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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Allotment of Direct Recruit IPs to Circles

Directorate has published list of 270 Direct Recruit IP candidates (who have come out successful in the Combined Graduate Level Exam 2008 conducted by SSC) allotted to different Circles. The detailed list is available for downloading from the following link.

Candidates allotted to Orissa:
Rank in the list
Name of the candidate
Gyana Ranjan Pradhan
Sanjay Kumar Pradhan
Ranmay Kumar Patra
Biswamohan Matha
Tapas Kumar Perai

The following candidates having permanent residence in Orissa have been allotted to AP Circle.
Rank in the list
Name of the candidate
Circle to which allotted
Kishore Chandra Nayak
Ranjan Kumar Sahoo
Gourish Kumar Jena

News from CHQ

1. Revision of Grade Pay for IP:File is still pending in the Establishment Division of the Directorate. Recruitment Rules of Income Tax Officers in CBDT and Superintendents in CBEC are required for further processing the case. Members may please help the CHQ to procure the same so that it could be submitted to the Department.

2. Result of PS Group B exam :
It is likely to be announced by the end of November 2010 or first week of December 2010.

3. PS Group B DPC for the year 2010:
It is likely to be held in November 2010. Exact date of DPC is yet to be fixed.

4. Outsourcing of examinations:
It is likely to be finalized by January 2011. All examinations are likely to be conducted on objective type.

5. Revision of Honorarium of Invigilators for departmental examinations.
Case is under consideration by the department. Department is in the process of collecting information on amount being paid for invigilators by the SSC/UPSC. Information from the UPSC is awaited. Members may please help the CHQ to procure the rates being paid by SSC/UPSC so that it could be shared with the Department.

6. Revision of Fixed stationery charges for the Sub Division:
File is reported to be sent to Finance Ministry for concurrence.
Source: CHQ Blog

Orissa Circle News
Posting of IPs and regular and adhoc promotion of ASPs are expected next week (i.e first week of November 2010).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Issue of Honorarium to IPs/ASPs for invigilation duty

IP/ASP cadre is confronted with a number of issues about which the members feel desperate about their solution. The issue of upgradation of GP of IPs comes at the forefront while its solution is awaited with bated breath (though final hearing in the case gets delayed). As the Department continues to remain evasive and indifferent, hope is pinned on the outcome of OA filed in the Hon’ble CAT, Ernakulam Bench (though on individual capacity).  Future course of action and the style of functioning of IP/ASP cadre will largely depend on its outcome. Among other things, the issue of nominal honourarium for strenuous job of invigilation has come up as the latest discussion point, thanks to the things set in motion by our friends in AP Circle. As usual, view of Orissa Circle Branch is asked for. There are some comments posted in the blog asking for the stand and comment of Orissa Circle.
The initiative taken by our friends in AP Circle is praiseworthy, without doubt. Irrespective the result the initiative may bring about, like many other similar things, no one can differ from the view that at least, a debate/ discussion has been started on the issue in which the IP/ASP cadre feel humiliated for being paid a token money in the form a honorarium. The issue will definitely come up for discussion in the ensuing Circle Working Committee meeting of Orissa Circle Branch in November (before the Central Working Committee meets).  While there are number of comments relating to the issue posted in blogs of different Circle Branches of AIAIASP, it is to be examined whether or not refusing straightway to carry out invigilation duty on the ground of very low amount of honorarium is a feasible / practicable option. Refusing to accept the low amount of remuneration appears different from refusing to carry out the specific duty on written orders. Will it not attract the penal provision of refusal to carry out one’s duty, particularly when the action is not uniform in all parts of the country?  And how can the uniformity be ensured without taking the members or their representative body into confidence? Orissa Circle Branch will debate on the issue in the coming CWC meeting before arriving at a definite view.
The CS Orissa Circle has his personal experience in the matter of duty related to examination conducted by SSC. As supervisor for the SSC exam conducted 2-3 years ago for Income Tax / Central Excise Assistants, the SSC had paid handsomely (i.e. around Rs.500/-) for a day’s duty 2-3 years ago. Invigilators got not less than Rs.250/- per day. If this is possible in another Govt.  organization, how and why discrimination will be there in a Department like ours. Because this issue was not presented before the Department at the appropriate level and in appropriate manner, we are made to suffer like this. And suffering does not end without struggle. And our AP friends have set the tone for the struggle on this point. As the issue has no solution at Circle level, CHQ has an important role to play at the Directorate level.  CWC has to come up with a definite resolution on the issue which needs to be communicated to Directorate clearly .
Honorarium for invigilation duty is one of many issues on which justice needs to be done. And going by the treatment practically meted out to the cadre of IP/ASP by our own Department, Orissa Circle Branch of AIAIASP is not quite optimistic of any favourable and acceptable action by Directorate unless there is any concerted agitational movement including the option of strike for which planning needs to start at least now.  IP/ASP cadre should get what is its legitimate due and not the pittance. In a sense, the Department is promoting resentment and restiveness by not treating the IP/ASP cadre with respect. Befitting action on the part of IP/ASP cadre alone can ensure justice. Taking individual credit or criticizing each other in the cadre will lead us nowhere. It is time to get united and get set for appropriate agitational programme (including strike supported by a clearly-defined charter of demand taking into account all important issues) to achieve what is due for this cadre. Piecemeal action will bring only perfunctory result.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hearing of OA No.381/2010 postponed to 22.11.2010

Hearing of the OA No.381/2010 in the matter of GP issue of IPs in Hon'ble CAT, Ernakulam Bench was not held on 21.10.2010. The case has been posted to 22.11.2010 for final hearing. In the meantime one week  time to Applicants for filing additional rejoinder and two weeks time to Respondents to file reply to the additional rejoinder have been given.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OA No.381/2010 in the matter of GP Upgradation of IPs

As the OA No.381/2010 filed by Mr. Permanand and another is coming up for hearing in the Hon'ble CAT, Ernakulam Bench on 21.10.2010, every IP/ASP is having his / her anxious moments to know its outcome.

