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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Conserving wildlife: Postal department to adopt zoo animals

Indore: In a first of its kind move, India Posts has decided to adopt animals of Kamla Nehru Zoo to sensitise people about the importance of conserving wild life.

A fox and an emu bird from Indore zoo will be adopted for six months by postal life insurance section of India Post. The adoption ceremony of the animal and the bird will be held in next week at Indore Zoo. "It is the first time that a government department has stepped forward and has adopted an animal. This scheme has been functional at zoo for a long time, under which any individual can adopt an animal, which is essentially paying for all the costs of animals for the fixed period," Uttam Yadav, Zoo in-charge said.

Spread across 51 acres of land, Indore zoo hosts large variety of animals including tiger, leopard, monkeys, alligators, crocodiles, bear and white tiger. On any given day, the zoo requires 300 kg of vegetables, 20 kg chicken, 125 kg meat, 7.5 kg fish, 1000 kg green grass, 500kg dry grass, 145 kg grains/jaggery and 10 litre milk. "Through this initiative we wish to inspire more and more people to adopt pets and take care of them. All that they have to do is to pay for their food and care-taking and it would spread a great message," Priti Agarwal, director of postal services informed.

The cheque will be handed over by the director of post office to the zoo in-charge in a ceremony which will be staged in front of the enclosures of the animals.

Indore zoo has been a centre for attraction due to the variety of animals it has been showcasing to the customers. Managed by Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC), the zoo has been struggling with funds for the upkeep of animals. The animal adoption programme entails bearing the cost of food and other amenities that the zoo provides them round the clock.

Source:-The Times of India

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