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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Disagreement to Minutes of the four monthly meeting with CPMG,,Odisha Circle held on 21.07.2016.


The Chief Postmaster General
          Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

Subject:-    Disagreement to the reply recorded against item number 3-07/2016 in the four monthly meeting with CPMG,,Odisha Circle held on 21.07.2016.

Ref:-  Circle Office No. WL/UNF-3/CPMG(Assn)/2013 dated 05-08-2016.

Respected Sir,  

          It is undisputed that the Minutes are the instant written record of a Meeting regarding the discussions / decisions made.

2.   After going through the Minutes under reference this Association is disheartened at the reply recorded against Agenda item No.3-07/2016, which was not a part of discussion and judgmental in nature, and, therefore, records its disagreement and protest.   
3.  While discussing the agenda in question it was replied by the CPMG “Since it relates to disciplinary matter we will not discuss it in detail, however I understand the spirit of your argument. Let the affected official submit his defence, I will look into it on the basis of merit.”
4.  Then the Association clarified that, it is also not interested in interfering in Disciplinary matter, but the charge labelled against the official articulates that the charged official has failed to do something which the official is not mandated to do on his own (i.e. suo motu collection of keys of Post Office in anticipation of possible theft).  Such arbitrariness is affecting / will affect the common interest of its members, and, therefore, it is the sacred duty of this Association to raise this issue to protect its members from victimization.
5.  Further, the Association requested to the Chief PMG to ensure invoking of PAD Act, 1850 in conjunction with the judgments in SLP No.7111/2004 and WP No.33207/2006 of Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad for recovery of loss from the properties of Prime offenders and their dependents as per the Directorate Letter No. 4-66/TN-16/2009-Inv dated 19-03-2015. Then the Chief PMG informed the Association that this matter is being taken up with the authorities of the State Government. Then the discussion was moved to the next agenda.

Therefore, this Association is completely in disagreement to the reply recorded against Agenda item No.3-07/2016 of the Minutes circulated vide Circle Office No. WL/UNF-3/CPMG(Assn)/2013 dated 05-08-2016.       

With regards,
Yours sincerely,

(Pitabasa Jena)
Circle Secretary
Copy for kind information to:-
1.       Shri Tilak De (IPoS), Ex-Chief PMG, Odisha Circle for kind information.
2.       The PMsG, Berhampur/Sambalpur Region.
3.       Sr. PS to CPMG / PA to DPS (Hqrs)/ PA to DPS(BD).
4.       The DA(P), Cuttack-4.
5.       All Group Officers, CO, Bhubaneswar.
6.       All Divisional Heads in Odisha Circle.
7.       The Supdt. PSD, Bhubaneswar.
8.       Shri Vilas S. Ingale, General Secretary, All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents of Posts, CHQ, New Delhi for information.

Circle Secretary

To view the Minutes of Four Monthly Meeting please Click Here.

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