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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Association wishes every body A HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR-2009.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

List of officers nominated for regular promotion to PS Gr.B

The detailed list of officers nominated for regular promotion to PS Gr.B Cadre may be viewed by visiting the following link.

Nomination for regular promotion to PS Gr.B

The following officers of Orissa Circle have been nominated for regular promotion to PS Gr.B cadre.
Sri S N Panda, Offtg AD(ST), CO, BBSR
Sri D D Reddy, Oftg SPOs, Kalahandi
Sri K C Mohanty, Oftg Sr. PM, Cuttack GPO
Sri K S Giri, Oftg SPOs, Keonjhargarh
Sri P K Maikap, Oftg SPOs, Mayurbhanj
Sri Abhimanyu Behera, ASP(PG), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri D D Reddy will remain in Orissa Circle. Others have been allotted to West Bengal Circle.
Sri Sanatan Modi, now working in NE Circle has been reallotted to Orissa Circle.
The Association congratulates these officers on their promotion/reallotment to Orissa.
The following ASPs of Orissa Circle are next in line of getting officiating in PS Gr.B in Orissa Circle in the vacanies caused by the officers who got promotion and allotted outside Orissa.
Sri Gangadhar Sahu
Sri Samuel Tuti
Sri B N Mishra
Sri Hajaru Pradhan
Sri Gopal Disri
Sri Sreekant Kar
Sri L D Sahu
Sri M M Mohapatra
Sri Daitari Rana and so on.....
The following IPs are next in the line of getting officiating in ASP cadre:
Sri P K Nanda
Sri Ekalabya Choudhury
Sri Madhukar Tajan
Sri Madhu Mirdha
Sri Dhiren Das
Sri Gopesh Dash
Sri B K Satapathy
Sri Balakrushna Kar
Sri Sukadev Sahu
Sri Anataryami Behera and so on......

Copy of CO orders enhancing limit of reimbursement of residential telephone charges

A scanned copy of orders issued by Circle Office, Bhubaneswar is reproduced here.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Year Gift from Circle Administration- Reimbursement limit of Telephone charges enhanced to Rs.750/- p.m.

The Chief PMG, Orissa Circle has been pleased to enhance the reimbursement limit of Residential / Mobile Telehone charges of all IPs & ASPs of Orissa Circle to Rs.750/- per month from the existing limit of Rs.500/- per month. DPS(HQ) was instrumental in raising the limit as she put up a strong view in our favour.
Formal orders of the enhancement of the limit may be awaited.
The Association will convey the thanks of its members to Chief PMG and DPS(HQ) formally after the orders are released.
With this, a long standing demand of our Association has been met, as the matter was pursued persistently with moral support of all the members.

Christmas wish

The Association wishes everybody a Merry Christmas

Change of Name (URL) of Blog of Orissa Circle

Dear Friends,
The URL of the blog of Orissa Circle Branch of our Association has been changed to from the old one-

Please note the change.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

RH list for 2009

The list of Restricted Holiday for Central Govt. Offices for 2009 is as follows:
New Year’s Day- 01.01.09 ( Thursday)
Guru Govind Singh’s Birthday-05.01.09 (Monday)
Makar Sankranti (North India)- 13.01.09 (Tuesday)
Makar Sankranti (Bengal)- 14.01.09 (Wednesday)
Pongal- 14.01.09 (Wednesday)
Basant Panchami- 31.01.09 (Saturday)
Guru Ravi Das Birthday- 09.02.09 (Monday)
Sivaji Jayanti- 19.02.09 (Thursday)
Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti- 19.02.09 (Thursday)
Holika Dahan- 10.03.09 (Tuesday)
Chaitra/Gudi Parva/Ugadi- 27.03.09 (Friday)
Ram Navami- 03.04.09 (Friday)
Easter- 12.04.09 (Sunday)
Vaisakhi- 13.04.2009 (Monday)
Vishu- 13.04.09 (Monday)
Mesadi- 14.04.09 (Tuesday)
Vaisakhadi- 15.04.09 (Wednesday)
Birthday of Rabindranath- 09.05.09 (Saturday)
Hazrat Ali’s Birthday- 07.07.09 (Tuesday)
Raksha Bandhan- 05.08.09 (Wednesday)
Janmastami- 14.08.09 (Friday)
Parsi New Year- 19.08.09 (Wednesday)
Ganesh Chaturthi- 23.08.09 (Sunday)
Onam- 02.09.09 (Wednesday)
Jamat-Ul-Vida- 18.09.09 (Friday)
Addl day for Dussera(Maha Saptami)- 25.09.09 (Friday)
Addl day for Dussera(Maha Astami)- 26.09.09 (Saturday)
Addl day for Dussera(Maha Navami)- 27.09.09 (Sunday)
Maharshi Valmiki’s Birthday- 04.10.09 (Sunday)
Deepavali (south India)- 17.10.09 (Saturday)
Naraka Chaturdasi- 17.10.09 (Saturday)
Gobardhan Puja- 18.10.09 (Sunday)
Bhai Duj- 19.10.09 (Monday)
Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day- 24.11.09 (Tuesday)
Christmas Eve- 24.12.09 (Thursday)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Closed Holiday List for 2009

