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Monday, May 30, 2011


The following officers are retiring on 31.05.2011 A/N on superannuation.

Sri Niranjan Patro, Supdt, CSD, Bhubaneswar

Sri Panchanan Swain, Dy. Manager, PPP, Bhubaneswar

AIAIASP bids respectful farewell to these officers and wishes them good health and peace of mind in their post-retirement days.

Postings in PS Gr.B cadre

Sri Muralidhar Singh, PS Gr.B Officer reallotted to Orissa Circle is posted as Supdt, CSD, Bhubaneswar vice Sri Niranjan Patro retiring on superannuation on 31.05.2011.

Sri Laxmidhar Sahoo, ASP(HQ), Bhubaneswar Division who after regular promotion to PS Gr.B cadre was awaiting posting is now posted as Dy. Manager, PPP, Bhubaneswar vice Sri Panchanan Swain retiring on superannuation on 31.05.2011.

Orders to this effect have been released by Circle Office on 30.05.2011.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Retirement on superannuation

Smt. Indira Krishna Kumar, Member (Planning), Postal Services Board is retiring on 31.05.2011 on superannuation. She worked as Chief PMG, Orissa Circle during 2004 to 2007 before moving in to Tamilnadu Circle from where she got promotion as Member (HRD). On the eve of her retirement she called the CS over phone on 29.05.2011 to convey her good wishes to all IPs/ASPs in Orissa Circle and their family members.

During her tenure in Orissa Circle Smt. Indira Krishna Kumar had won the hearts of all classes of employees by her humanitarian approach on every aspect in the sphere of her work and beyond. She is an ardent follower of Ramakrishna Order and is a known philanthropist who has given away thousands of rupees on charity for cause of orphans and poor girls. Many institutions in Orissa are the beneficiaries of her philanthropic activity.

Her absolute faith in God, deep knowledge on philosophy of life, simplicity in living, compassion towards downtrodden, charity to the poor and needy and humbleness in behaviour  make her a saintly figure.

Despite her retirement from active public service under the Govt. of India, her legacy will live on to guide, inspire and influence thousands of people in different parts of the country.

On the occasion of her retirement from Govt. Service (not public service), Orissa Circle Branch of AIAIASP is privileged to bid her a respectful farewell and wishes her all the best in her post-retirement period. May all good things in the world happen to her family.

B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary, AIAIASP
 Odisha Circle Branch
Bhubaneswar 751001

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flash: Revised vacancy position for PS Gr.B Exam to be held on 29.05.2011

As per the directions of the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh Bench, Directorate has issued orders on 27.05.2011 revising the vacancy position for PS Group B Examination to be held on 29.05.2011. The revised vacancy position is as follows:

Total vacancy
IP Line
General Line
The number of vacancies for IPO line officials came down to 3 from 32 announced earlier while the vacancy for general line officials went up to 25 from 10 announced earlier.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Undemocratic attitude of Chief PMG protested

In the four-monthly meeting of this Association with Chief PMG held on 26.04.2011 an item was taken up for  taking measure to avoid delay in making ad hoc arrangement in vacant posts of ASPs and for issue of instruction to Divisional units to fill up vacant posts of IPs on officiating arrangement. In fact this item was taken up as an appeal against non-compliance of assurance given in reply to item no.1-5/2008 taken up with DPS (HQ) in 2008. While the Association was expecting justice from the Circle Head, reply was given orally during the discussion in the meeting that no instruction would be issued to Divisional units. This meant that Circle Office went back its earlier assurance of issuing instruction to Divisional units. This made the Circle Secretary to make a remark that IP cadre officials are harassed by way of imposition of avoidable extra workload. The Chief PMG, instead of appreciating the difficulties faced by IP cadre officials, openly declared in the meeting in presence of officers of administrative side and the representatives of sister Associations that IP cadre officials will be put into more harassment. The remark was an insult to the entire IP cadre. The matter came up for discussion in the CWC meeting of the Circle Branch Association held on 01.05.2011. The CWC passed a resolution condemning the remark and attitude of the Circle Administration. The Circle Secretary communicated the resolution to CPMG in the Association’s letter dated 03.05.2011. The Association got a reply from Circle Office through the letter dated 11.05.2011 which it is alleged that the Circle Secretary  addressed the Chair in a rude manner and made insinuating remarks against functioning of Circle Office. The reply also mentioned that such behaviour of the Circle Secretary was uncalled for when CPMG agreed to issue instruction to Divisional Heads for officiating arrangement in the vacant posts of IPs.  The Association to its surprise found that the narration given in reply in the letter of Circle Office was not based on facts. All the representatives of the other Associations present in the meeting are witness to the incident. It is clear that the Circle Administration first threatened to put IP cadre officials into more harassment and when confronted with a resolution condemning such remark, has come up later with a reply endorsing copy to Divisional Heads and all IPs individually, with distorted facts. The Association has countered the position by giving a reply on 18.05.2011.  Since Circle Office has taken first step to formally inform everybody about the incident, the entire range of correspondences is reproduced below for information of all members (through this posting in the blog as it is difficult to send hard copy to every member by post).

