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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Central government employees get Rs 10,000 as salary in advance

Corridors of power were abuzz with excitement on Thursday as junior officers in central government received Rs 10000 of their next month's salary in advance. 

Cash Departments of various ministries started dispensing money since Wednesday evening to the non-gazetted employees following an order by the finance ministry issued last week. 

The advance would be settled in the November salary that will be credited to the employees' accounts on the last working day of every month. 

Officers, in various ministries that the reporter spoke to, said the advance came as a relief as they would not have to stand in long queues to take out cash from ATMs and banks. However, the payment has been made in Rs 2000 notes that is not being accepted easily on purchase of vegetables and groceries. 

Senior officials in various ministries expressed happiness citing most assistants were away from work for the last two weeks to deposit or withdraw cash.

Source:-The Economic Times

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