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Monday, August 1, 2016

Regularising email communications across India Post network

The following email policy is proposed to be adopted, from 1st September 2016.
1.     Email from Indiapost email ID to all other emails are to be allowed in the Indiapost VPN Network
2.    Emails from anyother emails to Indiapost mail ID is to be allowed
3.    Emails of all other email service providers like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail etc will not be allowed to open in Indiapost VPN Network
Email IDS have been provided to all offices in the country.
a)    All official designations (Officers) up to Sub-Divisions have already been created and communicated
b)    Email IDs to offices in 10 Circles, up to Single handed SPMs completed
c)     Email IDs to all offices in Kerala, Rajasthan and Delhi circles would be circulated by 10th August 2016
d)    Email IDs to all offices in Maharashtra, Gujrat, Tamilnadu, Andhra pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab Circle would be circulated by 15th August 2016.

All Officers/officials of India Post are  to use Indiapost email ID for all correspondences. The email communications between circles, regions, Divisions and post offices including the system administrators should be strictly implemented to use Indiapost mail IDs alone. 

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