It is to mention here that in the final reply to the Association as per minutes of the meeting, the Circle Administration has mentioned to issue instruction to Divisional Heads for making officiating arrangement in vacant posts of IPs as per rules. It appears, Circle Administration has changed its earlier stand for obvious reasons.   

CS, AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch
NB: Members requested to go through the entire range of communications to know the actual position.
Agenda taken up with Circle Administration

In 2008
Item No.1-5/2008: Ad hoc / officiating arrangement in the vacant posts of IPs/ASPs

Brief: A number of posts of Inspectors of Posts have been kept unfilled and the existing Inspectorial staff are given extra burden of vacant posts for indefinite period which makes them restless as they have to work day in and day out to cope up with the extra workload. Unlike grant of OTA to operative staff, no financial benefit is given for such extra workload. Ad hoc arrangement though required is not done in majority cases. The Association requests that in the cases where no arrangement is made in vacant posts of IPs for a period exceeding two weeks, the Inspectorial staff taking extra burden be suitably compensated financially or else ad hoc officiating arrangement may kindly be made.

In 2011
Item No. 4-4/ 2011: Request for avoiding delay in making ad hoc / officiating arrangement in vacant posts of IPs & ASPs

Brief:     A number of posts of IPs are kept vacant for years together with the arrangement that existing IPs are given extra burden of vacant posts for indefinite period.  This Association had taken up the matter in bi-monthly meeting with DPS(HQ) vide item No.1-5/2008. Reply was given to the Association during bi-monthly meeting on 26.06.2008 that instruction would be issued to Divisional Heads to make ad hoc arrangement in the vacant posts of IPs.  But this Association is not aware if any such instruction has ever been issued by Circle Office. To the contrary it is learnt from some Divisional Heads in HQ Region that Circle Office discouraged them to make ad hoc arrangement in vacant posts of IPs leaving the extra burden of work on the existing Inspectorial staff to continue for indefinite period. 

Now a number of posts of ASPs are vacant for months together.  They have not been filled up through ad hoc arrangement despite a number of requests from the Association to take timely action to fill up the vacant posts of ASPs. The Association has been observing that the Circle Administration’s attitude towards IP line official is indifferent and unhelpful which is not at all good for running the administration efficiently. The Association once again urges the Circle administration to look into this aspect to see that avoidable extra burden is not imposed on the existing IP line officials by allowing the vacancies in posts of ASPs to continue for months together.

Association’s letter dated 03.05.2011 condemning attitude and remark of Head of the Circle

By Speedpost  
No.AIAIASP/ Corr-1/5-11
Dated 03.05.2011
Mrs. Hilda Abraham
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle
Bhubaneswar 751001

Sub:   Resolution passed in the CWC meeting of the Association held on 01.05.2011 at Bhubaneswar.

Respected Madam,

During the four-monthly meeting of the Head of the Circle with the Association held on 26.04.2011, the Circle Secretary of this Association mentioned that IPs/ASPs are imposed with the burden of avoidable extra work-load as the vacant posts of IPs and ASPs are allowed to continue for indefinite period. Request was reiterated to issue written instruction to Divisional Heads to make ad hoc arrangements in the vacant posts of IPs as per the reply given to this Association during the bi-monthly meeting with DPS(HQ) on 26.06.2008 in respect of item No. 1-5/2008. It was also requested to take measures to minimize the delay in filling up vacant posts of ASPs in future as there are instances of not making any arrangement in the vacant posts of ASPs for around 11 months since the vacancy occurred, despite request of the Association, and this amounted to one kind of harassment. In this context Chief PMG maintained that no written orders will be issued for making ad hoc arrangement in the vacant posts of IPs and remarked, “There will be more harassment”. Such remark was passed in presence of, among others, the representatives of other Associations and two Regional Heads present in the meeting. The remark was an example of exhibition of administrative arrogance aimed at undermining the relevance of the Association as a democratic body for ventilation of grievances of staff side. Instances are reported earlier under the Association's letter dated 27.08.2010 wherein it was mentioned, among other things, that an IP line official shifted from office to hospital for heart-related treatment was even not spared of written warning for alleged ‘unauthorised absence’.

