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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Syllabus for Exam for Postmaster Grade-I

DOP released syllabus for Departmental Examination in respect of Postmaster Grade I. Copy of orders is reproduced below.
No. 137-8/2009-SPB.II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi, Dated the 08 December, 2010
All Chief Postmasters General
Subject: - Syllabus for Departmental Examination in respect of Post Master Grade- I in Postal Wing.
I am directed to refer to Directorate’s letter No. 13-2/2010-PE.I, dated 03.02.2010 whereby a separate cadre of Postmaters has been constituted in the grades of Senior Postmaster, Postmaster Grade-III, Postmaster Grade –II and Postmaster Grade-I, by carving out the posts from existing General Line posts in Postal Wing.
2. Reference is also invited to Directorate’s letter of even number dated 22.11.2010 forwarding therewith copy of Recruitment Rules, namely, Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster (Group B Gazetted), Postmaster (Grade- ‘III and II’ – Group B non-gazetted) and Postmaster (Grade- I Group C non-Gazetted) Recruitment Rules, 2010, dated 9th September, 2010. It was stated inter-alia in the said letter that initial constitution of the various Grades of Postmasters shall be done by inviting options/applications from the existing incumbents of LSG, HSG.II, HSG.I in Post offices and PS Gr, ‘B’. In case, after filling up the posts as per the provisions of the Recruitment Rules certain number of posts still remain unfilled, the same would be filled up as per the provision contained in col. 12 of the respective Recruitment Rules.
3. The Recruitment Rules for the Grade of Postmaster Grade-I provides for filling up of the vacancies by promotion through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination from amongst the Postal Assistants working in Post offices with five years of regular service in the grade. Thus, the unfilled posts, after the initial constitution, if any, and regular vacancies subsequently will be filled up on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination. The Pattern and scheme for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination decided by the Competent Authority to fill up the vacancies in the grade of Postmaster Grade-I is forwarded herewith as in the Annexure.
4. It is requested that the provisions of the Recruitment Rules and the Syllabus may be brought to the notice of all concerned.
Encl: As above
Yours faithfully,
(Suraj Bhan)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

Syllabus for Departmental Competitive Examination for the post of Post Master Grade-I in Post Offices
The examination for Postmaster Grade – I will consist of two papers of 100 questions; 90 minutes duration each. The questions will be on the pattern of objective type Multiple Choice Question (MCQ).
2. Syllabus for these two questions papers is given as under:
(i) Customer Service & Grievances
a)      Post Office Guide – Part I
b)      Compendium of Processing and Disposal of Public complaints
c)      Knowledge about DOPG, DOARPG and RTI cases
d)      Consumer Forum/Post Forum/Citizen Charter
e)      Central Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules,
f)       Conduct Rules
g)      General Financial Rules
(ii) Postal Operations
a)      Postal Manual Volume V
b)      Postal Manual Volume VI (Part I, II & III)
c)      FHB Volume II
d)      POSB Manuals (Volume I, II and III) OR compilation of POSB Manual Volume I & II written by Kawaljit Singh, AD (FS) Department of Posts
e)      Project Arrow-Blue Book
a) Knowledge of products and services of Departments of Posts
b) Marketing: Principles of marketing assessment of related products and services
c) PLI/RPLI, Post Office Insurance Fund Rule, outline knowledge about Insurance Schemes, Mutual Fund and other financial products and services in the market.
d) General Awareness and current affairs including general mental ability test covering logical reasoning (verbal and non verbal), numerical analysis (arithmetic) and basic mathematical equations and statistical tools like mean, median, mode, graphical representation of data, comprehension and basic language skills.
e) General principles of technology;
Basic technology requirement – computer, server, laptop
Connectivity of computers.


sunil Kumar ASP Punjab Circle said...

Dear Mohanty Sir,

A PA who will take the objective type 90 minutes PM Grade I exam will be promoted to Sr Postmaster by promotion and and an Inspector who has already taken a tough examination consisting all the volumes / Govt of India Act has gain to prove his skill to become a Sr Post master . What a joke department has made with poor /handicapped/ helpless IP/ASPs who are not able to take decision to fight about their rights . Whether the central leadership will think over such grave issues ?

