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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Views on Postmasters Cadre

The recently notified Postmasters cadre has evoked several comments and views from different quarters. I have seen some comments in this blog from our members expressing apprehensions that the PM cadre will further squeeze the promotion prospects of IP line officials as the recruitment rules of PM cadre envisages more percentage of posts to General line officials out of the existing posts of Gr.B which has remained static since long as there has been no cadre review.

 I have also gone through the views of general line officials posted in different blogs which indicate that the promotional prospect through the channel of Postmaster cadre is not so attractive as the projected promotion to PS Gr. B post by selection through seniority process to the extent of share for them will not be beneficial to many of the aspirants. The general line has demanded that the whole of the PM Gr. B posts should go to the general line officials. It appears that both IP line and General line officials have their reservations about the PM cadre through many young aspirants in general line have  now become enthusiastic as another channel of promotion opens up for them. This is exactly the intention of the Govt. as it aims at introducing ‘professionalism’ through young blood by engaging a dedicated cadre for better customer satisfaction and better service out-put.  

Despite reservations and apprehensions of both IP line and General line cadre officials it is now a reality that a new Postmaster cadre has born. The issue whether or not the Department has taken staff side into confidence stands sidelined.

My personal experience in the context of the position in Odisha Circle is that many IP line officials hesitate to take up the job in Postmaster line which is considered to be something coming under the domain of operative work. Another aspect which creates an anomalous position is that ASPs are Gazetted but the post of PM in HSG-I which is of non-Gazetted status is held by ASPs.  In such circumstances, the demand of general line officials to concede all the Postmasters post to them does not appear entirely unjustified though many of our members in IP cadre may not appreciate such a view.     

In my personal opinion, we should not join issues with our brethren in general line to oppose their demand for more promotional prospects. We should recollect our past that the IP line officials (those have come on promotion) take their root in the very same general line with whom we continue to work at the field level. It is not proper to give a projection that we are opposed to each other while it comes to our own interest. Perhaps it is time the IP line should examine with reference to statistics if the entire promotional posts of PM in PS Gr.B can be conceded to general line officials in exchange of 6% of posts they are taking through PS Gr.B Exam. No doubt, the matter needs debate before a concrete view emerges.

The Department has now instituted a Committee to have cadre review of general line officials. The Department in its wisdom has not even bothered to think of such a review in respect of IP line officials even through the demand for cadre review of IP line officials continues to remain alive since 1990. In my opinion, the Association forum of IP line officials should go after the demand with the Department for cadre review for them to have more promotional prospects. The revised avenue of promotional prospect of IP line officials should include offsetting of the loss the IP line officials are going to have on implementation of postmaster cadre.  It is expected of the Govt. to protect the interest of IP line officials in its own interest to see that the promotional prospect of an IP line official is not overtaken by the promotional prospect of Postmaster cadre official. This is because, the status of IP is obviously higher than the PM Grade-I cadre.

 If the Department further ignores the long standing demand of IP line officials for cadre review, we should move our members to keep them ready for appropriate agitational measures including strike. We have had enough of begging. Now it is time we concentrated on our plan of action to prepare for agitational action including strike with or without the support of general line officials since it is observed that the Govt. only understands the language of agitation. All other methods of approaching the Govt to do justice for us have vanished into wilderness.

It is hoped that the CHQ will deliberate this issue in the ongoing CWC meeting and will arrive at a suitable decision. The CWC of AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch has already passed a resolution to support the CHQ in whatever way it decides appropriate to launch the agitational programme.

B B Mohanty
Circle Secretary, AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch.

NB: The views expressed herein does not reflect the opinion of AIAIASP, Odisha Circle Branch. This is the personal view of the CS. The Postmasrters cadre issue could not be discussed in detail in last CWC meeting due to want of time and want of detailed information.


Anonymous said...

JAO, IP and Postmaster cadre are promotional avenues to the postal asssistants. let us strive for carving more and more promotional avenues for the PA cadre instead of concentrating in a selfish line of thought. benefit to an employee should be considered as benefit to our fraternity. on promotion to higher cadre, nothing should be vouched which construds step motherly attitude. The right approach is demand higher pay and facility according to duties and responsibilities not as others are paid more.

G H Panda
SA Phulbani

Anonymous said...


Good Comments and suggetions in dignified manner

D.K. Samal said...

There is now better promotional avenue for a PA,in three distinct lines i.e. administrative,operative and accounts. The interests of the accounts cadre and that of the administrative cadre of higher echelon(Beyond PS Group-B Level) are well set.The interests of the administrative cadre of lower echelon and that of the operative cadre clash one another. This is the reason why Unions/Associtions of both the sides remain apathetic to wards the interests of the other.The suggestion that the postmasters should be only from operative side is a good solution. The administrative line should also be restructured accordingly. There will be no clash of interests.Both can join hands for the betterment of the Department as well as of the working class.

hsmahapatraberhampur said...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010Imp : CWC News from our CS
21st December 2010.

Dear Comrades,
In the Dte. letters No. 4-17/2008-SPB-II dated 22.11.2010 and 25.11.2010, it was very clearly mentioned that “to introduce a separate cadre of Postmasters by carving out the posts from existing general line posts”. But in contrary to Dte. orders, in our Circle 18 numbers of HSG-1 IPO line posts have been carved out for creation of Postmaster cadre Grade-III. Only in TN such posts have been carved out and in other circles they did it as per the directions of the Directorate i.e., the IPO line posts were untouched. This was strongly objected and debated in CWC at Ambaji and the GS was asked to take up the issue with our Directorate immediately or to get a stay in the court and he also assured to do this. If this is not done at Dte. it was decided to get stay by the Circle Association at CAT, Chennai.

As assured by the GS, due to the pressure given by him at the Directorate, it is reliably learnt that the Dte has issued directions to TN Circle to re-identify some other general line posts for creation of Postmaster cadre Grade-III and the process of re-identifying is going on now.

This is the achievement / result of timely action taken by our TN Circle Association and the unity and support shown by our members. The Association thanks Shri. Ponnaiah, Praveen, S. Murugan, Subbaiah, Mahes, Nithya, T.S. Ragunath and many other comrades for offering their valuable suggestions in this connection which was much helpful in placing our views at the Ambaji CWC.
Dear Sir,
Kindly go through the above publication in TN Circle Blogspot and also requested to check the carved list for deployment as Postmaster in Gr III of Orissa Circle. Perhaps the Postmaster Post of ASP line Posts are carved for Gr III Postmaster which needs re carving and re deployment in the light of contents of above blog spot. So It is requested kindly to Point it out before our Circle Administration at once.
Thanking you
yours sincerely