The CWC of the Association which met in the PRC of Bhubaneswar GPO on 01.05.2011 took up the matter for discussion and passed a resolution condemning the remark and attitude of the Circle Administration towards IP cadre officials. It was decided that the matter will be taken up for discussion in the ensuing general body meeting of the Circle Branch Association.
This is for kind information.

With regards,
Yours faithfully,
(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

Copy by e-mail to:
1.     Sri Roop Chand, General Secretary, AIAIASP, CHQ, New Delhi for information and taking necessary action at Dte / Ministry level.
2.     Sri P K Bisoi, PMG, Sambalpur Region, Sambalpur for kind information
3.     Sri S K Kamila, PMG, Berhampur Region, Berhampur for kind information.

Reply dated 11.05.2011 by Circle Office to Associations letter dated 03.05.2011
Copy of CO letter No.WL/24-7/2001-Ch.I, dated at Bhubaneswar the    11.5.2011
Sri B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary
All India Association of IPs and ASPs
Orissa Circle Branch
Bhubaneswar 751001
Sub:     Four monthly Union meeting of Association held with Inspectors and Asst. Supdt Posts on 26.04.2011
Ref:      Your letter No.AIAIASP/Corr-1/5-11 dated 03.05.2011
During the Four Monthly Union meeting held on 26.04.2011 a new item vide No.4-4/2011 relating to request for making ad hoc / officiating arrangement in vacant posts of IPs /ASPs was taken up by All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents of Posts.
During discussion of the said item, the Circle Secretary was clearly told by the Chair that as per Appendix Postal Manual Vol. III, the Divisional Head is competent to make officiating arrangement against the vacant post of Inspector of Posts are not of more than four months’ duration and beyond that they will take the approval of Circle Office. The Circle Secretary insisted that instruction in this regard should be issued by Circle Office to all the Divisional Heads. This was then agreed to by the Chair.
Instead of going to next item, the Circle Secretary made a remark that in Sambalpur Region all vacant posts are being filled up on officiating arrangement and the Postmaster General Sambalpur has issued orders / instructions to that effect. He further added that in Head Quarters Region, nothing is being done and he remarked that “we feel very much harassed”. The remark of the Circle Secretary was totally uncalled for especially given the fact that despite rules being very much clear, the Chair had agreed to reiterate those rules. The Circle Secretary is well aware that on taking over charge of the Circle, the Chief PMG has taken personal interest to ensure that the vacancy position of IPs / ASPs which had not been correctly reflected in the past to Directorate is reflected properly this time, so that all the posts get filled up and operational pressure on the IPs / ASPs gets reduced. During visits also the Chief PMG has made it a point to advise the Divisional Superintendents to fill up all the vacant posts of IPs/ ASPs on officiating arrangement and for cases beyond their power to get the approval of Circle Office. This was also brought to the notice of the Circle Secretary by the Chair during the course of discussion. However, the rude manner in which the Chair was addressed by the Circle Secretary and the insinuation that nothing is being done in the Head Quarters Region especially when all officers in the Circle Office are working sincerely for improving the position of the Circle was totally uncalled for. The Circle Secretary is aware that Circle Office controls directly the Head Quarters Region which accounts for more than 60% workload of the entire Circle and further, it also functions as controlling and monitoring unit for the entire Circle. The work pressure is tremendous. Despite that if such kind of rude and insinuating remarks are made by the Circle Secretary against the Chair, the same will not be accepted.
It will be appreciated, if the Circle Secretary henceforth reflects an incident in its proper perspective to all concerned rather than in the manner in which it has been done at present.
This issues with the approval of the competent authority.
(S K Mohapatra)
Asst. Director (Welfare)
O/o CPMG, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar

