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Monday, November 18, 2013

UPU News:-2013 letter-writing winner honoured

The Czech winner of the UPU's Letter-writing Competition was in Berne on Friday to receive his gold medal during a ceremony at the Union's headquarters.

Daniel received a warm welcome from delegates in Berne and was accompanied by his father.
Daniel Korcak from Ostrava read excerpts from his letter on why water is precious to delegates from the UPU's member countries attending the Council of Administration.
Bishar Hussein, UPU director general, congratulated Daniel on his achievement, while presenting the prize. "We are often asked about the relevance of such a writing competition in face of the explosion in digital communication," Hussein said.
"This brings us back to the core business of the UPU that still remains letterpost. No matter what you do in digital communications, you cannot achieve what this young man has done by crystallising his thoughts and put pen to paper."
Daniel's prize included not only a gold medal and certificate but also a trip to Berne.
The high-school student, who plays competitive handball with the country's top league, said he was very happy to win the international competition.
Asked whether he had any advice to young writers, he said: "Do not focus on trying to win competitions and simply enjoy what you are doing and the process of writing."
The 2014 competition theme is to write a letter describing how music can change lives.

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