List of Closed Holidays in 2009 for Central Govt. Offices in Orissa vide CPMG, Orissa Letter No.Tech/3-2/2004 dated 19.12.2008
Muharram- Thursday, 08.01.09
Republic Day- Monday, 26.01.09
Maha Shivaratri- Moday, 23.02.09
Id-E-Milad- Tuesday, 10.03.09
Holi- Wednesday, 11.03.09
Mahavir Jayanti- Tuesday, 07.04.09
Good Friday- Friday, 10.04.09
Budha Purnima- Saturday, 09.05.09
Rath Yatra-Wednesday, 08.06.09
Independence Day-Saturday, 15.08.09
Id-ul-Fitr- Monday, 21.09.09
Dussera (Vijaya Dasami)- Monday, 28.09.09
Gandhi Jayanti- Friday, 02.10.09
Diwali- Saturday, 17.10.09
Guru Nanak’s Birthday- Monday, 22.11.09
Idu’l Juha-Saturday, 28.11.09
Christmas Day- Friday, 25.12.09
Muharram- Monday, 28.12.09

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Negotiations of GDS strikers with Dept.

The following are the highlights of the negotiations reportedly made by GDS Union with the Dept. before they called off the strike on 19.12.08 evening. The AIAIASP does not vouch for the correctness of the negotiations. The information given below is based on the information available in the blog of the GDS Union.
1.Abolition of Posts: - There will be no abolition/downgradation of Post offices or Posts including E.DS.Os, G.D.S. Packers, G.D.S. Stamp Vendors and G.D.S. Mailmen.
2.Suggestion of Sri Nataraja Murti regarding one point for Rs.20,000 of cash handled will suitably revised. The demand of the GDS Union is that it should be Rs.4000 for one point.
3.Distance measurement:i) The suggestion of Sri Nataraja Murti for radial distance will be rejected.ii) Foot beat/Cycle beat: - There will be change in the present system.
4. The recommendation of Sri Nataraja Murti regarding working hours of less than 3 hours or Pay-Scale for less than 3 hours will be rejected.
5. Pay Scale will be pro-rata i.e. proportionate to the pay scale of departmental employees.
6. Increment: - at the rate of 3%.
7. Fitment in the new scale: - The factor of 1.86 will be applied.
8. Bonus: - No change in PLB scheme i.e. the same ceiling as for departmental staff will remain.
9. Retirement benefits: - Accepted in principle. Positive improvement in report of Sri Nataraja Murti assured.
10. D.A.:- The same formula as for departmental staff.
11. Other Allowances: - Accepted in principle to be recommended.
12. Leave positive:-improvement was assured.
13. Applicability of CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964, and CCS (CCA) Rules 1965- This will be examined.
14. Trade Union facilities: - The recommendations of Sri Nataraja Murti are against the terms of reference and will not be accepted.Full Trade Union rights will be examined.
15. The negative recommendation of Sri Nataraja Murti on promotions to departmental Posts are beyond his jurisdiction and will be rejected. Suggestion regarding reservation of certain percentage of Posts in P.A. Cadre will be examined.
16. Combined allowance:- This will be only in respect of short-term vacancies. Against permanent Posts TRCA will be given.
17. Time bound promotion:- orders for three ACP not yet issued by Govt. Department will examine a proposal later.
18. Advances:- Improvements will be made.
19. Welfare:- Improvements will be made.

Transfers & postings in JTS Gr.A & PS Gr.B cadre

The following transfers and postings have been ordered by Chief PMG on 1912.2008.

Sri B C Mohanty, SSPOs, Cuttack City Division ( on being approved by Dte for posting as APMG(Vig) is transferred and posted as APMG(Vigilance), CO, Bhubaneswar
Sri P N Pal, APMG (Vigilance) is posted as SSPOs, Cuttack City Divn vice Sri Mohanty.
Sri R N Pradhan, SPOs Cuttack North Divn will join as SSRM, N Divn, Cuttack on ad hoc promtion to JTS Gr.A cadre
Sri Satyabadi Sahoo, AD(Mails/LC) is transferred and posted as SPOs, Cuttack North vice Sri R N Pradhan promoted.
Sri H K Dalal, AD, RO Sambalpur is posted as AD(Mails/LC), CO, Bhubaneswar vice Sri Satyabadi Sahoo transferred.
Sri A K Ganguly, AD(Est/Planning), CO Bhubaneswar is transferred and posted as Supdt, PSD, Bhubaneswar.
Sri Aditya Kumar Nayak, Supdt, PSD, Bhubaneswar is posted as AD(Est/Planning) vice Sri A K Ganguly transferred.
Sri Sadhu Charan Mohapatra on reallotment to Orissa Circle will get a posting in Sambalpur Region

Friday, December 19, 2008

Strike by GDS Union called off on 19.12.08 evening.

NFPE had earlier withdrwan from strike from 18/19.02.2008 night. But the GDS Union continued the strike up 19.12.2008 and ended the strike on 19.12.08 evening. Details of the deal / achievement are not known.