Copy for information to:
1.      The General Secretary, All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Supdt of Posts, CHQ, New Delhi
2.      The Postmaster General, Berhampur / Sambalpur  Region
3.      All Divisional Heads of Orissa Circle
4.      All the ASPs/ IPs of Orissa Circle
5.      Office  Copy

Association's Rejoinder to the CO reply dated 11.05.2011
 By Speedpost

Dated 18.05.2011
Mrs. Hilda Abraham
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle
Bhubaneswar 751001

Sub:       Four-monthly meeting held with the Association of IPs and ASPs on 26.04.2011

Ref:        CO letter No.WL/24-7/2001-Ch.I dated 11.05.2011

Respected Madam,

I write to acknowledge the receipt of CO letter No. referred to above and to steer clear the facts misrepresented therein. On behalf of this Association I also take this opportunity to express sincere thanks for giving reply to the correspondence which is a rare thing done this time.

2.            In the aforesaid letter of CO, it is mentioned that the Chief PMG agreed to issue instruction to Divisional Heads for ad hoc arrangement in the vacant posts of IPs. This is absolutely incorrect. In fact it is the rigid stand of the Chief PMG not to issue any written instruction to subordinate units that dragged on the issue. Had Chief PMG really agreed to issue written instruction, there was no point in carrying on discussion on the issue further. Certainly, Chief PMG mentioned about the provision of rule about competency of the Divisional Heads to make ad hoc arrangement initially. But it was mentioned from the Association’s side (giving example of two Divisional Heads who were reportedly discouraged by Circle Office to make such ad hoc arrangement) that there is need for issuing written instruction as the Divisional Heads  are not following the provision of the rule for various reasons. Further there was need for continuing the arrangement beyond four months which is outside the powers of Divisional Heads. It was also mentioned by the Circle Secretary that the Association is helpless as Divisional Heads are not controlled by the Association.
Going by the contents of the CO letter referred to above, the Association now feels that it is the remark about Sambalpur Region (in presence of PMG Sambalpur in the meeting) that irked Chief PMG. But such remark was intended to bring home the point that Sambalpur Region has already taken action of the request of the Association, and action on the point as assured in HQ Region in response to Item No.1-5/2008 was pending for implementation. Discussion in the meeting from the Association’s side was limited to ad hoc arrangement in the vacant posts of IPs and ASPs and it is not at all a fact that the Circle Secretary ever made any sweeping remark in the meeting to the effect that nothing is being done in HQ Region. 

3.            It is beyond comprehension of the Association how the remark about an instance of good work done in Sambalpur Region was offensive in any way. If the Circle Administration feels that HQ Region is overburdened with excessive workload compared to that in other Regions of the Circle, it is for the Circle Administration to find ways and means to set the things right. In fact under written instruction of Circle Office the Circle Secretary had gone prepared to take part in the discussion on the point of reorganization of units in the Regions in the Circle in the four-monthly meeting. But from the Administrative side the issue was not touched upon in the meeting for unknown reasons,  The Association is aware of the steps taken by Circle Administration to calculate the IP vacancies but that has not yet brought any relief to the IP cadre so far as the extra workload of vacant posts carried out by them is concerned.

4.            During the meeting no insinuating remark as alleged in the CO letter referred to above was ever made by the Circle Secretary. The remark about Sambalpur Region was in no way insinuating. There are innumerable instances where examples of other Circles have been mentioned to us. We have taken such remark in good spirit, never complaining that such remark hurts the sentiments of staff of this Circle when our performance is implicitly mentioned as inferior to that of staff of other Circles.

5.            Yes, this Association insisted on issue of written instruction to subordinate units for ad hoc arrangement as oral instruction issued, if any, has not worked. But to the best of knowledge of this Association specific instruction for ad hoc arrangement of IPs has not been issued by Circle Office so far (neither on receipt of agenda nor before the actual discussion took place in the meeting on 26.04.2011 nor till now when about three weeks’ time has elapsed after the last meeting was held). Action speaks louder than words. But action on the point is yet to be visible.

6.            It is denied that the Circle Secretary made any insinuating remarks or behaved rudely during the meeting on 26.04.2011. In fact only one hour (from 12.30 hrs to 13.30 hrs) in place of standard three hour duration was allowed by the Administration for meetings with all the Associations on 26.04.2011. The meeting started 40 minutes behind schedule (at 13.10 hrs) and hurriedly proceeded towards finish.  The four-monthly meeting is not held at regular intervals. It seemed the administration had no time to hear the problems from staff side.