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Mr. Sunil and want to add that the IP/ASP cadre is set to be a dying cadre and the deptt. also want to see die this cadre . there is no charm in this cadre now where the postmen working under IP/ASP getting equal GP. This itself a great joke to this cadre.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
I saw ur comment. But you must also think abt the eligibility condition.The IP line candidate has 10 yrs of total service(5 PA+ 5 IP) whereas the PA has to put atleast 13 yrs (6+5+2 atleast) to appear/become PS Gp B Postmaster. To become an PS Gp B PM, the IPO line candidate should also take an examination which is obiviously objective type only. Before that, the IPO exam also will be of objective type only. SO Don't loose your confidence. First u should decide ur future regarding u wish to remain in adm cadre(like ASP/SP/SSP) or on the operative side. ASP from Tamilnadu

Unknown said...

Dear BB ji,

I am viewing your web blog regularly. It is fine. You keep posted all your members with update information. It will definitely create awareness among IP/ASP. At present I am in USA. Your blog helps me a lot to know the latest news.
Please keep it up.

former GS


Thank you Samuel Sir, for your encouraging comments.

B B Mohanty
CS, AIAIASP, Odisha Circle

sunil Kumar ASP Punjab Circle said...

Dear Anonymous

This is in context of you comment dated 11 Dec 2010. I want to say that how may books you have gone through and how many years preparedness you have made to come in merit in IPOs examination. My Dear no one qualify in the IPOs examination in ist chance (very few enjoy ist chance entry) .

You have not even mentioned ur name in the blog . I request u to kindly please do publish ur name > Pleae be courgeous and mention ur name while posting the comments

sunil Kumar ASP Punjab Circle said...

Respect Samual Sir,

1, After a log silence, I was overwhelmed by watching ur comment on orrissa blog. We want ur comments on the issue being raised by the PUNJAB Circle on their blog immediately . Since Ambaji conference is being held shortly on 16-17 . Please post your comments on present scenrio as none of the issue raised in Delhi meeting has been settled till now. I remember that u have said at Delhi meeting that IP should Not create nue-sense for their demand. But sir U were wrong.PIII people who are having nue sense value are getting the decision in favour but we not becuase we have no neue sence value .

bhoopathy said...

Good morning samuel sir,

Hope u & ur family r enjoying the winter of USA. All the best. Merry Christmas & happy new year, in advance to u all. Bye.

bhoopathy, ASP (Bldg), Dte.

Anonymous said...


Your blog deserves such stimulating comments.Our request is,kindly analyze the creation of postmaster cadre and its repercussions on existing norm based LSG/HSG/HSG-I that whether the benefits extends to the PM cadre will go hand in hand to the said norm based posts or shall it be treated as secondary cadre as comparison with PM cadre. The said officials are absloutely in perplex state since no guidance/initiative from any union quarters.Kinldy provide your analysis and feed back if possible for guidance

Unknown said...

Dear BBJi,

I am also of the opinion like you. Before we take up the issue with DOP, we must examine ourself how many of us are willing to work as HSG I postmasters. I know many ASP decline to join postmaster (HSG I). Very few IP line officials work as Postmaster that too on personal grounds (not willingly). Postmaster cadre is a separate cadre for which man power is drafted from both IP line and general line officials. Please discuss any thing in details with full justification in the forthcoming all India CWC and guide the CHQ properly. Many CS do not attend CWC and Conference. All should attend and discuss the matter in detail.

former GS
(one in USA)

Anonymous said...

Dear sunil sir, this is ASP from TN in reply to your comment dt 13 Dec 2010
What will u do by knowing the name of the person posted the comments. The contents of the comments needs to be addressed if it is posted in true spirit. Being ASP (who have passed the IP exam in his first attempt) I must support our own cadre butttttt before that one has to realise the facts of the entire issue. Aankein bandh karke comments nahi post karna (that too one sided) What ever it may be (the syllabus)an examination is an examination be it IP or PM cadre... but look at the number of years to get promotion. It is easy to become a PS Gp officer through IP line rather than through General line(PM cadre) please go through and offer ur comments. (I hope u will accept). ASP (passed in his first attempt in the IP exam after 5 years of service as PA) from TN