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Friday, August 1, 2008

Circle Secretary meets new Chief PMG and submits representation to him about problems of IP/ASP cadre

The CS after returning from leave on 01.08.2008 met the new Chief PMG and submitted a representation to him. A copy of the representation is reproduced below for information of our members. The CPMG gave a patient hearing and assured to look into the problems.
1st August 2008

Sri K V S Rajan
Chief Postmaster General
Orissa Circle
Bhubaneswar 751001

Respected Sir,
On your posting as Chief PMG Orissa Circle our long wait for a regular Chief PMG is finally over. On this occasion, this Association takes privilege of extending you a cordial welcome and hopes that your second innings in Orissa Circle (this time as its head) will see an all round development of the Circle.

At the same time this Association takes this opportunity of informing your goodeslf some of the major problems of IP/ASP cadre with great hope of getting them solved soon.

1) The eligible members of our cadre have been waiting for the time bound promotion under ACP since last more than two and a half years. The Association and the concerned individual members have brought the matter to the notice of successive CPMsG repeatedly but to no avail. There is no end to the wait With every passing day, the feeling of frustration of the concerned members of the cadre is running high as the their cases have been delayed beyond a point upto which one can hold his patience. No other cadre has suffered like this.

2) Request made for inter-region transfer of following two IPs has not been considered though they are prepared to forgo TA/TP.
a) Sri Antaryami Behera recently joined as IP Rajborasambar Sub-Division after waiting for long for consideration of his case for transfer from Sambalpur Region to Berhampur Region.
b) Sri D P Satpathy recently joined as IP Angul East Sub-Division as his case for transfer from Sambalpur Region to Bhubaneswar Region was not considered.

3) The AAOs irrespective of their assignment are getting reimbursement of telephone charges upto the limit of Rs.848/- per month without consideration of their operational or functional justification for such a limit. But in the case of IPs/ASPs operataional and functional justification for granting reimbursement of expenses on telephone is always questioned though the operational and functional justification for it is far greater than that of AAOs. After repeated requests, decision has been taken in the last CMC meeting held recently for allowing re-imbursement of the monthly limit of telephone expenses (residential landline or mobile or both ) of IPs/ASPs upto Rs.500/- which still falls short of the limit fixed for AAOs by a large margin. The Association re-iterates its request for fixing the monthly limit at Rs.750/- per month in line of the limit fixed in TN Circle, WB Circle- to name a few.

4) A number of ASPs have been continuing on ad hoc promotion for a long time without their ad hoc promotion to ASP cadre being regularised.

5) The Sub-Divisional IPs and ASPs have not been provided with computers in their offices. Even those who want to get a computer taking advance / loan from the Department, the allotment of funds is kept at very low by which the aspirants are deprived of the facility. Further, only a few number of IPs and ASPs have been given training on computer. Without computers available to majority of IPs/ASPs for day to day use in their official work, the training is of little help to them.

The Association, therefore, requests your goodself to be kind enough to bestow your personal attention to solve the aforesaid problems of our cadre in the Department’s interest.

With deep regards,

Yours faithfully,
(B B Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

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