7.            It is admitted that the Circle Secretary mentioned about harassment to IP cadre when Chief PMG maintained a rigid stand in presence of all the representatives of sister Associations in the meeting on 26.04.2011 not to issue any written instruction to Divisional heads for making ad hoc arrangement in vacant posts of IPs. In fact this Association is witness to a number of instances where it feels that the IP cadre officials have not been given proper justice. Some instances are mentioned below. 
  1. In CO letter it is mentioned that the officers of Circle Office are working sincerely. This Association appreciates this view. But it a contraction that the Group Officers in Circle Office have received innumerable recorded warnings in past one year.  There is instance where a Group Officer who submitted his written explanation by 15.00 hrs on a day as per direction of senior officer was served with a recorded warning within an hour on the same day (as seen from the case of Sri C M Mohapatra, then officiating AD and now officiating SPOs, Balasore). But there was no time in last three years for issue of written instruction in the matter of ad hoc arrangement of IPs. 
  1. Cases of senior ASPs (like Sri K C Ghadei and Sri S K Mishra for instance) are ignored from making ad hoc arrangement for Gr.B Posts though there is no disciplinary case pending against them nor have they been awarded with the penalty of withholding of promotion. Appeal submitted by Sri S K Mishra against adverse remark on his ACR has not been disposed of for a long time. Usually ASPs facing disciplinary proceedings have been allowed ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B cadre after the punishments are over. But this has not happened in the cases of Sri K C Ghadei, ASP(OD), Mayurbhanj and Sri S K Mishra, ASP(OD), Cuttack North despite the fact that this Association had written to Circle Administration on 10.02.2011 to which no reply is received. It appears that the approach of the Circle Administration on this score is selective having no uniformity of principle. 
  1. Sri G C Mohanty  while officiating as SPOs, Balasore got regular promotion to PS Gr.B cadre vide DG Posts Order No.9-5/2010-SPG dated 24.11.2010. As per the instruction contained in the aforesaid orders of the Directorate, Sri Mohanty was supposed to be relieved by 15.12.2010 to report to CPMG Bihar to take over as a regular PS Gr.B officer. But Sri Mohanty was not relieved upto the end of February 2011 but was reverted to ASP cadre on 28.02.2011. No disciplinary proceeding was started till orders for his reversion were issued. It seems that Sri Mohanty was continued in his officiating post at Balasore beyond 15.12.2010 against his willingness for facilitating creation a plot for disciplinary action against him so that he could be denied his long awaited promotion. 
  1. Sri N K Samal while officiating as Sr. Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO got regular promotion to PS Gr.B cadre. He represented for his retention in Odisha Circle. His application was forwarded to Directorate without specific recommendation. He was made to relieve from the post of Senior Postmaster, Bhubaneswar GPO on 15.12.2010 and to proceed on leave without being allowed to continue in any officiating post of PS Gr.B in Odisha Circle unlike his other batch mates who continued in officiating status in Odisha much beyond 15.12.2010. Sri Samal is spending his leave. His junior - Sri S C Sukla (whose representation against adverse entry in his ACR was turned down) is allowed to get a regular posting in Odisha Circle to which approval has been obtained through special recommendation. Omission of the case of Sri N K Samal for his retention in Odisha Circle  vis-à-vis his junior has put a question mark on the justice and fair play by Circle Administration.
  1. Smt. Arunabala Mohanty now IP(PG), Bhubaneswar was unceremoniously reverted to IP cadre from her officiating post as ASP(HQ), Bhubaneswar Division which was mentioned by this Association in its letter dated 27.08.2010. She has a working spouse. When she was again allowed ad hoc promotion to ASP cadre in April 2011 without calling for option, it was expected that she could be accommodated in or around Bhubaneswar as a consolation for the injustice done to her earlier. But on ad hoc promotion she was posted at a relatively far off place at Balasore so that she could not avail herself of the ad hoc promotion. Posting orders on ad hoc promotion to ASP cadre were issued in April 2011 in such a way that the concerned IPs who have no practical financial benefit on ad hoc promotion found it difficult to take up promotional posts. 
  1. Instances are there in which it takes as long as 11 months to issue orders to fill up vacant posts of ASPs. While the poor IP cadre officials are made to act as messengers for conveying in person the Service Books, CR Files and Special Reports of general line officials to Circle Office for various purposes, they are helplessly watching that cases of the officials of their own lot are put on the back burner. 
  1. IPs/ASPs whose cases have been omitted from grant of MACP since the date of first implementation of the scheme are awaiting orders for financial upgradation under the scheme. They have submitted a number of representations. Some of them had even filed applications under RTI finding no other way to get relief. Their cases are yet to be considered despite written assurance given during the four-monthly meeting that all pending cases will be cleared by 30.04.2011. 
8.            The aforesaid instances are illustrative only and not exhaustive. Some more instances were mentioned in the Association’s letter dated 27.08.2010 to which no formal reply has been received so far.