Supply of Computer Notebook to Divisional Heads

Postal Directorate vide its No.40-13/2010-Tech dated 19.10.2010  has placed supply orders with vendors for supply of Computer Notebook (Laptops) to Divisional Heads.

In Orissa all 21 Divisional heads (including RMS Divisions) will get Computer Notebook (of HCL Brand, Core i-3 model ) by 30.12.2010.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Delay in regular and ad hoc promotion to ASP Grade and posting of new IPs

Cases of regular and ad hoc promotions to ASP Grade and posting of new IPs are unlikely to be finalised before 28.10.2010. Same is the case of left-out cases of MACP.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


Eminent Odissi Guru Padmashree Gangadhar Pradhan passed away to-day (on 11.10.2010). AIAIASP Orissa Circle Branch pays homage to the late Guru who had significant contribution for popularising Odissi Dance across the globe.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Regular Promotion to ASP Cadre

Regular promotion of IPs to ASP Cadre in Orissa Circle is likely to be delayed for few more days.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Circle Wise List of Unfilled Vacancies /Surplus Candidates of IP Exam,2009

                                      Unfilled/Surplus       Surplus Candidates
Name of the Circle   OC      SC      ST        OC      SC      ST       
Andhra Pradesh          0          2          3          3          0          0
Assam                                  0          0          0          4          0          0
Bihar                                      0          0          0         18        0          1
Chhatisgarh                 0          0          0          1          0          0
Delhi                                      0          0          0          2          1          1
Gujrat                         12         0          2          0          0          0
Haryana                       0          0          0          13        1          0
Himachal Pradesh      0          0          0          0          0          0
J & K                           0          0          0          1          0          0
Jharkhand                   2          1          0          0          0          0
Karnatak                     0          0          0          16        3          0
Keral                           0          0          0          6          0          0
Maharastra                 13         0          1          0          0          0
MP                               1          0          0          0          0          0
North East                   0          2          0          1*+1    0          1
Orissa                          0          0          0          13        1          0
Punjab                          0          0          1          1          0          0
Rajsthan                       0          0          0          0          0          0
Tamilnadu                    0          0          0          1*+19  3          1
Uttarakhand                 2          0          0          0          0          0
UP                              23          0          7          0        0          0
West Bengal                     0          0          1          20        1          0
Total                            53        5          15        120      10        4

*Result of one surplus  OC candidate from NE and one surplus OC candidate from Tamilnadu will be announced later.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Updates on transfer and postings

Shri P.K.Maikap joined as AD(FS/MM), CO, Bhubaneswar on 4th Oct,2010. Shri Sarbeswar Mishra who was officiating as AD(FS) on adhoc basis has been reverted to the cadre of ASP and posted as ASP(Inv), CO, Bhubaneswar in place of Shri P.K. Sahu vide CO, Memo No.ST/2-4(3)/2004/Ch.I dated 6th October, 2010. Shri Sahu will join as AD(RO), Berhampur who has been promoted to the cadre of PS Gr-B on adhoc basis.

Shri Satyabadi Sahoo, SPOs, Cuttack North Divn has been transferred and posted as Officer-on-Special Duty(OSD), O/O CPMG, Orissa Circle and Shri S C Sukla, DSRM, RMS N Division, Bhubaneswar has been transferred and posted as SPOs, Cuttack North Division vide CO Memo No.ST/2-4/94 dated 5th October, 2010.

Result of IPO Exam, 2009

AIAIASP, Orissa Circle congratulates the selected and surplus candidates of IPO, Exam, 2009.
A) Selected Candidates (Orissa Circle)
1. Yerra Polayyo,RMS ‘BG’ Divn, 2. Amulya Pd. Panda, RMS ‘N’ Divn now at CO, 3. Debasis Sahani, Cuttack City,  4. Monalisa Das, Cuttack South, 5. Manoj Ku. Dash, Bhubaneswar, 6. Kiranmala Panda, RMS ‘BG’ Divn, 7. Bibhudatta Behera, Bhadrak, 8. Rajendra Pd. Dash, Cuttack North, 9. Bijay Ku. Pradhan, RMS ‘N’ Divn, 10. Paramananda Sahu, Cuttack North, 11. Lingaraj Meher (ST), PSD, Sambalpur, 12. Debadatta Jena (SC),  Cuttack North, 13. Ch. Jawahar Rao (SC), Berhampur

B) Surplus Candidates (Orissa Circle)
1. Ramesh Ch. Sahoo, Cuttack North, 2. Sanjit Ku. Satpathy, Dhenknal, 3. Neeta Serem Seti, Bhubaneswar, 4. Soumya P Panigrahi, Bhadrak, 5. Khirod Ku. Das, Cuttack South, 6. Debasis Satpathy, Cuttack South, 7. Sapan Ku. Panigrahi, Balasore, 8. Manas Ranjan Parida, RMS ‘N’ Divn , 9. Shiba Pd. Behera ,Bhadrak now at CO, 10. Pranab Ku. Mishra, Bhubaneswar, 11. M. Sanjay Ku. Dora, RMS ‘K’ Divn, 12. Sanjeeb Ku. Bhuyan, RMS ‘N’ Divn, 13. Jyotirmayee Mallik, RMS ‘N’ Divn ,14. Jagat Ram Tajan (SC), Sundergarh