Sri B B Mohanty, Manager, Project Arrow, CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
9.Sri Khageswar Mallick, ASP(TO), CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
10.Sri Asit Kumar Nayak, IP, Nimapara Sub-Division: Rs.500/-
11.Sri D K Samal, Dy Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO: Rs.500/-
12.Sri Parameswar Nayak, IP, Jajpur Road : Rs.500/-
13.Sri Prasanna Kumar Sahoo, ASP(Inv), CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
14.Sri Pradatta Ku. Das, IP, Bhubaneswar South: Rs.500/-
15.Sri Mrutyunjay Bera, IP, Dharmasala: Rs.500/-
16.Smt. A B Mohanty, IP(PG), Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
17.Sri Basant Kumar Singha, IP Rajnilgiri: Rs:500/-
18.Sri Alekh Ku. Mohanty, ASP, NSPC, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
19.Sri Udaykar Sahoo, IP, Rairangpur: Rs.500/-
20.Sri B G Satapathy, Supdt of POs, Keonjhar Division: Rs.500/-
21.Sri T R Shyam Sundar, ASP, KKD Divn, Koraikudi (Tamilnadu): Rs.500/-
22.Sri Ch. Jawahar Rao, Oftg IP(PG), Berhampur: Rs.500/-
23.Sri Srinvas Kanungo, PA(CO), Circle Office: Rs.200/-
24.Sri Prakash Ku. Behera, PA, Khurda HO: Rs.100/-
25.Sri Sanjay Kumar Mohapatra, SPOs, Dhenkanal: Rs.500/-
26.Sri Tapas Kumar Dash, II(Vig), CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
27.Sri Bijay Kumar Patra, ASP(Vig), CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
28.Sri Debi Prasad Nayak, ASP(PG), CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
29.Sri Khageswar Mohanta, ASP I/c, Puri: Rs.500/-
30.Sri H S Mohapatra, ASP I/c, Berhampur North: Rs.500/-
31.Sri Manoj Ku Pattanaik, Cuttack Central: Rs.500/-
32.Sri Bipin Bihari Negi, ASP(HQ), Bolangir: Rs.500/-
33.Sri Ekalabya Choudhury, ASP I/c, Bolangir Central: Rs.500/-
34.Sri Debaraj Sethi, Manager, NSPC, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
35.Sri Kartik Ch. Ghadei, ASP(OD), Mayurbhanj: Rs.500/-
36.Sri L N Mishra, IP, N 2nd Sub-Divn, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
37.Sri B N Purohit, ASP(Inv), RO, Sambalpur: Rs.500/-
38.Sri Prasant Ku. Patra, PI, RO, Sambalpur: Rs.500/-
39.Sri Permanand Kumar, ASP(BD), RO, Calicut (Kerala): Rs.500/-
40.Sri Suresh Ku. Mishra, ASP(OD), Cuttack North: Rs.500/-
41.Sri Debi Prasad Dash, IP(Cell), CO, Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
42.Sri Jameswar Garnaik, IP, Jharsuguda: Rs.500/-
43.Sri Samarjeet Nayak, IP, Jaleswar West: Rs.500/-
44.Sri Sarbeswar Choudhury, II(Plg), CO, BBSR: Rs.500/-
45.Sri Bijay Ku. Mishra, IP, Bhadrak East: Rs.500/-
46.Sri K C Chinara, ASP I/c, Bhadrak Central: Rs.500/-
47.Sri P K Behera, ASP(OD), Puri: Rs.500/-
48.Sri Sarbeswar Mishra, Postmaster, Puri HO: Rs.500/-
49.Sri Krutartha Behera, ASP I/c Balasore: Rs.500/-
50.Sri Susen Peda, ASP(OD), Balasore: Rs.500/-
51.Sri R K Singh, ASP(OD), Cuttack City: Rs.500/-
52.Sri P N Pattanayak, ASP I/c, Cuttack East: Rs.500/-
53.Sri Jagdish Das, IP, Kujang: Rs.500/-
54.Sri B K Kar, ASP(OD), Bhubaneswar: Rs.500/-
55.Sri Ritesh Ku. Sinha, O/o PMG, Calicut (Kerala): Rs.500/-
56.Sri P C Mohapatra, ASP(LC), CO, Bhubaneswar:Rs.500/-
57.Sri Suvrakash Nayak, IP, Anandapur:Rs.500/-
58.Sri Antaryami Behera, ASP I/c, Dhenkanal: Rs.500/-
59.Sri Niranjan Mohanty, IP, Angul West: Rs.500/-
60.Sri D P Satpathy, IP, Angul East: Rs.500/-
61.Sri R N Behera, IP, Kamakhyanagar: Rs.500/-
62.Sri Siatanath Das, ASP(HQ), Balasore: Rs.500/-
63.Sri Bijay Ku.Mohanty, IP, Soro: Rs.500/-
64.Sri Girish Ch. Sahoo, ASP I/c, Keonjhar : Rs.500/-
65.Sri Surajit Ku. Moharana, IP (PG), Keonjhar : Rs.500/-
66.Sri Jumbel Munda, ASP(HQ), Keonjhar: Rs.500/-
67.Sri Sukadev Sahoo, ASP(BD), RMS 'N' Divn, Cuttack

Transfers and postings in IP and ASP cadre

The following transfers and postings have been ordered by CO, Bhubaneswar:

Sri Sarbeswar Baliarsingh, IP Nayagarh East is transferred to Sambalpur Region and posted as IP, Baneigarh.
Sri Gangadhar Mohanty, OS, Cuttack City Division who was on orders of transfer as IP, Cuttack West is now posted as OS, Bhadrak Division.
Sri R K Sahoo, ASP Baripada Central is transferred and posted as ASP(HQ), Cuttack North Division

Attachment of post of Supdt, PSD, Sambalpur to Circle Office for CBS related work

As per orders issued by CO, Bhubaneswar vide Memo. No.EST-1/1-14/2007-08(Review) dated 03.05.2010, the post of Supdt, PSD, Sambalpur will remain attached to CO for CBS( Core Banking Solutions) implementation.

PSD Bhubaneswar will now take care for supply of forms / stationery to POs in Dhenkanal & Keonjhar Divisions which was hirtherto being done by PSD, Sambalpur

Redesignation of APMG(Vig) and revised work allocation in CO, Bhubaneswar

As per the orders issued by CO, Bhubaneswar vide Memo. No.EST/-1/1-14/2007-08(Review) dated 03.05.2010, APMG (Vig) is redesignated as APMG (Vig/Staff). He will look after Vigilance and Staff Sections. The AD(Staff/Rectt) is redesignated as AD(Rectt/Inv/PG). He will look after Recruitment, Investigation and PG Sections.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Financial assistance to Sri A K Patra, IP Cuttack North for medical treatment

The C S Sri B B Mohanty accompanied by Sri P itabasa Jena, Treasurer and Sri D P Nayak, Asst. CS met Sri A K Patra in Kalinga Hospital where he is under treatment and made over a sum of Rs.20000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand) only to his family in his presence on 30.04.2010. It is found that Sri Patra is responding well to the treatment. 

The sum so made over is the donations collected so far as per the details posted in this blog. The CS has received telephonic information that some more donations are coming in from the well-wishers of Sri Patra. On receipt of further donations, the second installment will be similarly made over to Sri Patra's family which is facing acute financial problem due to heavy expenditure on  treatment of Sri Patra and on allied expenditure for the persons attending him.