Postal Strike withdrawn

Postal Strike by NFPE has been withdrawn on 19.12.2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DPC for PS Gr.B

DPC for PS Gr.B was held on 28.11.08. As learnt from GS over phone on 17.12.2008, result will be out within a day or two. Three to four senior ASPs of Orissa officiating in PS Gr.B post are most likely to get the nomination for regular promotion. At the same time we can expect Sri S. Modi (now working in NE) to come back to Orissa on reallotment.

Strike by GDS Union /NFPE

NFPE has gone on indefinite strike w.e.f 17.12.2008 as talks between the Govt. & staff side failed.

Monday, December 8, 2008

CS writes to Madam Indira Krisna Kumar, Member (HRD)

The CS wrote to Member (HRD) congratulating her new appointment. A copy of the letter is reproduced below. Madam is very kind to acknowledge receipt of the letter through SMS while on leave at Chennai with assurance to look into the suggestions after joining duty.

Respected Madam,
I write to express my hearty congratulations to you on your assuming the charge of Member(HRD), Postal Services Board on promotion which was overdue. My inspectorial colleagues in Orissa are extremely happy on your elevation to the highest decision making body in the Department of Posts and send their congratulations through me.
Orissa Circle will always remember you not just as its former Chief PMG but also as an extraordinary personality who won everybody’s heart by simple living, high thinking, and hard work. We know, we could not adequately match your expectations of the level and quality of work during your tenure here, but your hard work with total dedication and commitment to your duty with a very high degree of honesty and integrity was a source of inspiration for all of us. Perhaps, Orissa Circle will never again get a person like you as its CPMG who always attaches great importance to humane values in every individual, however small he/she is stature-wise.
It is heartening to learn that you are made the head of HRD. The Department could not have got a better person for the job. We sincerely hope that a noticeable change in the existing level of knowledge and skill of staff, particularly of Inspectorial cadre which holds the key for successful run of the Department will be made through your noble efforts. Good infrastructural facilities like good accommodation with provision of modern equipments ( such as Laptop, Internet etc.) will help boost the otherwise sagging morale of the Inspectorial staff.
For Circles like WB, Bihar, Jharkand and Orissa, there is a PTC at Darbhanga in the State of Bihar. Other than the fact that it functions in a beautiful palatial building, the PTC has nothing to feel proud of. Infrastructure-wise, PTC Darbhanga is perhaps the worst of its kind in India. Most of the time, a Diesel-run Generator set is used to generate electricity for the campus as most of the towns in Bihar go without regular supply of electricity. The accommodation in the hostel is to be seen to be believed. The location is unimportant and remote. It is hazardous to undertake journey to the PTC in rainy season due to flood. Those who want to take a break from routine work to enjoy the training period at the PTC, end up getting nothing, neither any worthwhile skill nor any element of enjoyment. Best of the brains in the Dept. who would otherwise love to act as faculty shy away from the PTC because of the typical situation prevailing there. If an idea of PTC for WB & Orissa would be thought of either at Bhubaneswar or at Kolkata, a noticeable change in the development of skill of the staff could be expected. Orissa Circle looks upto you with great hope that your goodself will examine the feasibility on this aspect.
We welcome you for paying visits to Orissa.
With profound regards and New Year Greetings,
Yours sincerely,

B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary
Mrs. Indira Krishna Kumar
Member (HRD), Postal Services Board
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi 110 001

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Additional charge to Inspectorial staff, particularly in sub-divisions

As a number of posts of IPs/ASPs continue to be vacant, IPs/ASPs are given additional charge. It is difficult to manage duties of additional posts, particularly when the charge is of an additional sub-division. The cases in which addtional charge of sub-divisions have been given for an indefinite period without making officiating arrangement, may kindly be intimated to CS for taking up those cases with administreation for making adhoc/officiating arrangement in those vacant places.

Office accommodation for Sub-Divisional Heads

The Dept. has prescribed 180 square feet as the standard accommodation for office of Sub-Divisional Heads. If this accommodation cannot be provided in Departmental building, there is provision for going for private accommodation on rent in the same manner as building is rented out for SOs.
The CS has taken up the issue of sub-standard accommodation to Sub-Divisional heads through agenda in periodical meetings and through correspondence, with administration. In most of the cases, the present position of accommodation in sub-divisions is not knwn to the CS. Members are requested to intimate CS the cases where sub-standard accommodation is still continuing so that those cases can be taken up with the administration further.

CS writes to GS to intimate present position of Grade pay of IPs

The CS wrote to GS through e-mail and got reply as follows:

Many thanks for your sincere effort for bringing more benefits to the cadre od IPs/ASPs.
Is there any further development as regards approval of enhanced Grade Pay of IPs by Cabinet ?
The Finance Ministry has clarified on 19.11.2008 that the TA entilements including the amount of food bill is a matter of reimbursement which requires supporting vouchers. Hence, whether or not Directorate is going to issue circular exempting Inspectorial staff to produce food bill in c/w tour to BOs/remote areas?
B B Mohanty 30.11.08
CS, Orissa Circle
Reply of GS is as follows:
Dear Mohantyji,
Please wait for some time.
S.SamuelGS 02.12.2008