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Friday, December 14, 2012

Five ways to make the boss listen to you

Despite consistent performance, the boss often does not listen to the subordinate, whatever the issue. ET suggests ways to deal with this.
Don't confront publicly
Never confront the boss in public, especially in his or her boss's presence.

"In front of anyone else, you should look as a team," says K Sudarshan, managing partner, India and regional VP - Asia, EMA Partners International.

Build a good rapport
To exist in a team and perform smoothly, we need to have a good relationship with the boss. 

"Not all bosses take the initiative of reaching out, so the onus lies on the subordinate," says Kamal Karanth MD, Kelly Services India.

State your challenges
Often bosses ignore the challenges their subordinate face as the sole objective is to get the task done.

Subordinates too don't bring up issues in fear. "People shouldn't wait for a crisis to communicate," adds Karanth.

Make boss look good
Whenever there is a chance, try to make your boss look good. 

"For instance, try helping with a presentation but praise your boss for it when you are lauded," says E Balaji, MD & CEO, Randstad India.

Disarm the boss
If you want to talk to your boss about his or her lack of 'patient hearing', try disarming him or her.

"Do it tactfully, in a friendly way, so the person understands your point of view," says Karanth.

Source:-The Economic Times

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