9.            What remains undisputed in the CO letter referred to above is the fact that the Chief PMG in full view of the representatives of different Associations and officers from Administrative side present in the meeting threatened the Circle Secretary of this Association of more harassment to IP cadre officials. It is unthinkable of any person owing allegiance to the Constitution of India, least of all a dignitary holding the responsible post as high as the Head of a Circle, to openly declare to cause harassment to a class of officials. This defies all democratic norms and principles. Nothing can justify such action.

10.          It is quite surprising that the Circle Administration has chosen to give reply to this Association based on incorrect information about the incident in the four-monthly meeting held on 26.04.2011, particularly when the meeting was held, not in camera, but in full view of a number of staff representatives and officers from administration side present in the meeting. (The representative nominated by this Association to accompany the Circle Secretary to the meeting could not attend the meeting as he was kept engaged in official work to which this Association did not object as a matter of courtesy). The representatives present in the meeting will vouch for facts mentioned by the Circle Secretary on all the aforesaid aspects if their version is taken.

11.          The IP line officials are known for their loyalty to the Department and are working hard beyond their normal working hours to implement the plan and policies of the Department. At the field level they are discharging their duties braving many adverse situations and spending sleepless nights to cope up with extra workload of vacant posts imposed on them. Their sincerity and efforts have helped achieve the target on various counts despite the fact that they are facing discrimination on the issue of GP upgradation. The Circle Administration instead of coming to their help has threatened to harass them more. This is not acceptable.

Till the Association feels that the Circle Administration continues with its present attitude towards IP cadre officials, this Association will not be in a position to attend future four-monthly meetings with Chief PMG. 
With regards,
Yours sincerely,
B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary

Copy to:
1.     Sri Roop Chand, General Secretary, AIAIASP, CHQ, New Delhi 110 001 for information w.r.t the letter dated 03.05.2011 of this Branch Association and for necessary action.
2.     The PMG Berhampur Region / Sambalpur Region for kind information w.r.t CO letter referred to above.
3.     All Divisional Heads of Postal & RMS units in the Circle for information w.r.t CO letter referred to above.
4.     All IPs/ASPs in the Circle for information w.r.t CO letter referred to above.
  1. All Circle Secretaries of all Associations / Unions in the Circle for information. Copies of Association’s letter dated 03.05.2011 and reply dated 11.05.2011 thereto by Circle Office are attached for information.

(Flash) Updates of CAT case regarding PS Group "B" Examination & Postmasters Cadre

The posting from the blog of AIAIASP, Punjab Circle is reproduced below for information of all concerned.  (Visit:
Moral Win
Today the case was heard before Hon'ble CAT Bench at Chandigarh. Arguments started at 10.50 hours and ended at 11.20 hours. The officers of Directorate were present to explain their position. Finally our stand has been vindicated and we have come out with flying colours. Hon'ble Court has allowed the OA with the directions to DOP to recalculate, re-examine the vacancies as per respective quota in each category out of the total posts. If still there is any vacancy, only then the DOP can conduct PS Gr B examination scheduled to be held on 29.05.2011. It is hoped that atleast now the Department would realize the pain of IP/ASP and certainly improve their mathematics. A major win has boosted the morale of our comrades. We are highly grateful and thankful for all the moral support extended by our fellow comrades.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updates of CAT case regarding PS Group "B" Examination & Postmasters Cadre

Yesterday and again today, our case was heard in detail in CAT, Chandigarh. The Hon’ble CAT asked the respondents to explain the methodology adopted for calculation of  vacancies for PS Group "B" examination on 29.05.2011. Department could not explain its position as their own reply was contradictory and they sought time. Thereafter, two calls were given by the CAT to argue the case and explain their position. Department evaded their presence and sought adjournment by sending their proxy counsel. Hon’ble court has adjourned the case for 26.05.2011. Now, there is move that an officer from Postal Directorate will appear in person tomorrow to defend the case. 

Central Headquarters is in constant touch with Punjab Circle branch and providing them necessary guidance & all type of support.

Dharna Programme by Circle J C A on 25.05.2011 as a part of the phased programme for the Indefinite Strike Commencing 5th July, 2011

In the CWC meeting of AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch held at Bhubaneswar on 01.05.2011 a resolution was passed, among other things, to extend moral support of Odisha Circle branch to JCA for the indefinite strike to commence from 05.07.2011. This is in addition to compliance of any instruction to be received in the matter from CHQ of AIAIASP. On the strength of such resolution Sri B B Mohanty, Circle Secretary, AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch spent some time in the dharna programme conducted by JCA in front of Circle Office, Bhubaneswar on 25.05.2011 and addressed the gathering briefly.

AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch expresses sincere thanks to Com R C Mishra, Convenor, JCA, Com. R N Dhal, Com. S S Samant, Com. Bruhaspati Samal, Com. Debabrata Mohanty, Com. H K Mohanty and other JCA functionaries of the Circle for giving an opportunity to the CS, AIAIASP to address the gathering during the dharna programme on 25.05.2011.

A snap-shot of the dharna programme (showing among others, the CS, AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch at extreme right) is shown below.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Upcoming retirements and possible officiating chances in PS Gr.B posts

Upcoming Retirements:

Sl. No.
Name of the officer with designation
Date of retirement on superannuation
Sri Panchanan Swain, Dy. Manager, PPP, Bhubaneswar
Sri Niranjan Patra, Supdt, CSD, Bhubaneswar
Sri Jeremio Naik, SRM, 'BG' Division, Berhampur
Sri Mohan Ch. Naik, ASP(HQ), RMS ‘K’ Divn, Jharsuguda
Sri Muralidhar Singh, Re-allotted to Odisha
Sri Lokanath Sahani, Dy. Manager, PPP, Bhubaneswar

IP line officials in the line of getting ad hoc promotion to PS Gr.B cadre:

Sl. No.
Name of the IP line officials
IP Batch
Sri Bhagabat Sethy
ASP I/c, Khurda
Sri Chaturbhuj Meher
PM, Sambalpur HO
Sri Simanchal Kar
Sri Krupasindhu Panda
ASP(HQ), RMS ‘N’ Divn
Sri Banamali Patra
ASP I/c, Jagatsinghpur
Sri Ramdas Soren
ASP(HQ), Koraput
Sri Lingaraj Pradhan
ASP(HQ), Sambalpur
Sri Himanshu Sekhar Mohapatra
ASP(HQ), Aska
Sri Dillip Kumar Samal
Dy. PM, Bhubaneswar GPO
Sri Pravat Chandra Mohapatra
ASP(OD), Bhubaneswar
Sri Krushna Chandra Chinara
ASP I/c, Bhadrak
Sri Maheswar Sethy
ASP(Ptg), PSD, Bhubaneswar
Sri Girish Chandra Sahoo
ASP I/c, Keonjhar
Sri Susen Peda
ASP(OD), Cuttack South
Sri Biswanath Purohit
ASP (Vig), RO, Sambalpur
Sri Mukunda Behera
ASP(Inv), RO, Sambalpur

Senior IP line officials who have not availed officiating chance in PS Gr. B cadre:

Sl. No.
Name of IP line official
Remarks about officiating in PS Gr.B cadre
Sri K C Ghadei, ASP(OD), Mayurbhanj
Denied officiating chance
Sri Banambar Sethy, IP(PG), Koraput
Denied officiating chance
Sri Mohan Ch. Naik, ASP(HQ), RMS K Divn
Declined officiating offer a number of times
Sri Suresh Ku. Mishra, ASP(OD), Cuttack North Division
Denied officiating chance
Sri B B Mohanty, PI, Cittack RMS attached to CO as Manager (PLI)
Declined officiating offer (twice on 01.02.2011 and 03.05.2011)
Sri Sitanath Das, ASP(HQ), Balasore
Declined officiating offer